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Laughing at the Expense of the ADL:

Part I: Jesus and the Talmud

A Rejoinder by Michael A. Hoffman II

Author's Note: Here is part one of my rejoinder to a ridiculous pamphlet published last February by the giant Zionist thought control organization, "ADL." The ADL pamphlet is a farrago of misdirection, fallacy and disinformation. It is demolished with ease and I confess to being somewhat surprised that the ADL's tissue of hilarity, masquerading as scholarly rebuttal, was the best the ADL could conjure in reply to my book, Judaism's Strange Gods. I advise wealthy Zionists to withhold their donations to the ADL until such time as it offers at least a half-way credible riposte, in place of the pile of laughable linguistic pirouettes which it has proffered thus far in the debate concerning the pornographic contents of this rabbinic hate literature; a debate the ADL and any other rabbinic apologist, can only lose.

The ADL, headed by Abraham Foxman, is based in New York and has a multi-million dollar budget, a large staff of spies and researchers and automatic entry to the national and international establishment media. The ADL stated in a nationwide press release issued Feb. 20, 2003 that "the foremost distorters of Talmudic texts include...Michael A. Hoffman II."

The ADL has written a shoddy and poorly researched pamphlet, "The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics" to a sorry attempt to refute my book Judaism's Strange Gods. In its section entitled "Jesus and Balaam," the ADL asserts, "...anti-Talmud writers often attempt to portray the Talmud as demeaning the figure of Jesus. In the opinion of most scholars the Talmud only refers to Jesus in a handful of places and though these references may not reflect the courteous ecumenicism of the modern world, neither are they particularly inflammatory."

Sanhedrin 107B of the Babylonian Talmud: "Jesus... stood up a brick to symbolize an idol and bowed down to it. Jesus performed magic and incited the people of Israel and led them astray."

Source: The Babylonian Talmud, volume 21, Tractate Sanhedrin, Part VII, translated into English by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, copyright 1999 by the Israel Institute for Talmudic Publications; published by Random House in New York.

Quoting now from another Talmud passage about Jesus, Sanhedrin 43A: "On Passover Eve they hanged Jesus of Nazareth. He practiced sorcery, incited and led Israel astray...Was Jesus of Nazareth deserving of a search for an argument in his favor? He was an enticer and the Torah says, 'You shall not spare, nor shall you conceal him!"

The Talmud in this passage decrees that Jesus got what he deserved when he was executed on Passover Eve. The Talmud says that he did not have any mercy shown him --"You shall not spare him" the rabbis are quoted by the Talmud as having decreed.

There is another interesting aspect to Sanhedrin 43a. Nowadays, in deference to "Judaic sensibilities," movies, TV and literature are compelled to put the onus of blame for the execution of Jesus on the Romans. But the Talmud in Sanhedrin 43a makes no mention of any Roman guilt for the execution of Christ. The rabbinic commentary in Sanhedrin 43a states that out of deference to the Romans' concern for Jesus' welfare, a pretense of an argument on Christ's behalf had to be mounted by the Sanhedrin because Jesus had "close connections with the non-Jewish authorities who were interested in his acquittal."

The ADL must have a very low opinion of the intelligence of the average American. Let us recall that the Talmud, in Tractate Baba Kamma 113a, decrees that a Jew may lie to a gentile. The ADL uses the unique and intimidating position it occupies as America's national thought cop and adjunct of the corporate media, to lie about what the Talmud actually says about Jesus. The ADL is too dishonest to quote directly from the Talmudic passages about Jesus.

The quotes I present are taken directly from the writings about Jesus in the Talmud. I freely quote these passages because I have nothing to hide or fear from them, since they offer documentary evidence which upholds my contention concerning the bigoted, anti-Christ contents of the Talmud.

The ADL knows that if their staff "experts" publicly quoted the actual Talmudic statements about Christ, they would instantly reveal the institutionalized hatred and blasphemy of Jesus Christ that is formally enshrined within the religion of Judaism. Hence, the ADL dares not actually quote the Talmudic writings about Jesus.

Instead, the ADL merely talks about what it claims is and is not in the Talmud. Why doesn't the ADL quote the passages in Talmud Tractates Sanhedrin and Gittin? Because they cannot. If they should do so, their staple fictions would fall by the wayside. Failing to quote directly from what the Talmud says about Jesus Christ is a glaring omission which eloquently testifies to the bankruptcy of the ADL's Talmudic whitewash, and the shoddiness of their pseudo-scholarly "refutation" of Judaism's Strange Gods. The ADL is just too cowardly and intellectually dishonest to quote the Talmud passages about Jesus which it seeks to deny or falsify.

