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Tech Tyrants cite no evidence and allow no appeals. Scholars wrongly accused are simply silenced.

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Epstein scandal: Sex allegations against Dershowitz are publicized by the Wall Street Journal

Influential Israeli Rabbi Says Bring Back Slavery

Pedarast Temple - sm 2
The Temple on Epstein's Pederast Island This Pharaonic-like Temple architecture is on Epstein’s pederastic island. Its public display is Revelation of the Method. The Cryptocracy is displaying the occult nature of their power structure, while their media deny it.

Announcing Revisionist History« newsletter for July, 2019, no. 103 now available for shipment

I. The Masonic Alchemy of the Apollo Flight to the Moon


“The Most Stupendous Symbolical Transaction of All Time”

For fifty years, we have been told absolutely nothing about the vast occultic process behind the scenes of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration from its earliest days. Masonic planning, operations, command and personnel: the two-headed eagle flag on the moon; the jettisoning of the Eagle landing module into the sun. Mission Control— Freemasonry! Profusely illustrated.

Also in this issue: 

Papal Infallibility: Masonic Key to Control of the Church
Sections include: The Secret Origins of the French Revolution; The Managed Reaction to Napoleon; The Ascent of the Ultramontane Infalliblists; Conservative Means and Joseph de Maistre’s Masonic Ends; Ignaz Dollinger’s Struggle for the True Church;  An Infallible Pontiff: Masonic Prelude to the 1960s Revolution of “Infallible” Paul VI

III. Plus: “James Shelby Downard’s Science of Symbolism”

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Read the introduction and the first chapter of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome free!
Softcover. 723 pages. 42 rare illustrations, many in color
Learn more about this extraordinary history
SALE! Only $23.95 postpaid to US residents - Limited time offer

Nazi Netanyahu: "Israel is for Jews alone -- and no one else"

940 Palestinian children were shot by the Israeli army in 2018

Hoffman's statement published in the New York Review of Books contra Harvard University’s Stephen Greenblatt


Classic Catholic Bible now back in print
Banned and burned — the New Testament that would not die — in print for the first time in nearly a hundred years! The true 1582 Rheims New Testament—(not the Challoner rewrite)—the Latin Vulgate in English, the authentic voice of Britain’s repressed and hunted Catholics, has returned to print. Smuggled into Britain more than four hundred years ago, it is the magnum opus of the English Counter-Reformation. Buy now

New questions about the Southern Poverty Law Center's irresponsible smears and libel

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a hate-mongering scam

The Real Neo-Nazis
They use abortion to exterminate the disabled
Human rights for humans in the womb!
Down syndrome children are being exterminated by neo-Nazi type abortion.
Where is the persistent protest, exposure and outrage from the media, human rights and "anti-hate" groups such as the ADL and the SPLC?
There is nothing more neo-Nazi than exterminating the disabled. Why the deafening silence? Stop the abortion-extermination of Down syndrome children. Let your voice be heard on behalf of these voiceless, innocent human beings.

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Economic reform remains an ever more urgent priority in this time of widespread exploitation of the poor through predatory lending practices. Historian Michael Hoffman in Usury in Christendom brings to light the history and development of usury permission in Christian theology and the relaxation of what were once strict prohibitions on charging interest on loans in the Christian West. His work helps to illustrate how Christ’s injunctions for the protection of the poor were reinterpreted in favor of usurious lending institutions — leading to our contemporary crisis of indebtedness.

Here's the index to Michael Hoffman's book Usury in Christendom

The principal victims of Talmudism and Zionism
are Judaic persons themselves— subject to hatred and execution as a “rodef” for radically dissenting, as did Yitzhak Rabin before he was murdered:
Michael Hoffman's two books about Judaism exist first and foremost for the liberation of Judaic people. This liberation is a thought crime in the eyes of the Orwellian ADL and SPLC, who pressure social media and Amazon to ban these liberating books as "hate" in order to keep Judaic people in bondage. But where is the hate?

Usury Fighter's Manual Published

The File on Zionist double agent Malachi Martin, S.J.


Hoffman interviewed by Russian-Swiss author "The Saker"


The People Who Were Turned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

Censorship Cases
Prof. Harvey Mansfield banned from giving commencement speech at Montreal's Concordia University because he "traffics in damaging and discredited philosophies of gender and culture"
Attempt to ban conservative Christian Professor John Finnis from Oxford University
Pro-life group banned from Aberdeen University

Marc Lamont Hill banned by CNN for calling for an end to Israeli racism and hate

Veteran Newsman Jim Clancy, forced out at CNN in 2015 after he termed the Charlie Hebdo coverage, “PR for Israel”

Twitter bans radical feminist for challenging the transgender agenda
Mission Statement

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