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The Mirror World of Columbine

Media Bypass Talk-show host Pat Shannan recently had Michael A. Hoffman II as a guest on his radio program, discussing Hoffman's new work, "Profiling the FBI's Unabom Charade." With regard to the Littleton, Colorado high school massacre, Mr. Shannan posed the following question-via e-mail:

Dear Michael

I understand that you predicted this Colorado tragedy. I may want to do a story with the Satanic tie-in with these Sodomites and several previous school shootings. What evidence exists of a CIA and MK-Ultra influence?

Thanks, Pat


There is no evidence of a direct CIA or MK-Ultra tie. Most MKUltra programming cues are now in our mass media culture itself. Watch Wesley Snipes in the gruesome and despicable 1998 film, "Blade" or Keanu Reeves in the movie "Matrix," (which debuted nationally in early April), both blazing away in their trench coats. The Trench Coat Mafia killers were made in Hollywood, in spite of these films' do-gooder facades, which only fool adults who want to be fooled. The dark and bloody symbolism is paramount. The medium is the message.

In the movie "The Matrix" Reeves is dressed in a black Trench Coat while firing two automatic pistols and engaged in an assault on a SWAT Team, reminiscent of the Colorado schoolyard shootings. His partner carries a duffel bag with bombs in it, again a striking similarity with the Columbine High School tragedy in Colorado. "The Matrix" mimics violent video games. It programs kids by simulating an LSD trip while brutalizing them with violent imagery. The movie links mass murder of policemen to a notion of freedom-fighting. Take your kid to see this film and he is programmed. Period. He will have his MKUltra marching orders.

Trench Coat Mafia duo enters building brandishing automatic weapons and duffel bag filled with bombs in "The Matrix"

The best and brightest kids will not take New World Order bureaucratic regulation. Our centralized mega-schools have become immense factories not only of anti-white indoctrination, but of micro-management of young people's lives, preparing them for more of the same in the adult world.

Public school students have little if any understanding of their hereditary, Common Law and Constitutional rights. They are increasingly herded like assembly-line automatons. The elite among them intuitively revolt. Once our people as a whole would have rebelled. It was a common pastime of the English people to hurl rocks at the royal carriage during the reign of George I (1714-1727). Bill Clinton would have been routinely stoned and spat upon by our ancestors.

Unfortunately, disaffected youth today turn toward the Hegelian fake alternative: System-certified "rebels," the System's manufactured image of Hitler, System-distributed videos and films--most of which have implanted behavior cues for these elite kids to emulate and create the kind of mayhem, murder and suicide the System needs to build its police state.

American forces are presently terror-bombing the Serbian people for "peace," and Americans have butchered 37 million unborn babies on the altar of convenience, in abortions. President Clinton rapes and abuses women like cattle, perjures himself and remains the beloved leader of the soft-spoken liberal humanists and feminists. America has become a pathological culture of violence against the innocent while a jaded populace of movie-goers and TV spectators are mesmerized by ever more deadening hyper-violence on the screen.

The message of Oliver Stone's much maligned movie, "Natural Born Killers" (NBK), one of the few Hollywood films to critique and lampoon the culture of death, was that, in the face of killings like those in Colorado, the supposedly "shocked and saddened" TV networks gleefully market and sell the violence at a profit, just like they sell tampons and toilet paper. I discuss this phenomenon at length in my book, "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare."

Stone's NBK pointed out that the source of the violence is America's culture and the media that drives it. NBK concludes with a song by Leonard Cohen attacking perverted sex and abortion. I am not an Oliver Stone fan, but in this rare instance, he hit the media where it hurts. For this reason his film is deliberately stigmatized and falsified as the evil paradigm for future killers.

The racist/Hitler angle: one of the members of the Colorado Trench Coat Mafia was a Hispanic girl named Alejandra who the media have now nicknamed Alex in order to conceal her ethnicity. As one of the Littleton killers' friends noted, these boys were equal-opportunity haters--they hated everyone and mostly they hated their fellow white students who comprised the majority of their victims. The killers even spared a Jewish student, Aaron Cohn.

Moreover, according to the NY Times of April 26, 1999, killer Dylan Klebold was a practicing Jew, following his Jewish mother's religion. They had a Passover seder in their home shortly before the shootings and Dylan actively participated. However, his mother was sensitive enough to PR concerns to avoid a Jewish funeral with a rabbi. Instead, Klebold was buried in a Lutheran rite (Klebold's father is a non-practicing Lutheran). So we have a Jewish "neo-Nazi"!

Hitler's birthday was April 20 but these kids--if indeed they were seeking to pay perverse tribute to Hitler with their carnage--had no idea who Hitler was. They are simply taking the Jewish media image of Hitler which is obsessively broadcast and published on a weekly basis, and embracing it as their Hitler. In other words, Hitler for them is a symbol of power and defiance, beyond good and evil, beyond compromise and it is to that image that they may have attached themselves.

The "racism" angle is largely manufactured by the media, who would like to pass restrictive gun laws as well as "hate" laws on the backs of these student cadavers. There are Hitler cults among Mexicans, among Arabs, Africans and American Blacks and many other diverse people who identify Hitler largely with anti-Judaism but not anti-black or anti-Mestizo racism. Hitler certainly was less racist than many British leaders and he was not principally driven by hatred for other races, other than so-called "Jews." If the System doesn't want to witness any more violent Hitler admirers perhaps they should stop manufacturing them.

"Heroic" mass murderer in black trench coat takes cover in gun battle with SWAT team in "The Matrix"

This writer's March 29 HOFFMAN WIRE warning of a schoolhouse massacre was predicated on my reading of the symbolic language of violence being conveyed by NATO in Yugoslavia. This, together with the horrible brutalization administered by the highly profitable video-game and Hollywood splatter-film industry, creates mass murderers more effectively than any CIA training.

