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Essay by Michael Hoffman: "The Great Divide"

The long awaited history book of the year

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome


Softcover. 723 pages. 42 rare illustrations, many in color. Order here

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NEWS: Google pledges to rig its search engine results against dissidents in favor of conformity


Revisionist History newsletter issue: no. 89


Establishment media are increasingly haunted by growing interest in the revisionist history of the enslavement of whites: we refute their latest attempt at denial; also: A New History of the heartless Highland Clearances in Scotland. 

A Prequel to The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome: sneak preview of Hoffman’s new book, including latest research information not found in the book itself! 

And: How the British Secret Service Helped to Found the Theocracy that Guides ISIS. 

Plus: Conspiracy in the Air: 9/11 Air Traffic Control Testimony Erased. 

Also: No Goddess Can Ever Save Us: Deconstructing the goddess/victim religion of feminism, and much more!

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