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Prime Minister of Hungary Speaks Words of Truth in Defense of Christian Europe

Has anyone been jailed in San Francisco for violating Federal law by operating a sanctuary city for an illegal alien who murdered an American?

Evidence of Hitler's Gangsterism is given the silent treatment by revisionists

Announcing the September, 2015 issue
Revisionist History Newsletter no. 80
 Hitler Had Him Murdered:
Gregor Strasser, the German Visionary who could have led his nation to a new birth of freedom

The Untold History of the Exemplary Life and foul Assassination of one of the Greatest German Leaders of the 20th century

Here is history that is sure to shock, edify and enlighten in ways that readers have come to expect from Michael Hoffman’s revisionist scholarship. Why settle for being mentally trapped by cliches and slogans? Break out of the Right wing’s consensus-reality by studying and learning from the suppressed facts presented in this issue.

Sections include: Strasser’s Spiritual Vision; Gottfried Feder and Strasser; Hitler, Strasser and Christianity; A Straight Look at the Weimar Republic; Spengler and Strasser; Strasser’s Ideology; The Night of the Long Knives. 

Also in this issue: Conservatives and The Market: A Match Made in Hell

Revisionist History newsletter is not Right wing or Left wing. The Cryptocracy is heavily invested in the Right wing, just as it is in the Left. We are not on a “side.” We believe that what passes for dogma and doctrine must be subservient to radical Truth. We follow the evidence wherever it leads, no matter whose idol is cast into the dust as a result. If you are of like mind, join us in a fearless voyage of intellectual discovery. 

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NEW INQUSITION: Most major media will not report news about the book-banning rabbi:
Rabbi demands that Amazon ban books by gas chamber skeptics


Concentration camp Palestine
This photo shows daily life for the goyim in the Palestine concentration camp in 2015, while the media continue their focus on Auschwitz 1945

Israeli terrorists burn Catholic Church
More than 50 attacks against Christian churches in the Israeli state over the past 3 years. Almost no arrests or convictions for these hate crimes.

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Prima Facie Evidence of Holocaust Denial:
Invisible victims small size
Wall Street Journal timeline, Nov. 19, 2014, (page A8)
2200 Palestinians (including some 500 children) were murdered by the Israeli military in a mini-holocaust in July, August and September of this year. By November 19 the Wall Street Journal had excluded all mention of the slaughter from their timeline of the conflict (see above). They reduced the mass murder of Palestinians to a generic "military campaign against Hamas," with the number of victims completely omitted. If 2200 Israelis had been slaughtered by Arabs that casualty figure would be seared into the Group Mind of the West from now until eternity. But 2100 dead goyim are not considered worthy of mention in the Talmudic-American media just a couple of months after they were killed.

Israeli Professor Mordechai Kedar: To deter Palestinian fighters rape their mothers and sisters

Five minute preview of Michael Hoffman's DVD slideshow exposition of the religion of Orthodox Judaism

How Judaism harms Judaic people: Oppressive Talmudic micromanagement of Judaic daily life

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The two pillars of German virtue: "Arbeit macht frei," and “Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen."

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