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Israeli Talmudic "Settlers," financially supported by Fundamentalist Protestant churches, murder Palestinian toddler in arson attack

Israeli war crimes in Gaza in 2014:
10 minute video documents atrocities of the “Jewish state”

Inspiring photos of the event at this link:
60,000 Christians in procession in Russia to commemorate the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family in July, 1918 by Judeo-Bolsheviks

Negative reactions to news that Jonathan Pollard, the traitor to the U.S. who is a hero in "Israel," will go free

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Masonic Popery


Audio CDs recorded in digital stereo. 84 minutes total. Michael Hoffman’s long-awaited, controversial history book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome is still a work in progress, consisting of three sections: 1. Occult Philosophy and Judaism. 2. Lying and Equivocation 3. Usury (the smallest section, since the author has an entire volume on this subject already in print). The usury section will include new information on the usury banks of the Church of Rome and partnerships with the Money Power. These CDs consist of an overview of only the first section, “Occult Philosophy and Judaism.”  Hoffman discusses the Romanists’ mystagogue—Hermes Trismegistus—as well as Marsilio Ficino, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola and other leading agents of the Neoplatonic-Hermetic conspiracy inside the Renaissance Church of Rome. In this lecture he names guilty theologians, bishops and popes responsible for the subversion of Christ’s Church and tracks the establishment of the founding ideology of the secret societies alleged to be inimical to the Church of Rome. While these CDs are not a substitute for the forthcoming book, this talk by Hoffman reveals for the first time the focus of his research and the direct challenge it poses to practically everything you thought you knew about “Catholicism” since the Renaissance.  The illustration above displays the square and compass symbol which would become the emblem of the occult Brotherhood of Freemasons. Above it is a portrait of Domenico Fontana, Pope Sixtus V’s architect and engineer who, in 1586, erected by order of the pope, the Egyptian obelisk, a symbol of the secret Hermetic “wisdom tradition” which had captured the papacy and which was installed—and remains today—the triumphant, dominant symbol in St. Peter’s Square. 2 Audio CDs. Order here 



Revisionist History newsletter no. 79, July 2015:

 “Judaism is Guilty of that for which Islam is Accused”

Here is the best, most concise refutation in print of the Necon Republican-Protestant Fundamentalist hoax about Islam being the greatest threat to America's freedom.

the Dhimmi have a higher status in Islam than the goyim in Judaism.

Zionist killers created in the modern era what has come to be known as Islamic-style terrorism.

Talmudic law rules America, not sharia law.

Fact: Judaism permits the murder of goyim.

double-standard in negative revelations about religions -- harsh critics of Islam are prominently featured in mainstream publications and television programs, while critics of Judaism are banned or marginalized in the media.

: Conquest of Ramadi by ISIS was made possible by the West.

: Government seeks to erase biological parenthood to be replaced by gender-neutral "legal parents." This destroys children's inherent yearning to be raised by their blood relatives. This is happening in Canada now.

: Hate Speech Tribunals Enforce Sodomite Supremacy; and: "Homosexuality in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"; plus: British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery's views on Israeli terrorists.

: Train your mind to detect fraud. And: much more!

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Revisionist History Newsletter: Featuring always intriguing adventures in history!

Chuck Baldwin: “The Confederate Flag Needs to be Raised, Not Lowered”

NEW INQUSITION: Most major media will not report news about the book-banning rabbi:
Rabbi demands that Amazon ban books by gas chamber skeptics

Whatever this is, it's not America anymore

Concentration camp Palestine
This photo shows daily life for the goyim in the Palestine concentration camp in 2015, while the media continue their focus on Auschwitz 1945

Israeli terrorists burn Catholic Church
More than 50 attacks against Christian churches in the Israeli state over the past 3 years. Almost no arrests or convictions for these hate crimes.


Textbook-sized, advanced study of Judaism, Judaism Discovered (1100 pages) is now available in a sturdy, affordable, softcover edition
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Rabbinic Curse on Christians: Documented - on a pdf file e-mailed to you
This pdf. also includes a study of the ancient alliance between followers of Islam and followers of the Talmud

Prima Facie Evidence of Holocaust Denial:
Invisible victims small size
Wall Street Journal timeline, Nov. 19, 2014, (page A8)
2200 Palestinians (including some 500 children) were murdered by the Israeli military in a mini-holocaust in July, August and September of this year. By November 19 the Wall Street Journal had excluded all mention of the slaughter from their timeline of the conflict (see above). They reduced the mass murder of Palestinians to a generic "military campaign against Hamas," with the number of victims completely omitted. If 2200 Israelis had been slaughtered by Arabs that casualty figure would be seared into the Group Mind of the West from now until eternity. But 2100 dead goyim are not considered worthy of mention in the Talmudic-American media just a couple of months after they were killed.

Israeli Professor Mordechai Kedar: To deter Palestinian fighters rape their mothers and sisters

Index to Hoffman's Usury in Christendom book:
the twenty-five page index is available free of charge online

Five minute preview of Michael Hoffman's DVD slideshow exposition of the religion of Orthodox Judaism

How Judaism harms Judaic people: Oppressive Talmudic micromanagement of Judaic daily life

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The two pillars of German virtue: "Arbeit macht frei," and “Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen."

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