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Announcing Revisionist History« newsletter: October, 2022 issue no. 122. Browse contents at this link

Great value!
All 122 issues of Revisionist History« newsletter published from Spring, 1995 to Autumn, 2022

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A treasure chest of decoding, astute analysis and suppressed history on pdf. files

Revisionist History« newsletter - Our 121th issue August 2022


Sixteen pages of
densely researched studies written by historian Michael Hoffman

Tyranny, Genocide and Slavery in the Third World Before the “Coming of the White Man”
This is our lead study: on the Third World, with a special focus on Central and South America — "
Before Columbus." Those words open a door to a world that remains steeped in mystery. What is certain is that the record we have managed to cobble together for this issue undercuts virtually every myth about Christopher Columbus having “conquered paradise.” From the point of view of most everything except the Creator’s verdant oceans, jungles, plants and animals, Columbus conquered hell on earth

America’s Abortion on Demand: A Talmudic Tradition 
A chameleon theology defended by an epistemology strewn with false steps. Here is our report, containing the facts “Conservatives” refuse to see about the source of an immense evil. Ground-breaking study with information you will find nowhere else!

The Federal Reserve System: The Privateers Behind War, Communism and “Woke” Capitalism 
The major banking figures who gained enormous new privileges from the Federal Reserve System were connected to the U.S. decision to enter the First World War and to the financing of the main protagonists behind the creation of the Soviet Union in 1917.
New information!

Debate —Was Julius Caesar killed because he was a dictator, as Michael Hoffman asserts in the June issue no. 120, or because Caesar fought the Money Power, as Georgia Senator Tom Watson asserted a hundred years ago, in his famous Sketches in Roman History? You decide.

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Revisionist History« issue no. 120 for June 
I. Black and White Slavery in the Bible, Among the Greeks and Romans, the Vikings, and the Barbary Muslims 

Contents: Black and White Slavery in the Bible and Among the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It’s about time the record was set straight about this controversial issue. We provide reliable information, much of it new. Topics include: All facets of Slavery and Law in the Old Testament, in the New Testament and Christian Liberty Sayings of St. Paul. Surprise yourself with the facts!

In ancient Greece, “The ideal type of (white) slave is the socially dead chattel, ripped forcibly from organic ties of kin and community, transported to an alien environment, there to be treated merely as a piece of property or a factor of production, to be used and abused at will, an animate tool or beast of burden…”

Viking white slave history: “Much of the Viking world was built, underpinned, and maintained by the enslaved. For a millennium and more they have disappeared from the histories of the Viking Age, and it is time to restore them to their rightful place of prominence. The institution of slavery had long antecedents in Scandinavia, probably going back thousands of years before the time of the Vikings. By the eighth century, there was already a considerable population of unfree people living in the North, their condition being largely a hereditary one built up over generations...Scandinavians began to make the active acquisition of human chattel a key part of their economy. This was one of the primary objectives of the Viking raids and military campaigns, and the result was a massive increase in the numbers of enslaved people in Scandinavia.”

The Muslim traffic in white slaves took place in what came to be known as the Barbary coast. Whites preying on whites was a feature of this Muslim trade: “…between 1580 to 1680…more than half of these pirate captains were of European origin…“Their wealth and power made many of them dominant figures in the local culture…(they practiced an) often ferocious Islam… Stationed in Algiers at this time were 20,000 members of Islam’s white slave troops: Janissaries who formed the core of Turkish power in that city were by definition all born of Balkan parents… (T)he many female European captives who were taken sexually by their masters and the thousands of immigrant renegades all brought a great deal of European blood into local gene pools…By the 1700s visitors were noting how ‘the inhabitants of Algiers have a rather white complexion,’ an observation that more recent scholars have confirmed.” 

II. The History of the Tyrannicide Tradition in the West: Cicero, Caesar, Shakespeare and John Wilkes Booth

Excerpt: “John Wilkes Booth played Shakespeare’s Brutus on the stage; Lincoln very likely saw him acting in the role. When Booth shot Lincoln he viewed himself as a Brutus saving the American republic from a usurping Caesar. Extreme as this may now sound to us, it belongs to what was once the prevalent American interpretation of the play, which viewed Brutus as a savior of republican government against tyrants.”

Plus: Uvalde: Were the police under orders to allow the shooter to achieve maximum casualties in order to impose incremental degradation of our Second Amendment rights?

And: New book exposes The Spurious “Gnostic Gospels” as late occult additions to the Word of God

Also: The Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth I, Britain’s Queen of Depravity

Plus: Have No Disturbing Thoughts About LGBTQ

Also: Victorious Commencement Address to Home-Schooled Youth

And: Media Blame Tucker Carlson’s “Replacement Theory” for Buffalo Massacre, while ignoring Israeli replacement theory

U.S. residents: to purchase issue no. 120, send an e-mail to: (substitute @ for AT in the preceding address), and request: "An invoice for the June issue no. 120." The invoice will be payable at our secure online store via credit card. $10.75 to a US address.

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Revisionist History« newsletter 
no. 119
Judaic People Under Bolshevism
A New Assessment  (scroll down the page)

Revisionist History« newsletter no. 118

Criminal Politics in America
From Charles Manson to Ghislaine Maxwell

CONTENTS: Few events have had the psychic impact on America as have the "Manson Family Murders." The familiar media accounts center on D.A. Vincent Bugliosi's fantasy Helter Skelter bestseller, which has dominated the narrative to the exclusion of all contradictory facts. Investigative reporter Tom O'Neill excavated the buried truths over decades. Here is a through review of his masterful book, Chaos, containing his explosive findings related to one of the biggest coverups in US history: the CIA's LSD processing of Manson and the disappearance of almost all documents related to Manson's parole during his "lost years" in San Francisco (1967-68), Susan Atkins' court documents, and almost all official texts related to the CIA's MK-Ultra brainwashing operations. Police and prosecutors conspired to hide the shocking truth about who ordered the death of Sharon Tate and the other victims and why they were killed.

