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Updated January17, 2020

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2nd Amendment Rally scheduled for Martin Luther King Day in Virginia looks to be a gift to the Cryptocracy, with participation by Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and Confederate militias linking support for the Bill of Rights with hate and racism. They're playing parts in the Crypocracy's script. Asinine!

CNN attempts to take down Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate the Israelis fear

Israeli Puppet Trump Shows His True Colors

Talmudic Persecution of Christians Smaller

The Talmudic Persecutions of Christians: DVD

Our 2019 Catalog of banned history books, newsletters, DVDs, CDs and pdf. text files. with descriptive listings for each item, is now available for download

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Shays Rebellion: A new history of the forgotten revolt by American farmers. Ten years after the Declaration of Independence, the yeomanry of Massachusetts rose up in protest of  banks, corrupt courts, lawyers, debt and taxes. Sections include: State Militia join with the farmers; The bankers’ mercenary army; the “Black List;” Seeking the abolition of debt; Shays’ Rebellion and the Anti-Federalists at the Constitutional Convention. Michael Hoffman brings to life a lesson in the price of liberty: eternal vigilance, even when the opponents are George Washington and Sam Adams! Also in Revisionist History« 105: The Deep State in History and The Age of Trump: Our study of the history of the Cryptocracy intentionally creating enemies for America to fight; The Elements of the Deep State behind Trump; The Principles of leadership in the Communist Chinese Deep State: the all-important concept of the “Empty Boat.”  And more! 

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Classic Catholic Bible back in print
The true 1582 Rheims New Testament—(not the Challoner rewrite): Buy now

Hoffman's statement published in the New York Review of Books contra Harvard University’s Stephen Greenblatt


The Real Neo-Nazis
They use abortion to exterminate the disabled


Here's the index to Michael Hoffman's book Usury in Christendom

The principal victims of Talmudism and Zionism are Judaic persons themselves— subject to hatred and execution as a “rodef” for radically dissenting, as did Yitzhak Rabin before he was murdered:
Michael Hoffman's two books about Judaism exist first and foremost for the liberation of Judaic people. This liberation is a thought crime in the eyes of the Orwellian ADL and SPLC, who pressure social media and Amazon to ban these liberating books as "hate" in order to keep Judaic people in bondage. But where is the hate?

New questions about the Southern Poverty Law Center's irresponsible smears and libel

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate-mongering scam

Usury Fighter's Manual Published

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