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By Michael Hoffman
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Of the archetypal “Catholic” figures in the modern era who embodied the Neoplatonic-Hermetic and Kabbalistic mandate of the papacy in the Renaissance, among the most prominent are two Frenchmen, Alphonse Louis Constant (1810-1875), who wrote under the pen name Éliphas Lévi, and Pope John Paul II’s Cardinal Henri de Lubac. We have a study of De Lubac's esotericism in the book.

Regarding Lévi, he truly was a spectacular modern embodiment of the occult depravity of popery as it was overthrowing the Catholic Church, beginning in the 15th century. He was ordained a deacon of the Church of Rome, spreading his contagion from within its corridors, under Pope Pius IX. He remains the focus of intense interest and study by 21st century occultists, including “traditional Catholics.” What is perhaps most revealing about Lévi’s life is that in spite of his very public heresies of syncretism and demonism,
he was never disciplined by Rome. He was considered an “always faithful Catholic,” as one leading spokesman of the “traditional Catholic” movement termed him in the 1990s.

The record shows that Lévi was patronized by the hierarchy and never obstructed by any formal Church authority. It was smooth sailing for this Hermetic-Kabbalist inside the Church of Rome. This repeats a pattern from the Renaissance, when papist-Kabbalists, Hermeticists and Neoplatonists escaped serious interdict, and in many cases were promoted by the popes, as long as they firmly stood for popery and did not challenge the suzerainty of the pontiffs.

Papist-occultists often went to extremes to prove their loyalty (flattery being an effective subversion tool). Increasing pride in priests and megalomania in popes is a diabolic means for perverting and subverting the men who hold those offices. Concerning priests, Lévi wrote, “Representing the moral authority, and realizing it by the moral authority of its ministry, the priesthood is as holy and infallible as humanity is subject to vice and to error. The priest,
qua priest, is always the representative of God.” This inflated image is an inducement to the sin of pride in priests, and a mark of the clericalism in the Catholic Right-wing.

Of the demonic Pope Alexander VI, Lévi wrote, “When Alexander VI consecrated his bishops, it was not the poisoner who laid his hands upon them, it was the Pope.” In other words, even though Alexander turned a blind eye (or cooperated with) the murderous crimes of his Borgia offspring, Lévi is insinuating that the Pope himself did no harm to the Faith. Lévi repeats Rome’s standard apologetic story about skirt-chasers like the Borgia-Pope Alexander, i.e. that of all his transgressions none of them ever subverted the dogma of the Church. For this imposture to have plausibility, only what the Pope pronounced and wrote, and little or nothing of what he
perpetrated and institutionalized, is taken into account. The story line as parroted by Lévi: “Pope Alexander VI never corrupted or falsified the dogmas which condemned him, or the sacraments which in his hands saved others, and did not justify him.” This is an apologia from a diabolist and it’s the same exculpation of Pope Alexander which many sincere and “well-read’ Catholics mouth in defense of him, and other concupiscent pontiffs like him.

Yet to mouth it is wishful thinking grounded in ignorance of history. Pope Alexander powered the Neoplatonic-Hermetic occult inside the Church. Can it be said that this act of a Judas was not a corruption of Catholic dogma? Since the rule of prayer is the rule of belief
(“Lex orandi, lex credendi”), it is not difficult to discern what Pope Alexander believed when we learn that he established a pagan temple in his very own papal apartment, presided over by a host of magnificent art works, but dominated by two images: Isis, the goddess of black magic, and Hermes Trismegistus, the embodiment of Egyptian sorcery. These two occult idols were the “always-orthodox Catholic” Pope Alexander VI’s guiding spirits, in whose presence inside Vatican City he initiated members of the ecclesiastic hierarchy, Catholic university professors, bankers and royalty. Hermes was the unifying symbol and image of Catholic occultism throughout the Renaissance. Yet, while condemning the Borgia pontiff’s lusts and violence, Catholics maintain that he “preserved the Faith untouched.” The “traditional Catholics,” who often strain at theological gnats, have here swallowed a camel.