As I note in "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare," the process is now out in the open. We have had certain open-air masonic rituals in America almost since its inception, but in this Revelation of the Method era, these rituals have emerged in full view; sometimes under the rubric of "serial killings" (like the Unabom), but increasingly in our entertainment.

Couple this with gigantic schools like Columbine, the size of a small city, and one creates the faceless anonymity of the Brave New World, flush with cash but ultimately soulless. Young people are always attuned to hypocrisy. Their antenna for detecting it is acute. They know that if they become pregnant they are urged by their "caring" teachers and parents not to become a teenage mother, but rather to kill their child with abortion. They can procure these bloody abortions but they can't smoke cigarettes.

No Judeo-Churchian priest or minister, no Al Gore or Bill Clinton, no talking-head from CBS or CNN is going to cure the society that created Columbine's carnage.

Had the boys who did the killing at Columbine survived, they would have deserved the death penalty and the public execution of such perpetrators would go far toward deterring similar crimes. But our therapeutic state will have nothing to do with Biblical punishment. The psychiatric state manufactures and feeds on madness. Where would the multi-billion dollar prison industry be without it?

But having said that, I acknowledge that the two boys who did the killing were potentially America's best and brightest. They were unwilling to play the corrupt game, to be politically correct. Unfortunately they grew to manhood in an era when there are almost no genuine alternative movements capable of channeling their rage into something positive and truly revolutionary.

Paul Weyrich was onto " the vision thing" recently when he condemned mainstream American society and advocated that we build our own separatist schools and communities. There has a been a failure of vision and not only in refusing to be separate. White racialists are hopelessly compromised by their inability to factor Freemasonic subversion into the history of how whites became the enemy in America; people like the well-meaning conservative Joseph Farah, an avowed culture-critic, praise the film "Matrix" without even being conscious of the Trench Coat Mafia programming embedded in the film.

We need a cleansing. We can't get better until we get a radically new perspective. For many this may not entail anything more dramatic than turning off the video, the computer and the TV for a few months and reading the great books of the West, beginning with Homer and perhaps concluding with Dickens. Such reading sharpens the mind in ways electronic media cannot. For others it may require a lengthier sojourn, Amish-style, in rural America. As Y2K begins to emerge as something far less than the "end of civilization as we know it," let us retain the back-to-the-land and self-reliance instincts that propelled the Y2Kers, while jettisoning the false prophets who made a bundle fueling their panic and hysteria.

Moreover, the cities too are fertile areas for another kind of renewal: intense community action and cooperation and the revival of classical culture.

America is sick, both right and left, conservative and liberal. But she can be healed. It requires separating ourselves as far as possible from the occult infection which has assailed our country from its founding.

The occult name for America is Columbia. A bine, as anyone who has worked on a haying crew on a farm knows, is a cutting tool. Columbine literally signifies the cutting of America. It's a Jack the Ripper mutilation process and it will take more than being angry or upset to stop this madness.

In "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" I cite the fact that in this jaded thrill era, massacres like the one at Littleton, Colorado become subliminal grist for our unquenchable thrill-seeking. They horrify us but they secretly gratify us too, because such shocks make us feel alive. The Establishment knows this and exploits this to desensitize us all the more.

There is no substitute for cleansing ourselves of the liberal-cosmopolitan mentality that thinks food comes from a grocery store and guns should only be in the hands of the mercenaries of the state. A teacher at Columbine with a gun might have prevented the slaughter. In fact, a few years ago in the east, a schoolyard shooter was stopped by a teacher who pulled a gun.

As the System nudges us ever further into the tantalizing, counterfeit world of electronic virtual reality, we lose touch with real life, so that war becomes peace and the carnage at Columbine is not a judgement on the Clinton years but a clarion call for a further extension of the police state.

Each of us needs to have the character and the backbone to disconnect ourselves and our children from the electronic media teat. Nothing appalls me more than to observe hand-wringing conservatives beating their breasts over the latest mass murder or sex scandal even as they are titillated by it and glue themselves to the boob tube which dumps all the lurid details in the heart of their family living rooms.

James 1:8 decrees that the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Double-minded men can't put down roots--can't form a viable third party, build a lasting marriage or an alternative school system or relocate and create a new Plymouth Rock among allies of like mind, in places such as Idaho.

Those of us who think we are the revolutionary opposition are more often than not mere armchair consumers--of survival gear, exposé videos, lurid pulp novels and poorly researched purple prose posing as history. We refuse to board the Mayflower of 1999 and take the risks necessary to build a new society even though at this time we still have the freedom to relocate, the freedom to school, the freedom to associate.

The shootings at Columbine were a cry for help, an expression of agony, and most of all, the personification of that which our violent, brutal and profoundly hypocritical society had taught those two boys.

You cannot kill babies and have a wonderful life and a pleasant society. You cannot implement the schizophrenic Allied doctrine of bombing civilians--whether in Dresden, Hiroshima or Belgrade-- on the pretext of preventing genocide and war crimes--without some of the people becoming cognizant of the insane contradiction implicit in the equation.

With this cognition, those few who, in other times, would have been our scientists, statesmen and poets, emerge from the cracks and crevices of our airbrushed utopia, spitting blood and fire and by so doing they hold a mirror to the whole of our society. Yes, they are responsible for their crimes, but in the larger sense they have only done what we have taught them to do and all our crocodile tears won't change that awful fact.

Michael A. Hoffman II Copyright ©1999

[Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated


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