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Liberal and "Conservative" media won't touch this:
The silent partner in America's sexual molestation epidemic

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Revisionist History Newsletter no. 93
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Northerners insist that Lincoln’s Union Army fought to free the slaves and save the Union. Southerners say the Confederacy fought for states’ rights and the white race. With regard to the overwhelming motivation of these troops, none of the preceding claims are true!
The "Lost Secret of the Civil War" is the subject of the cover story of Revisionist History newsletter no. 93, and in its pages you will learn a truth long concealed — the compelling motivating factor that sent the boys in blue against their brothers in gray. 

Also in this “Lost Secrets” issue:
The Lost Secret of Martin Luther’s Reformation

The 500th anniversary of Luther’s publication of his 
95 Theses passed on October 31, amid a slew of books, articles and broadcasts in the mainstream media attempting to explain and interpret Luther and his movement. The emphasis in the misdirecting media was on “Luther’s quest for freedom,” and “Luther’s revolt against the indulgence racket,” and "Luther’s hatred of Jews.” Among conservative papalists there was even an attempt to brand Luther an instigator of greed, but Rome’s situation ethics were absent from Luther’s theology of debt, which was entirely in line with all Catholic dogma prior to the Renaissance. So in the matter of money, who was the rebel, Luther or the usury-enabling pope?”

Luther did seek freedom and he was in revolt against the sale of indulgences, but those details are not even half the story. He had no animus against the Judaic race. His war was with 
usury banking, the ideology of the Talmud and the papacy’s revolutionary embrace of both during the Renaissance. Here are long-hidden revisionist facts suppressed during the 500th anniversary commemorations — the Lost Secret of Martin Luther’s Reformation. 

More suppressed truths in issue no. 93: Decrypting The Highway 91 Massacre in Las Vegas; Martin Luther King’s FBI file; Women in the Third Reich; and much more!

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