Media and Cancel Culture Lobby Call for California Educator to be Fired

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Craig Heimbichner has been suspended from his mid-level executive position in the California Department of Education partly due to a book he wrote which our company, Independent History and Research, published. The new inqusition's hounds of conformity are pursuing another heretic

By Michael Hoffman | March 7, 2021

Craig is a smart person, and when we were acquainted with him, a nice guy and dedicated family man. In 2004 he submitted to our publishing house a dossier containing notes, snippets, and something resembling a manuscript, which we edited and published in 2005 as the book, Blood on the Altar: The Secret History of the World’s Most Dangerous Secret Society (a chronicle of the successor group to the Freemasons, the Ordo Templi Orientis, or OTO, about which Heimbichner is an authority). Years later, we surmise that Craig may have faced the kind of pressure many dissidents encounter when they dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy. We suspect it was personal, internal to his family situation, although we don't know for certain. Eventually he began to distance himself from us and others who had been his colleagues. He was obviously abashed and furnished no particular reason, except that he was impelled to work in his career to make a living for his family. Fair enough.


Regrettably however, it might appear that when he looked over his career prospects, he espied an obstacle to his climb up the ladder of the California education bureaucracy (he is a former high school principal and charter school administrator): the impediment being his book,
Blood on the Altar. We aren't sure, but that's our hunch. What we do know is that he wove a tale of how, without his knowledge or permission, we twisted his original writing into a religious fanatic perspective which he would have never endorsed. The silliness of that fib is transparent. At the time, there were recordings online of interviews Craig had conducted with podcast hosts and radio shows referring to Blood on the Altar as “my book” and forcefully evincing precisely the “religious fanatic” views that were present in the book. We have preserved e-mail from him dating from 2004 and 2005 expressing his satisfaction and delight with how the book was edited and in the final product as we published it.

It’s disappointing that he has engaged in a charade and scapegoated his friend and publisher as a fraudster and deceiver. Nonetheless, our initial impression of Craig was that in his heart of hearts, he was a good man. We wonder if it was the strain of desiring to support his family at a decent level of income and indeed, to preserve his family intact, that was his motivation? Temptations such as those go with the territory for men and women who defy established conventions and perimeters of thought. Most people are not as talented as Heimbichner. His career without the burden of his book proved remarkably ascendant and fairly lucrative.

However, like a Greek tragedy, his past has come back to haunt him and he may be made to bear the Mark of Cain for the writing he certainly did repudiate, and to our knowledge has never repeated since. As we read the details of his case, we observe the Brobdingnagian machinery of the heresy-hunters of the ADL, the most powerful arm of cancel culture in contemporary America (who dares to say so will in turn be canceled), as well as various academics who demand “free speech for me but not for thee.”

The Tucker Carlsons of Right wing media, alleged champions of downtrodden writers who have been censored, fired and forced into the unemployment line, will very likely not report or advocate for Heimbichner’s right to work for the people of California and their Department of Education. Mr. Carlson and co. frame the issue of censorship mainly in terms of “the Left.” Outside of that narrow category, the Fox News lion is a lap dog.

In truth, there is nothing “religious fanatic” about the intriguing thesis and data in
Blood on the Altar, and what is more, the author did not entertain or articulate any Jew hatred of any type whatsoever, in print, on radio, the Internet or in person. When we knew him he was more of a Catholic Thoreau, the canary in the coal mine, a Diogenes proclaiming uncomfortable truths which no Fascist or Stalinist-leaning state can tolerate. The existence of such persons was considered a boon in Jeffersonian America, but the ideology now is conformity, packaged as diversity.

Some of the attacks on Mr. Heimbichner in the California media focus on supposedly sinister hints, suggestions and insinuations he has written or spoken, leading clairvoyant journalists to the verdict of thinly veiled anti-semitism, and to the conclusion that it is an unconscionable thought crime to argue for any role for the OTO in any diabolic conspiracy, or any occult criminal activity within the Federal government, or amid masonic networks which just so happened to have aided and abetted the original Ku Klux Klan (“the Invisible Empire”). Heimbichner’s career-ending offense in the eyes of the bureaucrats and professorcrats is that he strayed from their Official Virtuous Dogma as proclaimed by the arbiters of morality who know they’re right and those who think wrong must to be crushed.