: A deep dive into government whitewash of the Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell child molestation ring.

: A page from Michael Hoffman's forthcoming new book: White women hanged for shoplifting (you read that right).

: • FBI informants set-up patsies in Michigan. •Iraq war criminal Dick Cheney honored by Democrats in Congress Jan. 6 (reminds us of when news that child-rapist Roman Polanski had received the Academy Award the Hollwood audience at the award show stood and cheered). And more!

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Announcing Revisionist History« newsletter 

no. 117: December 2021

The Pirate Queen’s Slave Traders:
Queen Elizabeth I and the Conjuring of the British Empire

Never before have all the facts about her occult theocracy been gathered in one periodical. Here they are: The inside dope on Sir John Hawkins who gained wealth and power from the black slave trade but whose principal investor and beneficiary was the queen. There was nothing “peripheral” or “accidental” about her involvement. She made the slave trade possible. It was her “proven moneymaker.”  She appointed Hawkins treasurer of the Royal Navy by which office he controlled the navy. This was his reward for making Elizabeth fabulously wealthy from the traffic in Africans. Sir Francis Drake? Co-conspirator! 
As part of our study, we take up the *Massacre of the Irish Nobility, the *Spycraft of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, *How the Spanish Armada could have won; *Elizabeth’s Legalized Piracy; *Her Enslavement of Englishmen. Here for the first time is the documented and unassailable record of Queen Elizabeth’s shocking robberies, murders and enslavement of black and white people!

From this vantage we proceed to study how the
*British Empire was conjured through occult Ritual Toponomy and Cartography: *The Mandate for “Prescriptive Geography” in “the Golden Age” of Saturn; *A Papal Agent Inspires the Queen’s Protestant Necromancer. *The Endgame: By Sorcery the measurement of all time and space on earth is directed from Britain.

Why is this history essential? Since the reign of Elizabeth —“Good Queen Bess”—the monarchy of England has been a driver of masonic conspiracy, usury banking, Jack the Ripper-type ritual murders, and child trafficking rings, such as the one directed by Sir Jimmy Savile—the monster advanced by Prince Charles and shielded by “conservative” Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (cf. Twilight Language, pp. 310-317). The serpent ascended to the throne of Britain with Elizabeth I— and has never departed! She is the ruler who is among the most extolled by the Establishment. Without authentic knowledge of this history no adequate grasp of today’s conspiracies is possible.

ALSO IN THIS BIG ISSUE: The Great Debate—“Was the United States and its Constitution Founded on White Supremacy?” Nay! says Sean Wilentz, Princeton University History Professor, author of No Property in Man: Slavery and Anti-Slavery in the Nation’s Founding. Yea! says Noah Feldman, Harvard University Law Professor, author of The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery and the Refounding of America.

AND: Republican State Legislatures pass laws blocking any company that boycotts the Israeli state, from doing business with state government. An Arkansas newspaper owner is fighting back! ALSO: The Hidden 9/11 Surveillance Court. PLUS: Princeton History Prof. James M. McPherson’s book upholding Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ military leadership during the War Between the States.  And more!

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October, 2021 issue of Revisionist History« Newsletter no. 116:
“Woke Revisionism: The Whitman Massacre Rewritten”
The heirs of those who perpetrated the slaughter of the Whitman Christian Mission require its erasure

I. The Truth about Cayuse Indian Massacre of the Whitman Mission

Dr. Marcus Whitman in better times was highly honored. Even liberal Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas eulogized him and his martyred wife Narcissa at the dedication of the Whitman statue in the Capitol, as being responsible for “forces that increased the spiritual as well as the material inheritance of America.”  Concerning these exemplars of altruism, Douglas stated, “Americans young and old who pass through this Hall will remember the example of the Whitmans, and, remembering will find the confidence to face their own frontier.”  Yet, the Whitmans are now considered a despicable embarrassment, even at the college named for them. The memory of the Whitmans is disparaged — when it is not erased altogether. This is a fatal trend because the Whitmans are synonymous with America’s pioneer epoch. A repudiation of them is a repudiation of the very roots of our nation. Is this at all important to you? Are you equipped to defend our pioneer heritage which is now being canceled? Master the facts in this issue.

II. The Early History of the CIA 

Excerpt from the study: “…One of the groups Sichel had to work with was the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists…The CIA persuaded them that their armed bands should lead an (anti-Communist) uprising in Ukraine—but, Sichel said, ‘we were getting them to risk their lives for a lie.’ With similar false promises, the CIA dispatched Romanian, Polish, Latvian and Estonian exiles back home, where most of them disappeared, and many of their family members were executed. The ‘underground’ movements they belonged to turned out to be Soviet creations designed to smoke out exiled dissidents…” 

Also in the October issue: Meyer Lanky • Ed Asner • Jackie Mason • Hunter Biden • Culloden: Scotland’s Last Battle. Letters to the Editor; and more! 

Buy a single issue of no. 116 only: Order the October issue no. 116 by sending an e-mail to: (substitute @ for AT in the preceding address). Tell us what you are ordering and in what country you reside. We'll e-mail you an invoice payable at our secure online store. It's quick and easy!

