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1599 Geneva Bible

$1,950 plus $45.00 shipping in the USA. Idaho residents add sales tax.
$125.00 shipping to Canada: there will also be a 3% credit card surcharge added to the price of the book for Canadian customers.

Descriptions and photographs of this 380 year old Bible are at the link above

The First Edition of Michael Hoffman’s
The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

When ordering specify: sealed in the printer’s shrink-wrap or signed by the author

$550 plus $40.00 shipping in the USA. Idaho residents please add 6% sales tax
$95.00 shipping to Canada. There will also be a 3% credit card surcharge added to the price for Canadian customers.

Descriptions and photographs of this rare first edition are at the link above

More volumes will be added. Check back often

You are obligated to read our ground rules before ordering:

No books will be ordered or reserved via e-mail.
All payments from US customers must arrive by US Mail and be in the form of
a personal or business check payable to: Independent History and Research and addressed to Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816. No credit cards. No money orders will be accepted unless the buyer is willing to take responsibility for having his or her money order returned. Here’s why: in some cases we have only one or two copies of the book being advertised for sale. If four people order the only copy of the book we are selling, we will accept payment from the customer whose order is postmarked the earliest. The other customers will have their payment returned to them. In some instances it can be a lengthy or even a difficult process for you to have your payment refunded by a money order company, or the Post Office. Therefore to avoid the hassle, we strongly recommend the simple payment method of a check (checks must clear our bank before orders can be shipped). If you do send a money order and we return it to you, it will be your sole responsibility to recover your funds from the money order company that issued it.

No books will be ordered or reserved via e-mail. All payments from Canadian customers must arrive by postal mail and be in the form of a VISA or Mastercard with your account numbers, the last three numbers on the back of your card, the expiration date, and your billing address as it appears on your monthly statement. Your signature as it appears on your card will also be necessary.

PAYMENT FOREIGN RESIDENTS: We regret that there are too many issues with delays and loss of mail by foreign customs departments for us to undertake shipments south of the border or overseas. We do not have the staff or resources to engage in negotiations with customers thousands of miles distant who ask, “where is my book?” and “when will it arrive” Sorry, we do not have the staff or resources to undertake queries and investigations with foreign customs and postal authorities.

SHIPMENTS: All customers must supply an accurate street address. No shipments to Post Office boxes. Shipments are by UPS (United Parcel Service) only

If UPS states that your book was delivered, then that concludes our responsibility for it.
If you dispute the claim by UPS that the book was delivered
you must take the issue up with UPS and not us. There are no refunds for books delivered according to UPS that you can’t locate or which were stolen from your porch. After making your purchase by US Mail, if you supply us with your e-mail address we will provide tracking details which you can use at the UPS website to surveil the progress of your package and know when it will arrive.

All sales are final unless we misrepresented the condition of the book.
Buyer regret shall be no basis for issuing a refund.
Think long and hard before you make a purchase. Do not do so on impulse. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.
If you do buy it, congratulations, you own it.

Before placing an order, if you have questions about the condition of a book you can request more details, or even (within reason), additional photos. We will try to do everything necessary to convey accurate knowledge of the condition of the book before you buy it, which is why sales are final.
We want you to be advantaged by your purchase and hence, we warn against impulse buying.

For those who are seeking non-usurious investments, rare books,
in our opinion, seldom lose their profitability if you have paid a fair market price for them. They almost always accrue in value (again, this is only our opinion). Buyer beware.

With the preceding business matters out of the way,
we wish you happy browsing!

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