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Revisionist History newsletter issue no. 85:
British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: Head of State and Head of the Rothschild Conspiracy

Rothschild Disraeli

Long before Hillary Clinton became a watchword for unscrupulous politics and corruption, Benjamin Disraeli personified those vices and many more as Prime Minister of Britain and prime mover for the Rothschild banking dynasty.  In Revisionist History issue no. 85, historian Michael Hoffman’s investigative research affords the reader the latest information on the Rothschild conspiracy.

Subjects include: “Coningsby” and Rothschild: code-named “Sidonia” • Bribery, Debt and Disraeli: How the Rothschilds’ transformed Britain’s Christian Parliament •The Rothschilds become synonymous with the British Empire •Rothschild backing for the Muslim war against Christians •The Dual Loyalty of the “Plutopolitans” • Endymion of the sleep-walkers. Here is a ground-breaking new study of the world’s paradigmatic banking dynasty.
Also in issue 85: The Wrath of God: The Sack of Rome in 1527. Plus: “Revisionist News and Notes.” Here are facts you can depend upon — executive intelligence for independent leaders and achievers: in-depth articles filled with meticulous detail and scrupulous striving for historical accuracy. 

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Judaic "eyewitness" who claimed he escaped Auschwitz admits he lied to keep the memory of the “Holocaust” alive

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“A Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual.”
— Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan, Times of Israel, May 11, 2015

Israeli Professor Mordechai Kedar: To deter Palestinian fighters rape their mothers and sisters

Oppressive Talmudic micromanagement of Judaic daily life

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