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QUID EST VERITAS? On censorship and deplatforming "The Tech Tyrants have a megalomaniacal confidence in their own righteousness which has increasingly transformed the Internet into a zone of conformity. Heather Mac Donald states, 'They consider any disagreement with their own political outlook as a manifestation of 'hate,' and as such, fair game for suppression.' David Yager writes, '...limiting the range of voices in society erodes our democracy.' The Internet, like the university, is 'at the heart of the revolutionary notion of free expression.' Promoting the free exchange of ideas is part of the core reason for the existence of the Internet. Over the centuries writers 'have suffered censorship, and even persecution, for the expression of their beliefs through their work.' The advancement of human knowledge depends on radical thinking and free speech." Michael Hoffman

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Where is the "hate"?

The Real Neo-Nazis

Revisionist historian Michael Hoffman
One of the most controversial scholars of the 21st century. The Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL seek to shut down his publishing enterprise and ban his books
because they can't refute his research and dare not debate him.

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