The Shootings and the Calls for "Gun Control"

“President Biden repeated his support for a ban on assault weapons after the shooting: ‘It’s a national embarrassment, what’s going on,’ he said.”

Mr. Biden does not intend to ban the assault weapons that guard him and Congress. He seeks to ban the American people’s weapons.

Making good people helpless

The Hypocrisy of the Ruling Class Revealed

By Michael Hoffman, April 16, 2021

On April 15 another massacre by gun occurred, in this instance in Indianapolis, Indiana. This follows the recent tragic shootings March 23, in Boulder, Colorado, and in massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16. God have mercy on the victims and their families. If only citizens had been armed they might have been able to save lives by stopping the killers sooner. The corporate media suppress the common sense fact that disarming the American people only makes us more vulnerable to the violent lunatics our sick society produces.

Furthermore, this guilty land will be submerged in blood as long as the blood of millions of unborn human beings, “the least of His brethren,” is shed in the abortion holocaust. Dehumanizing violence inside the womb breeds the same violence outside of it. That truth does not in any way justify the terrible shootings of Americans. However, it's time we acknowledged that the mass murder of 60 million innocent human beings through abortion, which was institutionalized by the Supreme Court beginning in 1973, is a contributing factor in the moral degeneracy and outright psychosis increasingly prowling our streets, stores, schools and places of work.

Armed Guard
Guard with assault rifle keeps senators safe in Washington D.C. They're entitled.

Moreover, when Democrats and the media call for a radical reduction of gun ownership in America, they’re not referring to the gun permits they possess, or the heavily armed guards that ring Congress as we write these words, or the armed security people who shield Biden, Obama, Hillary and more billionaires than we can name.

Many readers of this column are fully cognizant that
gun control is a euphemism for disarming the common people, not the big shots and the “connected.” Their lives are worth more than ours. England’s "Cambridge Apostles" defined the secret society dichotomy early in the last century. They view we the people as mere phenomena, while they alone — our masters —  are the reality. Our Overlords will always be protected by guns while they preach gun "control" and gun confiscation to the common man and woman.

In your conversation, letters-to-the-editor, blogs and tweets, this hypocritical entitlement is the irreftuable fact that should be brought into public focus. Take away guns? Start with the firearms that protect George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary, Biden and Obama, and the plutocrats. When that happens then we'll know they're serious about gun control. Until then, it's a ruse for rendering helpless those they fear most:
the American people.

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For further research:

That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right by Stephen P. Halbrook

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