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The Talmud Tested: Comparing the religion of Judaism with the religion of Moses

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Israelis and Palestinians: With such a gross imbalance of power there is no equivalence of culpability

Israeli rabbi: It's okay to kill Palestinian civilians

Israeli Professor Mordechai Kedar: To deter Palestinian fighters rape their mothers and sisters
Revisionist History Newsletter no. 73 - now being mailed to subscribers
Masonic America: The Mormon Branch of the Brotherhood

Think you know the Mormons? Think again. Here is their clandestine history as never before revealed:

•The Mormon Pledge to Destroy America. •“Consecrated” thieving from “gentiles.” •Joseph and Hyrum Smith: Master Masons. •Joseph Smith’s 37 wives. •Newspaper disagrees with the Mormons—  they destroy it. •Smith’s Egyptian connection. •The actual reason Joseph Smith was murdered. •Mormonism’s deep roots in Masonic America. •Mormonism’s role in fulfilling Masonic prophecy
today. Here are vital facts you will find nowhere else, as Mormons like Glen Beck lead Conservatives down an Israeli dead end, and their “Kingdom of Deseret” continues to rise in the American West and inside the US government. The authentic history of America has not yet been written. Here is a chapter in that history.

Also in issue #73: Nowadays the “diversity” lobby teaches America’s young white people that they should feel guilty about an alleged unfair advantage in the form of their supposed “white skin privilege,” but Michael Hoffman brings to light the hidden story of 82 white laborers who were killed in Washington state and then forgotten. Here is the unsung history of America as you have come to expect it from Revisionist History newsletter.

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Techniques for the alchemical transformation of humanity:
The Media are beginning to soften up the public concerning child pornography

Truth about the Talmud

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How Judaism harms Judaic people: Oppressive Talmudic micromanagement of Judaic daily life

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