The Second Vatican Council and Popes Paul VI, John-Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis, are merely the public Revelation of the Method manifestations in our post-modernist era, of the previously hidden theology of hell, which began to rule over Rome after 1450; that rule was advanced exponentially through Alexander VI’s exculpation and blessing on Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, who was a kind of one-man papist theological virus.

Of all the outstanding personalities of the Renaissance, from Michelangelo to Pope Pius V, from Luther and Calvin to Queen Elizabeth I, no single individual of that era can begin to approach the influence of Pico. Historian Frances Yates observed, “The profound significance of Pico della Mirandola in the history of humanity can hardly be overestimated. He it was who first boldly formulated a new position for European man, man as Magus using both Magia and Cabala to act upon the world, to control his destiny by science. And in Pico, the organic link with religion of the emergence of the Magus can be studied at its source.”

Pico was, more than any other figure in this era, responsible for forging a magical tradition in early modern Europe which fostered the growth of mechanical science. There are traps for the unwary in the history of the Church which have obstructed our ability to perceive these mysteries. The purpose of my work is to expand horizons, so as to understand how limited has been our recognition of illusion and misdirection.
Plethon, Ficino, Pico, Reuchlin and the popes, cardinals, bishops and bankers who assisted and shielded them, propelled, first in the ecclesiastical underground, the movements that would become man-playing-god scientism, Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry.

The futuristic reign of machines, of “dead matter” over human life, was inculcated by the papist cult that enshrined it, beginning in Medici Florence with the
Asclepius text attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, and the Oratio de hominis dignitate of Pico della Mirandola, later blueprinted by the Protestant Astrologer Royal, Dr. John Dee. It is one of the more profound ironies in the history of the western secret societies, that artificial machine intelligence in the 21st century originated with the Hermetic and Kabbalistic concept of the “ensouling” of statues, a doctrine nurtured by the papacy’s Renaissance magical tradition.

In the case of Pico’s Judaic handler, Flavius Mithridates, this was accomplished through the protection and promotion granted to Flavius by Pope Innocent VIII. With regard to Pico, Pope Alexander VI exonerated him of all imputations of heresy, in the Pope’s
Brief of June 18, 1493. It is at this momentous historical juncture—which has proved invisible to the approved writers of the “classic Catholic histories,” and nearly three centuries before Rousseau and Kant—that a malevolent spirit was unleashed upon the Catholic world, emerging blatantly in the documents of the Second Vatican Council. No less than Pope John-Paul II’s most revered cardinal-theologian bore witness to this astonishing fact in a book published in France, which was influential among the hierarchy, but otherwise languished in obscurity, neglected by those who insist there is no such phenomenon as a Renaissance occult papacy. The book was never translated into English by any enterprising researcher in all the annals of “conservative” and “traditional” Catholic scholarship, or by any Protestant sleuth, until we commissioned a translation of this key text for exposition in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. A writer is deserving of the honorable title of historian only if he devotes his life’s work to leaving no stone unturned.

Furthermore, “Conservative” and “traditional Catholics” prepared for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in October, 2017 by attempting to tear Luther to shreds. Rip him to pieces if you think he deserves it, and if your attack is truthful, then fine. But beware: Rome’s operation of error has mounted more illusions than many people
can imagine. Data strongly points to the papacy having secretly provoked Luther to break away. The record shows that he did not start out on his path of reform as a rebel. He was at first a scandalized Augustinian monk, seeking answers about the traffic in fake relics and the sale of indulgences. In some respects he nearly went mad with grief over the usurious money-gluttony in the Church, yet some Catholics have dared to pin the tail of money-greed on the Lutheran donkey, which is an outrageous fraud.

The sale of indulgences was intimately linked to a historical truth of which few Catholics are aware: the largest usury bank in the western world was behind the indulgence racket; that fact wounded the Augustinian Luther to his core. Before he is alleged to have affixed his
95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg’s church, he begged the pope and the hierarchy to desist from that sin of money love which is the root of all evil. They answered him with the equivalent of spittle in his face. One need not be a Lutheran to acknowledge this datum from the documentary record. Those who are running amok today charging Luther with the rise of greed in the West are victims of a papal hoax:

