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The Columbine Matrix

April 23, 1999

Note: We had a huge response to the April 22 Hoffman Wire, including the following interview on the Massacre at Columbine High in Colorado and the movie "Matrix."


H=Michael A. Hoffman II

I: Yesterday in your HOFFMAN WIRE column you cited the Hollywood film "The Matrix" as part of the processing that leads to tragedies like the massacre at Columbine. Would you elaborate?

H: On April 21, on one of the morning TV news shows, while the massacre in Colorado was being analyzed, a film clip from the movie "The Matrix" was broadcast showing star Keanu Reeves dressed in a black Trench Coat firing two automatic pistols and engaged in an assault on a SWAT Team. I don't scan TV around the clock, but I noticed that, soon after, the Matrix film was no longer being used as the chief reference point for the Colorado school shootings and instead the networks had substituted the movie "Natural Born Killers," (NBK). NBK is their favorite whipping boy since NBK goes after the jaded news media and its exploitation of violence.

The movie "Matrix" features a pyrotechnic ballet of extreme violence, filmed with the lushness of a porno flick--gunmen taking on a SWAT team, toting bomb-filled duffel bags. There are a lot of parallels to what happened at Columbine High. The news media tipped the public off on the connection to the Columbine High massacre in one quick segment on Matrix--just enough to fulfill the Revelation of the Method and then they buried it and diverted attention away from it.

I: Are you saying the two killers saw the Matrix movie and were somehow inspired by it?

H: I'd be surprised if they didn't see it. But I'll wager they at least heard about the plot and story-line or checked out the website ( These were two boys who by all reports were immersed in the establishment media.

I: What makes Matrix a bad film?

H: We're dealing with a kind of intellectual and emotional program, a technology, a kind of software. Matrix contains some occult teachings. We can look at the film in at least two ways: 

1. It is using the slickest, state-of-the-art technology, youth lingo and current fashion to impart lessons in the nature of the universe in order to benevolently raise the consciousness of everyone....or:

2. By simulating an LSD trip and video-game hyper violence (Kung-Fu video games and "Quake" video games are simulated in two lengthy sequences) they want to make bushels of money and program the kids to violence and terrorism; and to make this more palatable to community standards, the makers of the film have thrown in some fortune cookie philosophy to redeem it from being just two and half hours of the pornography of violence.

I: You obviously believe in this case it's number 2.

H: The two killers in Colorado either gave their lives to draw attention to the movie or got a message of godhood from it which led them to believe that mass murder and suicide would open the portals of Heaven's Gate for them.

I: Heaven's Gate was the San Diego suicide cult.

H: Yes.

I: You're saying the System programs suicide and terrorism?

H: When I was researching in the archives of the 1832 "Penn Yan Anti-Masonic Enquirer" at Olin Library at Cornell University, a certain phrase repeatedly cropped up, "Masonic apoplexy." It referred to Masons who committed suicide after perpetrating crimes. Do the job, then kill yourself; that's the program and has been for hundreds of years.

As for terrorism, the System desperately needs it. Gun dealer William Mueller was going to expose OKCity bomb patsy Tim McVeigh so the neo-Nazi FBI operatives, Chevie Kehoe and Co., wiped him and his family out in Arkansas.

You've heard the expression, "The show must go on?" Well, the terrorism must go on. You can't build a police state without state sponsored or System-induced terrorism. The US government foments Arab terrorism, neo-Nazi terrorism and they dearly hope for Serb terrorism here in the good ol' USA. And of course they also program schoolyard terror.

Can you see the glee on the gun-controllers today in the aftermath of the Columbine massacre? They can barely conceal it. This wouldn't work in a different era. In another time, Americans would be clamoring for guns to protect themselves from student shooters. But this is the Revelation of the Method era, as outlined in my book. This is the time when they show us what they're doing to us. Matrix is a textbook case of this. Take your kids to that film and they'll have a virus implanted in them.

The System doesn't need MKUltra anymore. The media culture itself is now so far gone it functions like MKUltra. True, most kids will not "go Postal." But certain attuned ones will and that's all the System needs. It's all about brutalization and desensitization. Ask any soldier what happens on the killing fields. You are brutalized. Violence becomes an exercise, like walking the dog. Shakespeare said, "Tis not good that children should see any wicked thing," but modern youth see such things every day, sometimes every hour or even every minute.

We have a nation of brutalized children; brutalized by public schools, video games, sick movies and parents who don't have the gumption to separate their kids from the whole toxic cloud because they themselves are addicted to it or are making a profit off it. Therefore, they will pay the Videodrome piper, like the folks in Littleton, Colorado did.

It's fascinating because many of the same people demanding laws against "hate propaganda" so that "hate" won't infect the young; the same ones who lobbied to ban cigarette advertising--these same people are now saying that inhumanly violent, mind bending movies and video-games shouldn't be banned because they have a negligible effect on the young. Personally, I don't want anything banned, just boycotted so it's shameful and stigmatized and therefore not highly profitable or socially acceptable.

I: How could it be the fault of the film Matrix, if impressionable youngsters drew inappropriate conclusions from it?

H: But the conclusions are entirely appropriate and intentional. The film is undoubtedly a processing tool. It bites you. It constitutes Revelation of the Method. It mixes sound teachings about the nature of reality (we make it ourselves) and faith (you can accomplish anything with it) with mind-numbing ugliness both visual and aural; with ersatz LSD mind-bending trips and the glorification of the mass murder of police.

Matrix is a virus, a processor, a type of software. It is not enough to give the kids hyper-violence and the inhuman industrial muzak on the Matrix soundtrack (including the Colorado shooters' favorite, Rammstein); you must give them intellectual power too, a philosophy and in the case of Matrix they do happen to deliver the goods--the core teaching about reality. If you understand Revelation of the Method, you understand Matrix and the Columbine High massacre.

The Matrix movie puts out a message in a Trench Coat with a blazing gun and duffel bags full of bombs. The two boys in Littleton wore Trench coats, had blazing guns and duffel bags full of bombs.

The people who run the System are risk-takers. I admire them for that. They constantly gain power by wagering everything. That's why the Revelation of the Method era is so electrifying. They made Matrix and indirectly, they made the Colorado school shootings. Anyone who sees the movie Matrix, if they want to can see the connection, the shepherding technology, the cues, everything. It's blatant. It fairly screams at us. The Method is Revealed for all to see.

It just depends on whether people love the illusion more than the truth. In the past, most people have really loved the illusion, in a passionate way, even while they posed as seekers for truth. In the present however people are getting tired of illusion. More and more people really want to get to the truth, and now is the time for them to use my knowledge and get to the truth about the Matrix and the Columbine High shootings and for that matter, Unabom.

They need to focus on this knowledge and resist their itching ears syndrome. 99.99% of the authors and books and videos claiming to expose the occult and mind control and the cryptocracy have no idea what they are talking about. They are unconscious agents of the System. Conservative leader Joseph Farah actually wrote that "Matrix" is a great movie about freedom-fighters! Sure, take your teenage son to it, Joe. Teach him to be a "freedom-fighter."

I: You're laughing. Why?

H: In preference to weeping, you have to laugh at such delusion.

I: And if we read your book we'll be on the path to national salvation?

H: Those who support and amplify my work will be on the path that leads to me debating Al Gore on national TV. We'll be on the path where the one who really does know finally gets in the driver's seat, pushes the boy scouts and the incompetents, the poseurs and double agents out of the way and takes this movement all the way to the top.

I: You can do all that?

H: Sure. I was born for it.

I: When will it happen?

H: When our people get sufficiently tired of losing.

Copyright©1999 by Michael A. Hoffman II

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