The August issue of Revisionist History« no. 115:
Utopian Social Engineering for Permanent Revolution”

CONTENTS: Utopia's Neocon Killer Angels and their Crimes. In-Depth Analysis of Biblical vs. Occult Authority: The Suppression of the Tridentine Mass as Ordered by the Pope of Rome (Dear Papist, what did you expect?) . Conspiracy: From the English Secret Service to the Federal Reserve Bank . On Contradiction: Lenin and Mao on the bipolar nature of the Capitalist System exploited by the Left . The X-Factor: Sodomizing of the People by the Money Power. Feminism's Ace Card: The Handmaid's Tale and the Assault on the Blessed Virgin Mary. More of the chronicle of White Slaves in American History. Book Review: Sean McMeekin's Stalin's War . The Battle for the Mind: Elite Professors Resist the Movement to Abolish Chaucer. The American South: The Sports-Mad Stadium Religion vs. Southern Heritage. Tim K. on the holes in Critical Race Theory — and more!
Order the August issue no. 115 by sending an e-mail to: (substitute @ for AT in the preceding address). Tell us what you are ordering and in what country you reside. We'll e-mail you an invoice payable at our secure online store. It's quick and easy!

Revisionist History« no. 114: June, 2021
"Mystical Toponony's "Green Witch"
Latitude and Longitude in the Occult Founding of the British Empire

Also: The Bank of England and Its Wars. The Power that Made Possible the Israeli Conquest of Palestine. Mrs. Rothschild. The War on Families in Gaza. "The Charlatans" - Islam's Ancient Tricksters. Mr. Spock's Kabbalah Curse. The Attack on Black Children's Mastery of Math. Portland's Terrorist High Schoolers. Machiavellian Tactics of Pope Francis. Vote Fraud 2020. The Sons of Sam. The Most Racist Nation. NY Times's Revelation of the Method. And more! Purchase Mystical Toponomy issue no. 114:

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The Mishnah & Gemara ("Talmud"), Its Impact on America
Contrasted with the Ethics of Thomas Jefferson

Lecture by Michael Hoffman at the Liberty Fellowship Conference in Kalispell, Montana, January 23, 2021. Approx. 75 minutes. A liberating new perspective on American history! (For details on the conference see here)

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Revisionist History« Newsletter

Back issues are available here

April issue of Revisionist History« no. 113

 ADL’s New Attack on Michael Hoffman • Tucker Carlson’s Terrible Hypocrisy: why he’s a shill for the ADL’s massive censorship and deplatforming • The History of the Government’s Sterilization of White People and their Forced Uprooting from Virginia’s ShenandoahValley  • The disappearance of Ingrid Rimland’s revisionist history library and archive • Racial profiling that mirrors the Talmud • Transexuality, Kabbalah and Alchemy • The Cryptocracy’s Approved Conspiracy Theories  • Dictionary of “Woke” Newspeak • Christianity in “Israel” • The Woke Inquisition: “Error has no rights” is the command ideology of the New Inquisition imposed by “tolerant, loving progressives.”  Without knowing the philosophical foundation of the roots of the cancel culture and censorship lobby, we cannot prevail. Learn the history of the inquisition mentality at work in our time. 

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The publications, King-Kill/33, and Tetragrammaton Magic, can be purchased here



Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People
By Michael Hoffman

Hitler Enemy of the Germans

A new revisionist exploration of Hitler’s suicidal evil. Quality softcover. Illustrated. 216 pages.

Enemy of the German People (For shipping to residents of the USA)

Enemy of the German People (For shipping to Canada)

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The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome
By Michael Hoffman

Occult Renaissance Occult Renaissance 2

Softcover, 723 pages. Second edition. Illustrated with 42 rare plates. (The book is an invaluable illustrative resource). Fully indexed for easy access to a treasure trove of suppressed information.

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome (For shipping to residents of the USA or Canada):
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Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman
Textbook: 1,102 pages. Mammoth, comprehensive study of this subject.

US residents only, please

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Talmudic Persecution of Christians Smaller

DVD: The Talmudic Persecution of Christians. 24 minutes.
U.S. residents: $19.95 Canada: $35.00 Foreign $40.00

“Talmud Expert Michael Hoffman's Presentation to the Nation of Islam, Feb. 2019”

(This is the title given to this DVD by the Nation of Islam. This is their production. Portions of the DVD have texts and illustrations added by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam).

The DVD consists of two parts: 1. Michael’s Feb. 17 speech to 4,000 people at the national convention at Chicago’s United Center, as well as thousands more around the world via webcast (approximately 8 minutes). 2. In addition, the DVD includes for the first time ever, Michael’s forty-two minute seminar on Judaism and the Talmud given to approximately two hundred Black Muslim scholars and researchers at a workshop two days before his speech to the national convention.

Mr. Hoffman’s mission to Muslims is founded upon his conversations over the years with Arab Christians (Catholic and Greek Orthodox) who have grown up and resided in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. In those discussions Arab Christians offered respect for the majority of the Muslims among whom they resided. There are those who will object to the sponsorship of Mr. Hoffman’s talks by Black Muslims who have ideas that are strange to Christians. In his sojourn among the Nation of Islam, Michael affirmed and testified to his faith in Jesus Christ as his savior, and of Christ’s Church as the conduit to salvation. On the 800th anniversary of the meeting of St. Francis of Assisi with the Islamic Sultan of Egypt over a three day period in 1219, Michael undertook meeting with Louis Farrakhan’s Muslims over a four day period in 2019. We trust that doing as St. Francis did was not a transgression, and cultivating mutual respect and better understanding among people of different faiths is a virtue and not a vice
when principles are not sacrificed and testimony to Jesus as Our Savior is shared. For those who believe Michael should have shunned the Muslims and offered rebukes instead, this video will not please. For all others, here is a world-historic breakthrough for the Truth about the Talmud!