From Donald McNeil’s firing by the
New York Times, to the suppression of books by Dr. Seuss, as well as the absolute necessity of children being administered carcinogenic, puberty-blocking drugs and mutilating surgeries because at ages 10 or 12 they are confused about their identitiesAmerica is undergoing a collective nervous breakdown. The assault on Heimbichner is one part of this psychic dislocation.

For the record, we affirm that Judaic people suffered severe persecution during the Second World War, including mass murder at the hands of the Nazis. We deplore these crimes and the criminal Nazi ideology that inspired and directed them.

For the record, contrary to the
Sacramento Bee, we are pro-Semitic and pro-Judaic.

Because we can’t accept the premise that oppression of Palestinians, and Talmudic hate speech against black people and
goyim in general, are in the best interests of Judaic people, zealots for Zionism and Talmudism have sufficient cachet to libel us in the media and make their damaging false witness appear credible. The ADL retails demonstrable falsehoods. Their credibility should be zero, but fear makes it otherwise.

Because we dissent we are ritually denounced by these zealots and a concerted attempt is orchestrated to ruin our reputation and impoverish us. Offers to debate and discuss our books and theses are rebuffed. Closed minds are celebrated, promoted and enriched. Tucker Carlson and other celebrity Right wing free speech crusaders are too cowed to report our predicament, which pertains to the curtailment of the advancement of human knowledge, which ought to be of urgent concern to every lover of civilization.

Also for the record: Craig Heimbichner’s
Blood on the Altar is long out of print. We have not offered copies for sale for many years. Mr. Heimbichner has not received royalties or payment of any kind from our publishing company in well over fourteen years. His recorded speeches, which were initially used to promote his book, are in the public domain, and as such involve no emolument, now or then.

Tainting him with guilt by association is an ancient history endeavor by righteous heretic hunters for whom the hounding of consensus-designated thinkers of evil thoughts has no end.


We publish the following brief excerpt from the
Sacramento Bee newspaper for non-commercial, educational purposes under Section 107 of the Fair Use doctrine of the United States Copyright law. To read the entire article which contains a great deal more information, readers are urged to visit:

Exclusive: California schools official promoted extremist 9/11 and Holocaust conspiracies
By Jason Pohl and Sawsan Morrar
February 25, 2021 05:00 am, updated February 25, 2021 02:42 pm

A recently promoted California education official has trafficked in extreme conspiracy theories for more than a decade, including that the 9/11 terrorist attack was an “inside job” and Holocaust memorials are part of a deep-state plot led by a cabal of secretive, murderous Freemasons, a Sacramento Bee investigation has found.

Craig Heimbichner was hired in January as education administrator for the California Department of Education’s charter school oversight division. He reviews financial plans and documents from schools seeking certification and spent three years in a similar role as a consultant.

“Due to the serious nature of the allegations, the CDE immediately launched a full investigation, which is ongoing. This matter will be addressed swiftly and appropriately,” said Daniel Thigpen, deputy superintendent of communications.

Heimbichner has written two books about Freemasons and other secret societies that appear to further conspiracies about the so-called New World Order. His first, “Blood on the Altar” in 2005, is about the Ordo Templi Orientis, “the higher secret society to which elite Freemasons emigrate as part of a process of occult succession.”

Michael A. Hoffman II, a prominent conspiracy researcher who critics have described as a notorious Holocaust-denying anti-Semite, was the book’s publisher — Heimbichner in an author’s statement on Amazon appears to have tried to distance himself from the work, which Heimbichner wrote was edited without his blessing. “The publisher, unbeknownst to me, ghost wrote whole sections and published the tremendously altered version without my prior knowledge or consent.”

Heimbichner’s association with Hoffman put him on the Anti-Defamation League’s radar more than a decade ago, said Aryeh Tuchman, the ADL’s senior associate director for the center on extremism.

His writings appeared to fit “squarely within the realm of anti-Semitic conspiracy theory,” said Rachel Hope Cleves, a professor of history at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. “I don’t think that anybody who subscribes to extremely pernicious and hateful conspiracy theories should be involved in crafting any type of education policy,” Cleves said in an interview.

Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, said, “He should be removed forthwith,” Levin said. (End quote from the Sacramento Bee).
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Sacramento Bee editorial

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