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Updated Sunday, April 5, 2020

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“Medical experts” are a taking a sledgehammer to the economy. The principal layoff victims are the working class (white-collar employees can work at home). Billionaire Bill Gates says the U.S. should close down for at least 10 more weeks. How much of an economy will we have left by then? Rise up, Americans! Peacefully assemble and protest the coerced impoverishment of our nation!

"If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of COVID-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza." Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., “COVID-19—Navigating the Uncharted,” New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. 28, 2020

Trump and the Media are Colluding to Destroy American Liberty Using Coronavirus as their Pretext. Chuck Baldwin details the assault on our Constitutional Rights now underway. His analysis is a shocking and sobering wakeup call

What Communists Do When They Come to Power: Close the Churches
Speaking to New York City residents March 27, Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a stern warning to religious leaders that he had ordered police to shut down services involving more than ten people. If those participating refused, he promised fines, and then took it a step further, threatening to
“permanently” close the churches. Mayor de Blasio’s Communist impulses are not unique. In Virginia, Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam issued an edict making it a crime to hold a church service with more than ten people.

U.S. Economy will not survive a long shutdown

Coronavirus Madness: Trump's Justice Dept. has asked Congress for the power to detain Americans indefinitely

"Worst Case" Coronavirus estimate wrong

ALERT: "U.S. media report new Coronavirus illness and deaths on a daily basis. They refuse to do the same with Influenza deaths, and new cases of flu. The media generate COVID19 panic by withholding reports of Influenza death rates so that We the People cannot compare them with Coronavirus. They are deliberately denying us the ability to put the virus in rational perspective."

“Murder Most Foul” Bob Dylan’s new song conjures the ghost of JFK

Swine Flu
In 2010 the CDC reported that 57 million Americans had been sickened with H1N1 swine flu, 257,000 had been hospitalized and 11,690 died from April, 2009 through Jan. 2010, due to swine flu. We didn’t shut down our country, destroy our economy and jeopardize our way of life in those years.


The Wall Street Journal has published a report by two eminent professors of medicine at Stanford University, questioning many of the wildest, most irresponsible claims made by the corrupt media about Coronavirus

Note that in the past six months: “...the flu has sickened 36 million Americans and killed an estimated 22,000.” —Joe Mozingo, Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times, March 22, 2020. 

Stanford University Biophysicist: "We're going to be fine"


Coronavirus: Media Induced-Panic
The Coronavirus panic is intended to wreck our economy. Our grandchildren will still be paying back the trillions the politicians are intending to hand out and the trillions in lost wages, shuttered businesses and general ruin 

The Nazis and Abortion: What are the Documented Facts?

Announcing the March issue of Revisionist History« newsletter (no. 107)

Rev. History no. 107

Emperor Charles V—A New Revisionist History of the Crypto-Lutheran Ruler of the Holy Roman Empire

Study sections: The Secret Deal to Protect Martin Luther; A Safe Conduct Pass for the Kabbalah; Occult Charades Disguised as Christianity; The Treachery of Leo X; Rome Sacked by the Roman Emperor; The Medici Snake Pit; The Golden Fleece: Pope Trades Luther for Florence; White Slaves and Muslim Slaves: the 16th Century Reality; French “Catholic” Alliance with Muslim Turks; War of Schmalkalden; Permanence of Lutheran Church Secured; Rumors of Charles V’s Deathbed Conversion to Lutheranism. 

Michael Hoffman tracks the appalling covert alliances and duplicity behind the campaign banners around which the Christian people, the targets and victims of this head-spinning network of dual and triple loyalties and back-stabbing, were expected to march, bleed and otherwise pay for. 

This is as fascinating and instructive as revisionist history gets and it is yours in the pages of issue no. 107, March 2020.

Also in this issue: “1774” How American Patriots Fought their Government to Defend Freedom, not Slaveholding. Plus: “Documenting Hitler: Our Dissenting Enterprise.” New information unearthed. And: “Scapegoating Romans and Pontius Pilate.” 

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Revisionist History«
Executive Intelligence for Leaders and Achievers

Solemn Dresden Holocaust Remembrance and Mourning

DAY ONE: Historian David Irving’s Speech on the Air War

DAY TWO: Requiem for the Murdered Germans

DAY THREE: Refuting those who Deny the Holocaust in Dresden

DAY FOUR: How Many German Civilians Actually Died in Dresden?

DAY FIVE: The People Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

Holocaust in Dresden: Prayers for the Living and the Dead


Satanism in the Kabbalah: The Facts


Read the introduction and first chapter of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome free
Softcover. 723 pages. 42 rare illustrations, many in color
Learn more about this extraordinary history Sale: Only $23.95 postpaid to US residents

The Real Neo-Nazis
They use abortion to exterminate the disabled


index to Michael Hoffman's Usury in Christendom

The principal victims of Talmudism and Zionism are Judaic persons themselves— subject to hatred and execution as a “rodef” for radically dissenting, as did Yitzhak Rabin before he was murdered:
Michael Hoffman's two books about Judaism exist first and foremost for the liberation of Judaic people. This liberation is a thought crime in the eyes of the Orwellian ADL and SPLC, who pressure social media and Amazon to ban these liberating books as "hate" in order to keep Judaic people in bondage. But where is the hate?

New questions about the Southern Poverty Law Center's irresponsible smears and libel

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate-mongering scam

Classic Catholic Bible back in print
The true 1582 Rheims New Testament—(not the Challoner rewrite): Buy now

Hoffman's statement published in the New York Review of Books contra Harvard University’s Stephen Greenblatt


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