DVD. 50 minutes. U.S. residents: $22.95 Canada: $35.00 Foreign $40.00

AUDIO CD: “Louis Farrakhan, Internet Freedom and the Rights of Dissidents.” 24 minute talk by Hoffman.
USA: $19.95.
Canada: $30.00. Overseas: $35.00

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Clyde Lewis interviews Michael Hoffman and fields call-in questions on many aspects of the occult "King-Kill/33" John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy. Nationally broadcast for the 50th anniversary, on the "Ground Zero" radio program, Nov. 21. Hoffman's only recorded discussion of his research on this subject. Two Audio CD set: 84 minutes. USA: $27.95 Canada: $37.50. Foreign $45.00

A CRITICAL STUDY OF TALMUDISM - LIVE FROM SAN JOSE - SLIDESHOW ON DVD. Expanded edition of Hoffman's intensive scholarly course on this subject, illustrated with a power-point presentation featuring enlarged photos of relevant proof-texts from the Babylonian Talmud and rabbinic halacha; filmed before an audience in San Jose, Calif. Two DVD set: More than 100 min. of inside information. USA: $27.95 Canada: $37.50. Foreign $45.00SA: $24.95 Canada: $29.95. Foreign $34.95

. Michael was invited to appear on the nationally broadcast Alex Jones Show to discuss his book, They Were White and They Were Slaves. After that interview, he was invited back for a second program with Jones, concentrating on a discussion of Judaism, occult secret societies and mind control. Here are both programs on 3 audio CDs. Approximate running time is 3 hours. USA: $27.95 Canada: $45.00. Foreign $50.00

: 2005 radio interview. Probing the roots of the secret societies such as Freemasons and the OTO that exist to serve Kabbalistic Judaism. Alchemy, group mind, Skull and Bones, John Dee, Michael Hoffman, and more. 57 minutes. USA $15.95 Canada: $30.00. Foreign: $39.95

. Wide-ranging conversation and listener’s questions as Hoffman explains and defends revisionist history methods, attacks the bankruptcy of the presidential election campaign and delves into the evils of Orthodox Judaism. Host Daniel Ott probes and challenges 108 min. Two CDs. USA: $27.95 Canada: $37.50. Foreign $45.00

. Hoffman offers an inspirational overview of the challenges we face since 9/11, considering our strategic and tactical position from a revisionist perspective, assessing the extent of the advance of mind control over the American people and what can be done. CD Approx. 60 min. USA $19.95 Canada: $35. Foreign: $39.95

. 70 minute interview and call-in as Hoffman tackles tough questions about salvation, the words of St. Paul and the priority of the Gospel. Essential teaching CD. USA: $27.95 Canada: $37.50. Foreign $45.00

. In this talk Hoffman deconstructs the heretic-hunting nomenclature of the New World Order and how it functions to suppress knowledge. A challenge to Christians who have supported the uncharitable vilification of fellow Christians who have honest doubts about World War Two's official Allied narratives. USA: $27.95 Canada: $37.50. Foreign $45.00

. Hoffman takes the occult principle of satirical mocking of victims and applies it to George W. Bush’s “commander in comedy” role at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner, in which Bush pretended to search the White House for the weapons of mass destruction. Exposes Rudyard Kipling’s book Kim as a handbook for the CIA. A powerfully insightful teaching on the nature of the Cryptocracy. 70 min.USA: $27.95 Canada: $37.50. Foreign $45.00

THE TALMUDIC MENTALITY. Hoffman explores this controversial topic in fully documented, fascinating scholarly lectures which provide insight as never before. If you’ve ever experienced the maddening double-standard of the “forever persecuted ones” but couldn’t pin it down to your satisfaction, here is the information you need. Set of four CDs. Approx. 3 hours. USA $34.95. Canada: $39.95. Foreign: $49.95.

. Decoding the Colorado School Massacre Looks beneath the headlines to uncover the culprits & the "Revelation of the Method" behind the spectacular April 20, 1999 attack. Two audio CDs. USA $22.95. Canada $26.95. Foreign: $29.95

. Craig Heimbichner unlocks the key to how both the Right and the Left form two pillars of the Kabbalah's master plan for inducing schizophrenia. This is a lecture intended for advanced students of the conspiracy. Approximately 55 minutes. USA $13.95 Canada: $17.95. Foreign: $19.95

E-mail rarebooks14[AT] and tell us the country you live in and which CDs, DVDs or newsletters (for newsletters scroll down the page), you want to order and we'll e-mail you an invoice (see the instructions in the box above).

. Speech at Sandpoint, Idaho, July, 2002. Hoffman unties the gordian knot that is the Cryptocracy's Towering Inferno Great Game. He details the deceptions and psychological warfare intrinsic to the Sept. 11 gambit. Hoffman's insights teach the listener how to detect and anticipate occult patterns and government conspiracy. Approx. 54 min. USA $22.95. Canada $26.95. Foreign: $29.95

. Focuses on the attitudes of the 16th century popes, the controversy between Reuchlin, Erasmus and Pfefferkorn, Judaic agents at the top of the church hierarchy. 54 min. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

. Hoffman explains the significance of Eisenmenger's incomparable research and underscores why we should preserve the memory of this heroic German scholar and colossus of learning, who dedicated his life to truth and surpassed the rabbis in knowledge of their own texts. Hoffman recounts details on Eisenmenger and Lutheran Hebraism, and Stehelin and his legacy as an Enlightenment er˙dit, as well as providing an account of the ban on the book, and its checkered publishing history. 70 minutes. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

. Talk-radio patriot Deanna Spingola hosts Hoffman on satellite radio as they discuss Talmudic control, “antisemitism,” the Constitution, and the ultimate “Jew-haters” — Right-wing Judeo-Christians — while fielding calls and questions from listeners across the USA. Approx. 40 minutes.USA $13.95 Canada: $17.95. Foreign: $19.95