I have quoted from Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin 107b, which declares that Jesus bowed down to a brick and worshipped it and that he practiced magic, and from Sanhedrin 43a, which says that it was right to kill Jesus and that he got what he deserved. According to the ADL these consummate examples of rabbinic hatred and contempt for Christ, are "not particularly inflammatory."

The source of Judaic bigotry and hatred for Christ and His Church is in the Talmud. I should like to add that nowhere in the religion of Islam is Christ defamed. In fact, Jesus Christ is upheld as a prophet by the Muslims and His Name is reverenced, as is His Mother, Mary.

To highlight the absurdity of the ADL's response, let us consider the horrible malice found in the anti-Christ Talmud Tractate Gittin 57a. In some censored versions of Gittin 57a, the name of Jesus is rendered as "sinner (or 'sinners') of Israel." The Talmud in Gittin 57a contains a filthy and unbelievably scurrilous attack on Jesus Christ pertaining to a punishment Jesus supposedly underwent after his death. As is its custom, the ADL shies away from actually quoting Gittin 57a. It falls to us to reveal the contents of this ugly and psychotic Talmud section:

"He (the rabbi) then went and raised by incantations the sinners of Israel. He asked them...What is your punishment? They replied: With boiling (in) hot excrement."

The Talmud decrees that Jesus is in hell, being boiled in feces, because he opposed the rabbis. That's what this sick, pornographic, "holy book" of Judaism says about the Christian Savior in Tractate Gittin 57a.

Without daring to cite or refer to Gittin 57a directly, the ADL's convoluted defense of this passage is as follows: "...the Talmud bears much harsher animus toward the Biblical figure of Balaam, the pagan magician who sought to curse the Jews...Rabbinic tradition...describes some of the punishments he (Balaam) may have suffered after his death...a small group of Jewish scholars suggested that in some cases the term Balaam in the Talmud may be a codeword for Jesus...later scholars showed that this suggestion could not be true...anti-Semites have ever since claimed that the true hatred that Judaism possesses for Christianity is expressed in these coded expressions against Balaam found in the Talmud."

But Gittin 57a in the Soncino edition of the Talmud, which the ADL cites as a reputable source (see p. 13 of the ADL pamphlet), refers not to Balaam in this bigoted and hateful passage, but to the "sinners of Israel." It looks as though the comedians in the ADL's vaunted "research department" neglected to concoct a tall-tale explanation for how the coded "sinners of Israel" term is not a reference to Christ. They blustered about "Balaam" at length but forgot to offer any similar exegesis of "sinners of Israel." What a joke!

Gittin 57a in the Soncino edition, with its reference to "sinners of Israel" being "boiled in hot excrement," contains a footnote for the passage, labeled footnote #4. Located at the bottom of the page of Gittin 57a, footnote #4 makes reference to the fact that "sinners of Israel" is indeed a coded reference to Jesus!

The only way the ADL can extricate itself from this sinkhole of its own making, is to posit the notion that the Soncino edition Talmud, edited by Rabbi Isidore Epstein, PhD. and recommended by the ADL itself, is "anti-Semitic." Otherwise, they have contradicted themselves and failed miserably in endeavoring to show that the Talmud does not contain psychotic and despicable insults and attacks on Jesus Christ.

Contrary to the ADL line, it is not an act of prejudice to tell the truth about the contents of the Talmud. Such truth-telling in Judaism's Strange Gods is a legitimate and salutary function of historical and exegetical inquiry and is equally liberating to "frum Yiddin" (Judaics who are enslaved by rigorous observance of rabbinic dictates and traditions), as well as to goyim who are held in thrall to the rabbis by Zionist politicians, media moguls and the hirelings of Judeo-Churchianity.

This ends Part I of Hoffman's Rejoinder to the ADL's pamphlet "The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics."

Caveat: There is the possibility that the ADL may modify or otherwise alter its thoroughly bogus pamphlet as a covert response to the demolition of it herein. Therefore, it should be noted that the preceding part one rejoinder is to the original ADL pamphlet published in February of 2003, and not to any subsequent version they may quietly choose to alter and substitute for it, in order to attempt to salvage whatever may be left of their seriously diminished credibility.

