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Remembering Robert Faurisson, 1929-2018


In censoring and deplatforming dissidents, the Tech Tyrants cite no evidence and allow no appeals. Scholars wrongly accused are simply silenced. There's no due process. All the tyrants need do to suppress revisionist history that they hate is to falsely label it hate speech. The media automatically accept the accusation without investigating it.

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Archive of more than 100 articles by Michael Hoffman published online beginning in 1996.

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Attention New York Times hypocrites: "American companies have an obligation to defend the freedom of expression, even at the risk of angering" the ADL!

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Michael Hoffman: “Joker” Movie: Mental illness and misfortune in 1970s America

Latest issue: Revisionist History« newsletter no. 104:

Rev. History no. 104

I. The Zionist Media's "1619 Project"
Lesson plans for America’s high schools include the new “1619 Project” from the New York Times, a book-length study of our nation depicted as “born in the original sin” of black enslavement. It marks the birth of our supposedly sick and evil nation as the year 1619, when the first black slaves arrived. This is a vicious Talmudic attack and we refute it every step of the way. Sections include: The Civil Rights Movement and the Decline of Black America; Crafting a “Jews-and-Blacks” Alliance, Paying Slave Reparations to Black Americans, Thomas Jefferson on the History of White Slaves, St. Patrick was a White Slave, Jefferson vs. Rabbi Maimonides, and much more. 

Also in this issue: 
II. Mass Hypnosis and Mass Shootings: The Cryptocracy’s Summer of Terror
Michael Hoffman deconstructs the occult theater of “gun violence” staged by the Deep State: 
Twilight language, numerology, Revelation of the Method and psychological warfare, 
Sections include: El Paso Cielo; National Security Shootings for a Higher Good; Mental Illness as Conditioned Mass Phenomena; Killed in custody: Jeffrey Epstein and Whitey Bulger; Hidden Force Behind Occult Terror No Longer Hidden.
and more!

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Hoffman's statement published in the New York Review of Books contra Harvard University’s Stephen Greenblatt


Classic Catholic Bible back in print
The true 1582 Rheims New Testament—(not the Challoner rewrite): Buy now

The Real Neo-Nazis

They use abortion to exterminate the disabled


Here's the index to Michael Hoffman's book Usury in Christendom

The principal victims of Talmudism and Zionism
are Judaic persons themselves— subject to hatred and execution as a “rodef” for radically dissenting, as did Yitzhak Rabin before he was murdered:
Michael Hoffman's two books about Judaism exist first and foremost for the liberation of Judaic people. This liberation is a thought crime in the eyes of the Orwellian ADL and SPLC, who pressure social media and Amazon to ban these liberating books as "hate" in order to keep Judaic people in bondage. But where is the hate?

New questions about the Southern Poverty Law Center's irresponsible smears and libel

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate-mongering scam

Usury Fighter's Manual Published

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