9 CD set: MARTIN LUTHER'S BOOK "ON THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES" - A DRAMATIC READING BY MICHAEL HOFFMAN. Luther's controversial diatribe on Judaism is available for the first time in English, complete and uncensored, featuring former radio broadcaster Hoffman in a stereo recording of his live performance of Luther's incendiary, book-length polemic. Also includes an introductory CD presenting a revisionist history of Luther's relationship with Judaism, contending that On the Jews and their Lies was fully representative of his Reformation theology. From a critical review: “Hoffman’s reading voice varies considerably in tempo, tone and inflection. His pronunciation of foreign words is not always correct. He makes up for these shortcomings with many thunderous recitations of this rare material..a collector’s item.” Boxed set of 9 audio CDs. More than 8 hours of listening. USA: $59.95 Canada: $74.95. Foreign: $79.95

WHITE SLAVE LABOR IN EARLY AMERICA. Extends Hoffman's research in his book They Were White and They Were Slaves. Two Audio CDs. USA $22.95. Canada $26.95. Foreign: $29.95

THE JEW HATERS WHO WROTE THE TALMUD. Speech on the rabbinic laws on menstruation. These Talmudic rules are so oppressive they constitute a curse on Judaic persons--hence only a "Jew hater" could have written them! Adults only. Approx. 40 min. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES. Michael Hoffman’s speech in Golden, Colorado. 50 minutes of hair-raising revelations at the core of modern occult technology and the Kennedy assassination. Audio CD.USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

THE POPULATION BOMB. The demographic decline of Caucasians and what can be done about it. Two Audio CDs. USA $22.95. Canada $26.95. Foreign: $29.95

THE JUDAIC ROLE IN THE BLACK SLAVE TRADE. Lecture by Dr. Tony Martin, Professor of African History at Wellesley College. Martin is a superb orator and this speech is of great interest. Approx. 65 min. CD: USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95 (also available on DVD)

CHIEFTAINS AND PRINCESSES. Social criticism of dumpy Americans: sloppy clothing, sloppy thinking and the dumbing down of our culture beginning with lack of self-respect. Hoffman argues for a return to traditional standards which ennoble our people into "chieftains and princesses." Approx. 75 min. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

CHAMELEON TALMUDISM: HOW DISSIMULATION IS INSTITUTIONALIZED IN RABBINIC TRADITION. Hoffman analyzes camouflage and trickery in Judaism. Edited from 5 hours of talks. 68 minutes. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

THE CURSE OF LIBERALISM. How liberals are destroyed by the worldwide degeneracy that has swept our culture. Hoffman analyzes the fundamentally suicidal nature of liberalism. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

HATE CRIMES HYSTERIA: THE NEO-BOLSHEVIK GAMBIT. The imposition of dictatorship under a mask of humanism. This talk analyzes the process whereby activists are cleverly branded "haters" by their political rivals. Approx. 85 min. Two CDs. USA $22.95. Canada $26.95. Foreign: $29.95

THE CRAFT OF THE HISTORIAN PARTS I & II. Part I: The Philosophy of Anomaly. Part II: The Philosophy of Analogous Paradox. I: Hoffman expounds the basis for his method of historiography, proposing a new yardstick for discovering and discerning the past. II: He delves deeper into his historical method by contrasting two case studies from Catholic and Puritan history to establish his theory of "analogous paradox" as a means for the pursuit of pure truth. Total time: approximately 110 min. Two CDs. USA $22.95. Canada $26.95. Foreign: $29.95

THE THREE FREEDOMS. Analyzes three freedoms that we must utilize to take control of our national destiny. Hoffman believes these three freedoms will put us on the road to our own nation, if we would use them. Recorded in 1999. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

MAGIC & PAGANISM IN THE REIGN OF ELIZABETH I. Hoffman’s deconstruction of the masonic regime of Queen Elizabeth I and her “Astrologer Royal” John Dee who, in in 1585, pledged the government of Britain to the service of the occult establishment, in an infernal compact with Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague. Approx. 28 minutes.USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

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HOFFMAN ON THE BOB GRANT SHOW. Michael stands up for the truth and fields questions from irate New York Zionists in this sizzling exchange with radio host Bob Grant and his large metro-NY listening audience. Warning: this broadcast was recorded off the radio and sound quality is adequate, but not perfect. Approx. 45 minutes. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

ZIONISM, RACISM AND THE BEIRUT MASSACRE. Vintage Hoffman broadcast from 1982 when he worked for the Associated Press and a New York radio station. He was fired and blacklisted after this broadcast aired. 40 minutes.USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

THE RADICAL REVISIONISTS: FAURISSON & HOFFMAN. Interviews of revisionist historians Michael Hoffman and Prof. Robert Faurisson: hear their witty critiques of modernity, Talmudic supremacy and the revisionist history of World War II. Audio CD. 70 min. USA $13.95 Canada: $18.95. Foreign: $19.95

HOFFMAN & TEXE MARRS 2009. Radio Evangelist Texe Marrs discusses Hoffman’s book “Judaism Discovered” with the author. 2 hrs. Two CDs. USA $22.95. Canada $37. Foreign: $42

Copy of Inside 9-11 Conspiracy
INSIDE THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY 54 minute audio CD of a lecture on occult aspects, by Michael Hoffman. From 2003 and still relevant.
USA $17.95 Canada: $32.50 Foreign: $37.50

DEBORAH LIPSTADT, “AMALEK” AND DAVID IRVING. Michael Hoffman’s speech Labor Day 2001 at the Real History conference in Cincinnati, Ohio traces the history of “Amalek” in recondite Talmudic lore and indicts the theory behind it as the “missing link” in grasping the persecution of WWII revisionist historians like David Irving. Introduction and Afterword by Mr. Irving. The YouTube version of this talk was banned on June 5, 2019. 36 minutes. All-region DVD. U.S. residents: $22.95 Canada: $35.00 Foreign $40.00