“...the particular ‘indulgence scandal’...involved much more than the crude preaching of Johannes Tetzel...Rather, Tetzel’s activities fed into a series of fundamental practices which financed the Church. The money raised by the preacher was supposed to go to Rome, to pay for the rebuilding of St Peter’s. In fact, half of it was going directly to the Fugger banking family in Augsburg, the richest merchant capitalists of the day, to whom (Archbishop) Albrecht of Mainz owed money. The younger son of a powerful princely family, Albrecht had become archbishop of Magdeburg at the age of twenty-three. But then there had been an unexpected vacancy in the archbishopric of Mainz, the richest of the German sees. This was not a chance to miss...(to gain his office) Albrecht...agreed to pay a contribution of 21,000 ducats to support the building of St Peter’s; money he did not have.

“So he borrowed from the Fuggers, even though their involvement in monopoly capitalism was regarded as usury...He then moved to divert money, such as that collected by Tetzel, into paying the debt. Luther’s theses, in other words, not only attacked papal power, but also...one of the most powerful people in Germany and the richest financial house in Europe.” (Lyndal Roper,
Martin Luther [Random House, 2016], p. 5).

The beginning of the Reformation marked the beginning of Luther’s war against the Money Power. Why do some Catholics believe they must run from this radical fact, or what is worse, bear false witness and accuse Luther of the sin of avarice of which papal Rome was guilty? The banking House of Fugger was not Judaic. It was not Protestant. It was thoroughly and zealously papist. In some regions of Germany agents of the Fuggers actually were the custodians of the indulgence lucre, transporting the money chests while hucksters like Tetzel went from town to town collecting the swag which fed the pope’s usury engine. But, oh yes, it’s Lutheranism that’s to blame for the rise of avarice in Europe! This is infantile stuff, and it is tragic to observe so many otherwise fine people regurgitate it, because they haven’t done their historical homework, and wish to believe only that which their preconceived bias permits them to believe. How is this brain-shuttering any different from how the rabbis approach knowledge? People who knowingly reject the truth are rejecting the author of truth (God). They will come to the same bad end as many rabbis.

Returning to the 19th century and Éliphas Lévi, we note that he famously preached his syncretic “Catholic” religion of pagan occultism throughout France, under the nose of Pope Pius IX, the celebrated author, in 1864, of the encyclical
Quanta Cura and its Syllabus of Errors. Meanwhile, Lévi’s occult syllabi were being freely circulated throughout the Church. Oh yes, the pope was ignorant of Lévi’s undertakings. Oh yes, so too was the entire hierarchy of the Church in France, and all of its agents and informants. If you wish to believe it, be my guest.

Demonic popery
Demonic popery derived from papist diabolists: Ficino, Pico and Reuchlin; protected by Cardinals Viterbo and Ricci.

The fact is, the ordained deacon, Rev. Mr. Lévi, was an initiate of the Neoplatonic-Hermetic and Kabbalistic conspiracy inside the Church of Rome. He was shielded by powerful members of the hierarchy during the “wonderfully conservative” and “orthodox” pontificate of Pius IX, about whom “traditional Catholics” say, “If only we had a pope like him today. The conspiracy would be crushed.”

Here are the words of the Right-wing arch-conspirator Éliphas Lévi, who flourished in the pontificate of Pius IX and was renowned for his execration of Protestantism. We begin with the red meat he tossed to ultra-montane Catholics and the papacy:

“To substitute human arbitrament for the legitimate despotism of the law, to put, in other words, tyranny in the place of authority, is the work of all Protestantism and of all democracies. What men call liberty is the sanction of illegitimate authority, or, rather, the fiction of power not sanctioned by authority...

“Then, the Protestants, those eternal regulators of anarchy, who have broken down dogma, and are trying always to fill the void with reasonings, like the sieve of the Danaides; these weavers of religious fantasy, all of whose innovations are negative...those men who wish to realize salvation by faith alone, because charity escapes them, and who can no longer realize it, even upon the earth, for their pretended sacraments are no longer anything but allegorical mummeries; they no longer give grace; they no longer make God seen and touched; they are no longer, in a word, the signs of the almighty power of faith, but the witnesses of the eternal impotence of doubt.” Éliphas Lévi,
The Key of the Mysteries (London: Rider, 1959; reprinted 2013: Martino Publishing, pp. 67 and 71).

