A statement released on June 3, 2011 by the San Francisco office of the Anti-Defamation League called the Foreskin Man cartoons "grotesque" as well as "disrespectful and deeply offensive." In an interview with author Matthew Hess he did not back down from the 12-page comic book, which he estimates cost him a little less than $10,000 to produce. "I would consider Foreskin Man No. 2 to be a success. It was intended to provoke," Hess said. "Monster Mohel was based on actual photographs, as were Jorah and Yerik," Hess said, referring to the villain and his henchmen. "He's got the white eyes, the beard is a little different, but there's not much different from a real live mohel. I did add the Uzis. "I think a lot of Jewish people were angry about that because it exposes brit milah for what it is," Hess added. -San Francisco Sentinel, June 25, 2011

Talmudic rite of circumcision exposed in graphic California comic book




The preceding is excerpted from Foreskin Man vol. 1. no. 2.
Foreskin Man is written and edited by Matthew Hess

I doubt that Mr. Hess would recognize any distinctions between Talmudic and Biblical circumcisions, but he should. For the record, the evil rite of the rabbinic bris milah (circumcision) is based on Talmud-derived halacha and custom (minhag); not the Bible. The Bible does not authorize any use of metzitzah b'peh. In metzitzah b'peh, the mohel (rabbinic circumciser) performs fellatio on the infant boy by placing the infant's penis in his mouth and sucking the blood from the circumcised member. Thus in Orthodox Judaism, but not in the Bible, one of the first experiences a Judaic male baby undergoes in his life is submitting to fellatio. There is nothing even remotely comparable in the Bible. Judaism is an anti-Biblical religion.

Two other issues: 1. Matthew Hess is unaware of a painless form of circumcision pioneered by pediatricians in Arizona. A pediatrician in Sandpoint, Idaho is an expert in this technique. Orthodox Judaics are not allowed to use this technique for the very reason that it is painless.
Orthodox Judaism requires that the ritual be painful. Cf. Mishnah Shabbath 19:2 and BT Shabbat 133b. The Old Testament does not demand pain in circumcision. This distinction is important.

2. In
Foreskin Man issue no. 2, Mr. Hess approvingly depicts the kidnapping of the Judaic infant to rescue him from the circumcision. This seriously mars his work.

Another caveat: the
mohel is drawn without a mustache. I know of no Orthodox Judaic mohel who wears a beard and performs metzitzah b'peh, who would shave his mustache. Drawing the mohel without a mustache is inaccurate.

-Michael Hoffman

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