HOFFMAN READS POE. 1. Introduction to the life of Edgar Allan Poe. 2. The Cask of Amontillado. 3. The Raven. 37 minutes. Audio CD. USA $14.95 Canada: $30. Foreign: $35

JUDAISM IS NOT THE RELIGION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. Radio evangelist Texe Marrs discusses Hoffman’s book “Judaism’s Strange Gods” with the author. A persuasive recording for deprogramming “Judeo-Christians.” 60 min. USA $14.95 Canada: $30. Foreign: $35

APOCALYPSE 2000: MILLENNIAL MADNESS IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE PARTS I AND II. Hoffman’s accurate assessment of the Y2K problem, recorded in 1999. Approximately 105 minutes. Two Audio CDs. USA $22.95. Canada $26.95. Foreign: $29.95

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REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER« NO. 92 THE TALMUDIC DEFAMATION OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION Hoffman’s historical survey demonstrates that the West will never free itself from Leftist calumny of “dead white males” as long as so-called “Conservatives” timidly recoil from confronting the fount of the oldest institutionalized character assassination of our heritage—the Talmudic mentality. Western Civilization cannot be separated from its heritage of challenging Judaism without fatally weakening the West. AND: The Fiasco in Charlottesville. ALSO: Irish slaves preferred over Blacks. The Diversity Religion’s Rebel. Origins of the North Korean Threat. PLUS: Eulogy for Ernst ZŘndel. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 89 GROWING INTEREST IN THE REVISIONIST HISTORY OF THE ENSLAVEMENT OF WHITES: History of the Highland Clearances in Scotland. Also: A Prequel to The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome. And: How the British Secret Service Helped to Found the Theocracy that Guides ISIS. Plus: Conspiracy in the Air: 9/11 Air Traffic Control Testimony Erased. Also: On the Internet: The War for Your Attention. And: No Goddess Can Ever Save Us: Deconstructing the goddess/victim religion of feminism. AND: Rev. Dr. Chuck Baldwin endorses our book, Judaism Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 88 MASS RAPE OF GERMAN WOMEN AT THE END OF WORLD WAR II BY AMERICANS & ALLIED TROOPS OTHER THAN RUSSIANS. 190,000 German women raped by US soldiers, British, Belgian and French. Includes a section on the rabbinic theology of rape in wartime ALSO: Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Challenges Michael Hoffman’s “white slaves” research • AND: History Under Attack at Bolshevik Yale University  PLUS: Confessions of a Climate Change Heretic. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 85: BRITAIN’S BENJAMIN DISRAELI: HEAD OF STATE AND HEAD OF THE ROTHSCHILD CONSPIRACY Subjects include: •The Novel Writer Introduces a Rothschild • Coningsby and Rothschild: code-named “Sidonia” • Bribery, Debt and Disraeli: How the Rothschilds’ transformed Britain’s Christian Parliament. Rothschild backing for the Muslim war against Christians. ALSO: The Sack of Rome in 1527. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 83 EZRA POUND; POET AND REFORMER. New revelations concerning the life, literature, imprisonment and struggles of the famous writer. We leave no stone unturned. Learn his poetic aesthetics, money reform and how he was railroaded into an insane asylum for twelve years. We answer those who say Pound repudiated his life’s work after his release. Biography of an exemplary man as you have not read it before. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

 HITLER HAD HIM MURDERED: GREGOR STRASSER, THE GERMAN VISIONARY WHO COULD HAVE LED HIS NATION TO A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM. The Untold History of the Exemplary Life and foul Assassination of one of the Greatest German Leaders of the 20th century. Here is history that is sure to shock, edify and enlighten in ways that readers have come to expect from Michael Hoffman’s  revisionist scholarship.  Break out of the Right wing’s consensus-reality by studying and learning from the suppressed facts presented in this issue. Sections include: Strasser’s Spiritual Vision; Gottfried Feder and Strasser; Hitler, Strasser and Christianity; A Straight Look at the Weimar Republic; Spengler and Strasser; Strasser’s Ideology; The Night of the Long Knives. Also in this issue: "Pat Buchanan vs. Pope Francis." And: Press Gang Enslavement of Whites Denied.” USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

  “JUDAISM IS GUILTY OF THAT FOR WHICH ISLAM IS ACCUSED." Here is the best, most concise refutation in print of the Necon Republican-Protestant Fundamentalist hoax about Islam being the greatest threat to America's freedom. Fact: the Dhimmi have a higher status in Islam than the goyim in Judaism. Fact: Zionist killers created in the modern era what has come to be known as Islamic-style terrorism. Fact: Talmudic law rules America, not sharia law. Fact: Judaism permits the murder of goyim. Fact: double-standard in negative revelations about religions -- harsh critics of Islam are prominently featured in mainstream publications and television programs, while critics of Judaism are banned or marginalized in the media. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Conquest of Ramadi by ISIS was made possible by the West. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Government seeks to erase biological parenthood to be replaced by gender-neutral "legal parents." This destroys children's inherent yearning to be raised by their blood relatives. This is happening in Canada now. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Hate Speech Tribunals Enforce Sodomite Supremacy; and: "Homosexuality in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"; plus: British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's views on Israeli terrorists. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Train your mind to detect fraud. And: much more! USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 78:  “TRUTH DEVOURED BY A WOLF"  16-page magazine format. Nearly 18,000 words! St. Thomas More The “Wolf Hall” TV series on PBS and two books by British author Hilary Mantel shred the reputation of St. Thomas More and rehabilitate the king’s slavish bureaucratic hatchet man, Thomas Cromwell. What are the facts behind the famous Tudor power struggle over the king’s marriage to Anne Boleyn?  What lessons in rule by Cryptocracy does this historical epoch have to teach?  Sections include: Thomas More: the saint who burned heretics and hunted booksellers; More’s involvement with the Neoplatonic Hermetic conspiracy; Hilary Mantel: false accuser; the plight of the only untarnished saint in this tale of woe: Catherine of Aragon, the queen who had been Henry’s true wife for 20 years; Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn; Did Thomas More die for the Occult Church or the Catholic Church?; Did the occult Renaissance Church of Rome work covertly for Henry’s divorce? Errors and bias in “Wolf Hall.” Did More acquit himself at the end? How Cromwell and Henry VIII created a template for tyranny, and more!  Join us on the trail of the hidden hand inside the Tudor power struggle. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