The preceding is the set-up that attempts to confirm in the eyes of Catholics on the Right that Lévi was one of their own. That he truly believed what he wrote about Protestantism, we do not doubt. As noted, until the 20th century, the overwhelming majority of Rome’s occult diabolists proved to be champions of absolute papal authority and the tenet of Boniface VIII in 1302, in his Bull
Una Sanctam, “We declare, we proclaim, we define, that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

Another statement from the same book by Éliphas Lévi which contained his disparagement of Protestants:

“The Catholic, that is to say the universal, dogma merits that magnificent name by harmonizing in one, all the religious aspirations of the world; with Moses and Mohammed it affirms the unity of God; with Zoroaster, Hermes, and Plato, it recognizes in Him the infinite trinity of its own regeneration; it reconciles the living numbers of Pythagoras with the monadic Word of St. John
; so much, science and reason will agree. It is then in the eyes of reason and of science themselves the most perfect, that is to say the most complete, dogma which has ever been produced in the world” (The Key of the Mysteries, p. 66).

This is a curious melting pot for an ultra-montane, Protestant-despising, super-Catholic to adopt: "with Moses
and Mohammed;" and "with Zoroaster, Hermes and Plato."

Zoroaster, Hermes and Plato feature prominently in
The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. They are the tutelary deities of the papalolatrous conspiracy that substituted a robber Church for the Church of Jesus Christ. This infernal Trinity has been the esoteric lode star of popes, cardinals and bishops for five centuries. (Lévi's role in inspiring Satanic feminism is studied in Revisionist History® newsletter no. 94).

These facts and many other multifaceted dimensions of a conspiracy that has never before been recounted, and in some cases,
never even imagined, await the reader of this book.

Michael Hoffman is a leading scholar of the western secret societies and the history of ideology in early modern Europe and Britain. He is the author of Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, and the editor of the periodical, Revisionist History®.

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

Table of contents: More Catholic than the Pope; Neoplatonic Hermeticism; The Serpent in the Garden of the Quattrocento; The Priest and the Platonists; Pope Alexander’s Wizard; Bonfire of the Verities; The Sorcerer Abbott; Reuchlin’s Revolution; Renaissance High Art: An Initiation; The Grand Egyptian Lodge of Vatican City; The Cabal’s Co-conspirators; The Moral Theology of Mental Reservation and Equivocation in the Church of Rome; Ecclesiastical Sodomy and its Root; The Hermetic Prince of the Second Vatican Council; Neoplatonic-Hermetic Kabbalism in the Modern Era; The Breeders of Money Gain Dominion over the Church of Rome; A Prophecy Fulfilled; An Occult Miscellany; The Influence of Neoplatonic Thought on Freemasonry.

A sampling of sections: The Protestant Isis and the Papal Isis; Advancing Satan’s kingdom with a wink and a nod; Vatican Council I—Pastor aeternus; Popes on Papal authority; When white is not white and black is not black according to the Jesuits; Revolutionary overthrow by pastoral means; Plato Hermeticised; The Magi: A Cautionary Tale; The Inquisition in Legend and Reality; Judaizing: Distinctions and Definitions; Origins of the Illuminati. The Pyramid and Obelisk Men; Michelangelo’s Conspiracy; Pornographic secrets of the Sistine Chapel; Ritual Murder at Bernini’s colonnade; Talmudic oath-breaking: a pattern for the Church of Rome; The Patron Saint of Liars and Thieves; Secret Approval for Contraception. The Cremona Conspiracy; Child oblation; Sodomy and the Natural Law; Scripture twisting; Occult reincarnation; Reuchlin’s papist denial of the Judaic curse on Christians; Henri de Lubac’s Renaissance-Kabbalist magus; The Hermetic “Traditional Catholic” movement; Tridentine Judaism; Contra the Money Power in the Arena Chapel; The Ten Lost Sermons of St. Anthony of Padua; The Scrovegni Penance; Brother Brandano’s Prophecy; Kabbalism in a Catholic Bible; Pa-pa Francis and his parrot familiar; and much more.

Softcover, 723 pages. Second edition.

