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Hoffman Corrects the Misunderstanding and Ignorance Sown by the Jewish Chronicle and Evening Standard newspapers in Britain

In Defense of Progress and Enlightenment and Against Mendacious Stereotypes by Judaic Supremacists and their Lapdogs

by Michael A. Hoffman II

A.N. Wilson is one of Britain's most important and influential journalists and the author of several popular books. On Feb. 10, 2003, London's "Evening Standard" newspaper published a column by Mr. Wilson which consisted of a summation of Israeli atrocities, followed by publicity for the book which this writer co-authored with Moshe Lieberman, The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians.

A few days days later the "Evening Standard" made a sycophantic act of contrition for have printed the article by its own columnist. The article was also pulled from the newspaper's website.

In the wake of Wilson's column, various media representatives attempted to contact this writer and Moshe. As a result I am attacked in two articles printed Feb. 14 on the front page of the website ( of the London-based "Jewish Chronicle," (I have not yet seen the newspaper in hardcopy), a publication of enormous clout in the Zionist world. The purpose of the "Jewish Chronicle" report is to smear Wilson through guilt-by-association, by calling me the usual hideous, dehumanizing names reserved for those fiends who refuse to worship at the altar of Holocaustianity.

As my punishment, I am consigned to the fever swamps of the "white supremacists." The "Jewish Chronicle" even accompanied its reports with a color photograph of a skinhead displaying a Nazi flag, suggesting that the silly spectacle had something to do with me because the flag was waved in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, near where I make my home. In fact, the only time I displayed a swastika symbol in Idaho was during a demonstration for Palestine in which I equated the Nazi flag with the Israeli "Star of David" (see photo at; a photo the commissars at the "Jewish Chronicle" dare not print).

The Zionist newspaper's contemptuous Nazi-baiting tactics are supposed to make Wilson and his editors run for cover. His editors have done so, but Wilson has stood his ground, at least in so far as the "appalling record" of Sharon's atrocities is concerned.

Neither the "Jewish Chronicle" nor my critics at the "Evening Standard' have disputed one fact in the book, "The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians." They content themselves with smearing a writer accused of various heresies against Judaism and Zionism, even as the brains of eight year old Palestinian children ooze onto the jackboots of Israeli troops, and millions of Palestinian civilians suffer Nazi-like collective punishment. Not to worry; the greater indignation is reserved for the exposure of Israeli war crimes and the fact that a high-profile journalist publicizied it.

Here is a brief list of the lies and inaccuracies in the "Jewish Chronicle" articles, "The unsavoury tales of Hoffman" and "Standard apologizes for Holocaust-denier boost"

"Married with eight children." I do not have that number of children.

"Hoffman later went on to write a book about Zundel, called "The Great Holocaust Lie." Wrong. The title is: "The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for Freedom of Speech."

"The press release for the book ('Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians') says (Moshe) Lieberman was also formerly a 'Hebrew University researcher." Wrong. We said Moshe had been a researcher "for Israel Shahak of Hebrew University."

"Mr. Hoffman...said that Lieberman 'lives in NY, but I can't give you his number because he's concerned for his personal security." Hey, they got one right! Moshe has been labeled a "rodef" (pursuer) by his Judaic detractors who hail from such hotbeds of violent religious fanaticism as Bar Ilan and Yeshiva univeristies. The late Yitzhak Rabin was labeled a rodef and then shot in the back by Yigal Amir, who told the media the Talmud made him do it. Information concerning the rabbinic blessing for the murder of a person labeled a "rodef" was excluded from the "Jewish Chronicle" article.

I was not given an opportunity by the "Jewish Chronicle" to confront allegations by various Stalinist "watch-dog" groups in the U.S. concerning the ludicrous, pro-forma claim that I am a "white supremacist." I did however make reference to the damage done by "Jewish supremacy" in my conversation with the "Jewish Chronicle" and I do protest Master Race doctrine, whether embodied in the pages of "Mein Kampf" or the Talmud.

"The Great Holocaust Lie,' Mr. Hoffman's 1998 biography of Holocaust-denier Ernst Zundel, was banned in Canada." Wrong. For the correct title, see above. They even got the date wrong. The book was not published in 1998. The first and second printings were published in 1985 by the Institute for Historical Review; an expanded edition appeared in 1995 from Wiswell Ruffin House. No biography of Mr. Zundel was written or published in 1998.

I am described as a "purveyor of repulsive propaganda," yet not one fact from any of my six books was challenged or shown to be in error.

The dean of Wonderland, Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center hallucinated thus: "Hoffman...makes no pretense of being other than viciously anti-Israel and anti-Semitic." In other words, Hoffman is a self-confessed "anti-Semite." Where have I ever made any such confession? I have always and everywhere scorned the term "anti-Semite" and its stigmatizing function as a thought cop mechanism.

In spite of the latest "negative publicity" intended to have inquiring, independent minds like A.N. Wilson toe the party line on Sharon and the rabbinic doctrine that supports Israeli crimes, I believe the effort will backfire. It is becoming increasingly apparent that both Wilson's bosses at the "Evening Standard" and the editors of the "Jewish Chronicle" attempt to fit 'blasphemous,' Voltaire-like modern rebels into a shopworn box whose dimensions consist of "white supremacy" or some other instantly dicrediting, hateful element. But the Jewish supremacy that enforces this mendacious stereotype is never a subject of investigation or soul-searching.

Any honest person who reads The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians will observe that it is a profoundly anti-racist work. It is a signpost of these mad times that while America and Britain languish in the grip of the lethal Master Race conceits of Judaism and Zionism, the media contort themselves into paroxysms of hysteria and disinformation whenever a serious challenge to these conceits is mounted.

A.N. Wilson's credibility can only increase. He has had the courage to air facts that carry with them the dangerous stigma which tyrants have forever attached to forbidden truth, and upon which all true progress and enlightenment depend.

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Copyright 2003 by Michael A. Hoffman II

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