  TALMUDISM HATES FOUR PEOPLE WHO WALKED THE EARTH MORE THAN ANYONE WHO EVER LIVED  -- Who are they and why are they hated. Most Hated: 1. Jesus Christ. 2. His Blessed Mother, Mary. 3. Titus, the Roman General. 4. Isabella, the Roman Catholic Queen of Spain Michael Hoffman’s study offers new documentation on rabbinic blasphemy and institutionalized hatred of Jesus and Mary and the Cross, and explores new territory in his analysis of Talmudism’s hatred for the Romans and how we have been tricked into despising them and blaming them for the Crucifixion. Demonstrates the virtue and excellence of the great Roman General and of the next most hated “goy” in Judaic lore, Isabella of Spain.  Also in this issue: Black African Operators of the Black African Slave Trade New history of the Black Africans who did not merely “cooperate,” but were the instigators, managers and overseers of the “Gold Coast” African slave trade.  USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 76 : "CHARLIE HEBDO HYPOCRISY." Hoffman offers an insightful analysis of the contrived “clash of civilizations”narrative behind the West’s hypocritical anguish over the tragic massacre of the editors and artists of a French newspaper attacked by “Arab terrorists.” He reveals the Talmudic tunnel vision that encourages free expression against Islam and prohibits and even criminalizes criticism and doubts about rabbinic Judaism and Holocaustianity. Sections include: Thought Criminals Down the Memory Hole; Misconceptions about Freedom of Speech in Islam and Judaism; the case of Stephen Whittle and Simon Sheppard; the neocon infiltration of the churches; Theories of knowledge: does errror have rights? Cass Sunstein and the French revolutionaries didn’t think so; Christ’s own scriptural standard for judging Judaism and Islam; and more. Also in this issue: Was the Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack Engineered by the Cryptocracy? A study in anomalies. Plus: Movie Review — “American Sniper: A Sheep Dog Tricked into Serving the Wolves.” And: Censorship Watch — latest reports of writers and artists fired or prosecuted for the thought crime of “antisemitism.” Also: “Revisionist News and Notes.”
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 75 : "CORPORAL HITLER IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR." On the hundredth anniversary of the start of the fratricide, revisionist historian Michael Hoffman clears away the myths and disinformation surrounding Hitler’s military record from 1914 to 1918. What did the young Hitler actually do in the war? Did he deserve the Iron Cross?  How was he viewed by his fellow soldiers?  What were his authentic views of “the Great War”? At long last here is reliable, objective information that may surprise you, based on the latest cutting edge research and testimony. Also in this issue: “Resurrection Denial: A Cosmic Evil in Our Midst.” Government, the Churches and the media all obsess about and denounce “Holocaust denial” while the organized denial of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ merits little or no protest or outrage. The latest manifestation of the organized deniers is found in the Israeli book, “The Last Gospel,” timed to coincide with Christmas and arguing that Christ had a wife. Plus: The Republican roots of Obama’s Immigration Amnesty.
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 74 RIGHT WING MYTHS WITH AN ENDLESS SHELF LIFE." Was John Calvin a "Jew"? Were the English Puritans who overthrew King Charles I agents of the Judaic Money Power?  Did Oliver Crowell readmit the Judaics to England? Many non-Zionist Right-wingers believe the answer to all three of these questions is yes. It is our hope that uncovering these Big Lies will serve to illustrate a defective epistemology. Throughout history deep-cover forces of the Cryptocracy have co-opted personnel and organizations we imagine are on the side of the good and the true. The more our people burn out from suckering in for these counterfeits, the more they fail to show up for battle. In this issue we investigate one particular set of these counterfeits, the better to hone our powers of discernment. By offering training in the detection of counterfeit history and the extent to which we have been snookered by respectable, highly esteemed authors such as Hilaire Belloc, and Capt. Archibald Ramsay in his book The Nameless War, we hope to inoculate our readers against the legion of Right wing dupes and one-track minds churning out misleading and erroneous data which engenders confusion and tends to discredit us. 20 page magazine. 
USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 73 “MASONIC AMERICA: THE MORMON BRANCH OF THE BROTHERHOOD." The clandestine history of the Mormons never before revealed: • Mormon Pledge to Destroy America. • "Consecrated" thieving from "gentiles." • Joseph and Hyrum Smith: Master Masons. • Joseph Smith's 37 wives. •Newspaper disagrees with the Mormons: they destroy it • The actual reason why Smith was was murdered.• Mormon Glen Beck leads Conservatives down Israeli dead end • "Kingdom of Deseret" continues to rise in the American West and inside the US government. Also in this issue: “White skin privilege”? What about the 82 white laborers who were killed in Washington state in the 1930s and then completely forgotten? Hoffman memorializes their history. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 72 “9/11 TERROR ALCHEMY.” S.K. Bain has built on our book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare to further investigate the 9/11 terror attacks as “Mega-Ritual” — the brain-scrambling occult synaesthesia now embedded in the American psyche as a result of the infernal marriage of Satanism and  psychological warfare. Here’s the best analysis extant of what George Bush was doing in Florida when the Twin Towers were hit.  Also in this issue: the false flag “poison gas” attack that was intended to induce the US to cross Obama’s “red line,” and how it ties in to Benghazi. Also: Race Against the Machine; Satan at Harvard; and: “Jesus had a wife” hoax exposed; and more! USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