Illustrated with 42 rare plates.
(The book is an invaluable illustrative resource). Comprehensive index.

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Another massive revisionist history textbook from Independent History and Research:

Judaism Discovered
A Desideratum

by Michael Hoffman

Judaism is not a normal adversary, it is an exceptional recrudescence of the guile synthesized from the accumulated intelligence of the eternal pagan psychodrama on which it is based. One of the most refractory intellectual and practical difficulties that scholars of integrity face in the post-modernist era is deciding how to apply to Judaism the same critical scrutiny to which Christianity and Islam are subjected, without being defamed as a "hater."

The completion of my book
Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I have accomplished one of the principal missions of my life. It is the actualization of thoughts and lines of inquiry which I have been pursuing for years. For example, Who is a Jew? What is the role of counterfeit "Jews"? If the counterfeit is predominant, then this fact opens a revolutionary vista on history, signifying that contemporary Talmudists and Zionists are descendants of people who were not in Palestine when Jesus was crucified. They are representatives of the ideology that crucified Christ, but in general, not the race. This fact in turn disarms the race-based antipathy of the opponents of Talmudists and Zionists, a racial animus upon which, ironically, the rabbis and the Israelis depend for the continued allegiance of their own am ha'aretz.

Years ago I noticed that disinformation about the Kabbalah had been seeded - the illusion of a fissure between Talmudism and Kabbalism was deliberately sown - using the figure of Moses Maimonides to pretend that these two supporting "pillars" of the Third Temple are inimical. I searched the texts of Maimonides, however, for hidden Kabbalistic sympathies, and found clear evidence of Kabbalistic doctrine.

One goal in writing
Judaism Discovered has been to transcend the current state of Talmud criticism; which is largely centered on the repetition of a what amounts to slogans: 1. the "Talmud defames Jesus and Mary"; 2. the "Talmud is pornographic." There's nothing erroneous in stating that the Talmud contains these disgusting scurrilities, which indeed it does. The problem is, that's where what passes for anti-Talmudic "scholarship" begins and ends these days; there may be some brief reference to pilpul and PaRDeS, but the current state of Talmud and Kabbalah criticism is mostly superficial and leaves most of the big questions unanswered.

For example, very few critics seem to understand that Judaism is neither Left wing nor Right wing; it manifests as Leftist or Rightist at will. One moment it is the instrumental ally of the Throne; in the next, it is the revolutionary power that overthrows it.

I sought routes into Judaism from dozens of investigative approaches, beginning with, pro forma, the irrefutable fact of the existence of the Jesus and Mary Talmudic blasphemies, and the truth that the Old Testament is not the foundation of Judaism. I expand on these themes, based on my original excavation in my book from 2000,
Judaism's Strange Gods. It is necessary to prove, from the rabbinic texts themselves, that Judaism is not an Old Testament faith; and to unravel for all time the confusing series of feints that attempt to mislead the truth-seeker into believing that Jesus is not in the Talmud, or that if He is, just barely.

But the Revelation of the Method being what it is in this dispensation, even positive confirmation that the Talmud blasphemes Our Savior and His Mother and possesses allegiance to an extra-Biblical gnosis, has elicited controverting apologia from prominent rabbis, all of whom seek to "contextualize" these revelations by placing them in a framework of a Roman Holocaust/Nazi Holocaust typology that renders Judaism's defamation of Christianity as "understandable" from the point of view of post-modernism's acceptance of the rabbinic exceptionalism clause: Judaic suffering is magnitudes above the historic experience of other nations. Therefore, fierce rabbinic hatred for Romans/gentiles/Christians/Europeans has at times been understandable, if "harsh."

To overcome this exceptionalism, this writer sought to plumb the depths of the rabbinic texts and not content myself merely with detection of the degenerate libels of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in, for example, the

Though we are not dealing with the "Jewish" race of antiquity, we are dealing with a rabbinic spirit which functions as a kind of ideological organism; an organism which exhibits as one of its most striking features, the ability to reinvent itself in response to the light of exposure. When an informed researcher documents that Judaism is "A," it becomes "B." When "B" is understood by the public as an antithesis of Judaism's thesis "A," Judaism transmogrifies into synthesis "C," and so forth, in an endless and bewildering historical metamorphosis that has deceived and gulled generations. I have sought to shatter this recurring shadow play.

