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Michael A. Hoffman II

Essays on Current Events and Revisionist History, 1996-2006

Hoffman Answers Christopher Hitchens and Vanity Fair: "Punks of ZOG 2002"

Thackeray wrote of Becky Sharp that "she had never been a girl." She was all feminine shrewdness and coy manipulation.

Which brings us to anotherVanity Fair...

Michael Hoffman deconstructs "Jewish Power, Jewish Peril," an article about Hoffman and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion written by Christopher Hitchens, and published in the September, 2002 issue of "Vanity Fair" magazine, pp. 196 and 198. This link also includes Hitchens' response to Hoffman and Hoffman's rejoinder

In Defense of Progress and Enlightenment and Against Mendacious Stereotypes by Judaic Supremacists and their Lapdogs

New York Rabbis Loot Government Funds

N.Y. Rabbis Convicted Of Laundering Cash for Drug Dealers

New York Zionists Indicted for Massive Theft of Government Funds


Morris Dees vs. Aryan Nations

The U.S./U.N. Holocaust Against the Children of Afghanistan and Iraq

Sholam Weiss Charged with the Largest Insurance Swindle in American History

Remembering the Zebra Victims

Benjamin Smith Wasn't the Only Supremacist

Movie Review: The Mummy

The Mirror World of Columbine

NATO: Bombing for Peace

ADL Dishonors Coeur d'Alene

The Great Hate Debate: Marc S. Kaufman vs. Michael A. Hoffman II

Of White Slaves and Great Holocaust Trials: Hoffman's Fact-Finding and Research Trip to Great Britain, Sept. 9-24, 1997

Hoffman in Britain: Photos

Judaic Synagogue Bomber Convicted

Russian-Judaic Mafia Boss

Hasidic Rabbi Arrested for Hate Crime in Alleged Vehicular Assault of Black Teens

Russian is 5th Anti-Zionist Critic to be Assassinated in Recent Months

Who's Inciting Anti-Semitism?

Criminalizing Writers: A Textbook Case of Big Media's Thought Cops at Work

Enshrining Ethnocentrism: Harvard Library's Cognitive Manipulation of "Hate"

Harvard Hate Guide Archivist Checks In

Movie Review: A Time to Kill White Southerners

Book Review: Morris Dees' Gathering Wind: The Rise of Mental Flatulence in America

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