“WHEN GOD SPOKE GREEK.” An Account of the Suppression of the Original Biblical Text of the Church. In the Septuagint Scriptures the early Christians saw a divinely established redoubt whose providential manifestation among Jesus and His apostles forever marked it with Yahweh’s imprimatur. Contrasting the Septuagint with the Hebrew Masorete and Latin Vulgate versions. Why does the Septuagint have almost no place in the western Church today? Also: Michelangelo’s derogation of Moses based on the Vulgate. Plus: Masonic corruption of British Police; 60s radicals who opposed homosexuality; Assassination of Jock Yablonski.
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 70 “RABBINIC CURSE ON CHRISTIANS” Denied for centuries, this curse from the misnamed "Amidah blessings" is now documented. Judaica scholar Michael Hoffman explores Orthodox Judaism's theological antagonism toward Christianity, from the days of Rabbi Gamaliel onward, and which remains in effect in our time. Offers incontrovertible evidence of the hostility which Talmudism harbors for the West, which it ritually curses as malkhut zadon (the "empire of insolence"). Also in this issue: A survey of the secret, ancient and largely unknown alliance between Talmudism and Islam. The American Right imagines that the followers of the Talmud are united to the West culturally and has good will toward the U.S. in particular. The truth of the matter is very different, as Hoffman demonstrates with his usual exactitude. Plus: A distinguished Black journalist deconstructs the Hollywood Movie "12 Years a Slave." USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 69 KING-KILL/33 FIFTY YEARS LATER: SYMBOLISM, PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AND REVELATIONS IN THE JFK ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY. USA price $10.00. Canada: $11.00. Foreign: $12.00 Offers unique insights into the theatre of masonic mind control in which the murder of our President was situated for purposes of psychological warfare against the American people. 20 page magazine. Illustrated.USA price $11.00. Canada: $12.00. Foreign: $13.00

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 68: "KINGDOM OF KIDNAPPERS — THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE BRITISH NAVAL ENSLAVEMENT OF WHITES." Between 1688 and 1815 about a quarter million white people became the slaves of Britain's mercantile-military sea power. Hoffman furnishes a fascinating new history of this astonishing, little known crime, and the elite “Conservative” intellectuals who condoned it, even as they railed against the enslavement of Black people. Plus: Hoffman’s Usury book reviewed by economist Dr. Anthony Santelli.USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 67: "DANTE ALIGHIERI: TRIBUNE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND TARGET OF DAN BROWN'S FALSIFICATION." Hoffman serves as your guide through the politically incorrect and suppressed passages in Dante’s The Inferno and offers readers the scintillating “Challenge of Dante Alighieri's Equation." If you didn’t study Dante in school here is your chance to acquaint yourself with the profound wisdom of this Christian sage. Also: Michael demolishes Dan Brown's best-selling book, Inferno, showing that Brown's novel is a manifesto for a population control agenda that surpasses the CFR, U.N. and Club of Rome. Brown's New World Order propaganda urges sterilizing one-third of mankind by means of a new Black Plague — a virus created in a laboratory. Also in this issue: "Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Timeline: Stagecraft and Terrorcraft," and more.USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 66: THE LAST RIGHTFUL KING OF ENGLAND — WHO KILLED THE REPUTATION OF RICHARD III? WHY IT STILL MATTERS. Here‘s the adventure we’re talking about! USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 65: LUTHER AND ZINSKAUF: GERMAN REFORMATION IN THE STRUGGLE OVER USURY. Luther’s early and later positions against greed and the Money Power, documented. So many lies have told about Luther in this regard. No bull, just facts: where he erred and where he was right.
USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 64: MODERN GERMAN AND ISLAMIC RESISTANCE TO USURY. What is the true view of interest on loans of money among Nazi philosophers and Muslim theologians? Hoffman excavates the actual teachings of Nazi economists and traditional Islam. Original research found nowhere else. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 61 PRUSSIA: THE LOST COUNTRY An entire nation was taken from the Germans after 700 years of inhabitation, and dismantled: "Seven years of history gone after one lost war.” Provides a revisionist history of East Prussia, from its conquest in 1255 by the Teutonic Knights, to the Reformation, the Napoleonic wars, World War I, and the RAF and Soviet holocaust in Prussia 1944-45, and beyond. On this historical journey, we take up the question of Prussian aristocrat resistance to Hitler, and profile heroic Prussian leaders and writers such as Agnes Miegel and Dr. Hans Graf von Lehndorff. The story of postwar Prussia from 1945 onward is an account of one of the most massive acts of population transfer and ethnic cleansing in modern western history. Hoffman rescues this unsung history from the memory hole. Also: Interview with a Syrian Christian.” USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER NO. 60:  FREEMASONS IN THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: A Conspiracy of Preferential Treatment. The role of Freemasons in the War Between the States. ALSO: “Auguries of Warfare Inside the Puzzle Palace.” Starting with a ritual synchronicity in the 2012 London Summer Olympics, Hoffman proceeds to put forth his theory concerning, “Operation Bar Kokhba,” the code name for the conflict management of a high level faction of British occultism with links to the fourth branch of the British Secret Service. PLUS: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War; National Defense Authorization Act in “The Land of the UnFree”; Israeli Supreme Court Upholds Nazi Law; Correcting myths about the life of Christopher Hitchens; Sinking of the Titanic. USA price $9.00. Canada: $10.00. Foreign: $11.00 

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