The student of rabbinic religion who dogmatically categorizes Orthodox Judaism as inevitably Left wing or Right wing, Zionist or anti-Zionist, anti-Muslim or pro-Muslim, will defeat himself and confuse all who adhere to this erroneous proposition; a proposition which Judaism itself is pleased to project; just as it sees the silver lining in being regarded as the scion of those who crucified Christ, since those malefactors were genetic Israelites, however gravely disordered in their behavior.

The paradox here is that whoever is genetically descended from the murderers of Jesus must be acknowledged as a racial Jew and an Israelite, and this identification has, throughout history, triggered the strange awe and wonder for these supposed "Jews" which their alleged consanguinity with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Himself, engenders among the gentiles, in a kind of love-hate relationship which has been played throughout history. Even the "Christ-killer" invective has utility for the rabbis, by perpetuating the hunted/hounded, persecuted martyr image, which Judaism has capitalized upon to great effect, particularly since 1945.

What would be the point of publishing yet another dreary "Jew-bashing" book that indelibly stigmatizes 21st century Talmudists with the two brands they themselves have been past masters at manipulating and cultivating: the myth of their descent from Abraham, and the stereotype of them as people it is our duty to hate and hound? I would not have spent a good deal of my life investigating Judaism if I were going to regurgitate self-defeating images which the rabbis themselves covertly sow and perpetuate to their advantage. Let me impart to you a signal discovery: whoever hates Judaics perpetuates the rule of the rabbis.

It has been my objective to craft
Judaism Discovered so that there is no possibility of a rational refutation of it. While it's true that the book's evidence and arguments can be twisted, misrepresented and demonized with smears and falsification, the information in Judaism Discovered cannot be easily disarmed, because much of it pertains to epistemology, e.g. Judaism's knowledge of itself and the ways in which it responds to discovery.

If in
Judaism Discovered I have successfully anticipated the rabbinic epistemology, then what I teach concerning rabbinic dissimulation is valuable not just as a history of Judaism's past, but as a guide to rabbinic machinations and strategizing in the future. My mission does not consist in merely conveying a set of facts to the reader, but rather to teach how to deconstruct the deceitful tactical and strategic feints which Judaism wields as a response to the dissemination of accurate knowledge about its inner doctrines.

Judaism Discovered arms the reader to penetrate and expose the disingenuous elements of virtually every rabbinic act of camouflage and misdirection. If this knowledge of how to decode Judaism were to become widespread, it could have far-ranging consequences. It could result in a radical revision of western culture, so steeped are "our" intelligenstia in the pieties and platitudes of the rabbinic gestalt, which forms a foundational narrative through which virtually all contemporary western thinking about religion and history are filtered.

Judaism Discovered also has the potential to spark a revival of ancient western verities long abandoned by supposed paragons of 20th and 21st century "conservatism" - these "paragons" having concocted a bastard, "Judeo-Christian family values" movement, which is so deranged it places Orthodox rabbis at the front of the barricades. The "conservative" mania for proclaiming a movement for restoration of Christian culture inclusive of Talmudic rabbis, is a betrayal of the wisdom and vision of every Biblical prophet and every Christian saint. It is on the basis of this desperate craving for looking good in the eyes of the world and its media empire, that the clergy of Christendom ally and even pray with rabbis who worship not God but themselves.

Judaism Discovered offers an empiric and strictly factual discovery of Judaism's deepest operational and spiritual secrets, and in particular Judaism's extremely circumspect epistemology of concealment; its chameleon-like propensity for projecting an adapted outward image synchronized with the prevailing zeitgeist, even while the hostile fires of its inner volcanic core of hate, burn with an intensity undimmed since 33 A.D.

Conversely, it has also been this writer's mission to endeavor to remove the ground from under classical "anti-semitism" and "Jew hate," and to show how these brittle, senile, clichéd and programmed responses actually fulfill the rabbinic prediction of gentile bigotry, a prophecy which they impart to Judaic youth and by which they maintain these unfortunate persons in bondage to Judaism throughout their adult lives.

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