March, 2003

ADL Attacks Talmud Exposé

by Michael A. Hoffman II

Copyright (c) 2003 by

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith knows that the book Judaism's Strange Gods is winning converts to our Cause from around the globe, including formerly "frum" Jewish persons who find personal liberation in being set free of the evil Talmudic micro-management that oppresses every moment and detail of their lives.

I am neither Right wing nor Left wing. I am fighting the same campaign Jesus Christ undertook and with the same Enemy. You will note that the ADL mixes me up with David Duke. All of the anti-Talmud points cited by the ADL in its press release, originate with my research, which Mr. Duke later "borrowed" for his own book, occasionally crediting me in a footnote, and many times omitting me as his source.

The ADL links me to David Duke in order to tar me with guilt by association, because, whereas Mr. Duke uses Talmud-criticism to bolster his Darwinian racial views, my educational mission vis a vis the Talmud, undermines the philosophical basis of all supremacy, whether Jewish or white.

The white race --at least in its current degenerate state as manifested in modern America-- is in fact the golem of the rabbis. Without the unstinting financial and military support of America's white leaders and white voters, the Israelis would not have one-tenth their power in the world today.

As Dr. Tony Martin, professor of African History at Wellesley College elucidated in his lecture The Judaic Role in the Black Slave Trade, the root of anti-black racism is found in the Midrashic exegesis concerning Noah's son, Ham.

This rabbinic doctrine in turn influenced Freemasons and masonic sympathizers within and outside the Ku Klux Klan (most notably Wesley Swift of "Seedline Identity"), who taught the specious dogma that there is a Biblical basis for anti-black racism, when in fact anti-black racism emanates from the rabbis of Judaism, including the "greatest of them all" Maimonides, and not the Patriarchs of the Old Testament.

This is a critical distinction and one that needs to be made in order to defeat the ADL's deceitful attempt to ally me with "white supremacists" like David Duke, in order to obstruct my indictment of Jewish supremacists like Abraham Foxman.

It is not Michael Hoffman who is destructive of Jewish people. It is the Talmud and those who seek to maintain its insidious hold on Jewish persons who are the real "Jew haters."

For true Jews there is only one divinely-inspired book, The Bible -- not the Talmud! The Bible liberates, the Talmud enslaves.

A Reader Challenges Hoffman

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I have two questions for you. Will you be writing a detailed comprehensive refutation to the ADL's recent report The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics which you so proudly espouse as evidence of your book's significance? Your "reply" (on your website) is superficial and cursory to say the least, whereas the ADL report is quite compelling. Incidentally the historian Peter Myers has written a quite detailed repudiation, even if indirectly, to "Judaism's Strange Gods," that you can find at Also, in your latest Revisionist History No 27 you do not quote the sources for the two photos allegedly showing bin Laden in Jewish garb. I am quite amazed you simply assert the statement, "a Talmudic newspaper," in the caption. WHICH newspaper please? I would have expected a more rigorous footnoting scheme from you of all people.

Regards, J.B.

Hoffman replies

Thanks for writing and for the URL of the "repudiation" (I think a better word for it would be refutation) by historian what's-his-name. There are many supposed refutations of my work online, the most prolific is by someone who calls himself "Gil Student." All of these websites are amusing from the point of view of deceiving the goyim and uninformed secular Jewish persons. They can't convince any Talmudically-literate person and they are crammed with non-sequiturs and sheer nonsense. For example, Gil Student's defense of the Talmud passage that says that if a Judaic wants to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there (Moed Kattan 17a), is hilarious and I recommend it to all aficionados of comedy.

With regard to your first point: I suppose to a goy or even to a Jewish person who is not Talmudically-literate, the ADL report, The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics, would be compelling. Actually it is a joke. Yes, I will answer it at length, when I have the time. For the present, allow me to provide you with a bare bones research lead into the ADL's intellectual dishonesty: the ADL report "exposing" my book, Judaism's Strange Gods, omits the Steinsaltz Talmud translated by Orthodox Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, from the ADL's bibliography and footnotes. The ADL "expose" only cites the older Soncino edition and the new ArtScroll version, which is in progress. Both of these versions are redacted and bowdlerized editions of the Babylonian Talmud. The Steinsaltz edition is a reasonably accurate and uncensored Babylonian Talmud (perhaps that is why Random House stopped publishing it). The Steinsaltz edition confirms the fact that Jesus Christ is mentioned in Talmud passages in which He is derided and degraded, contrary to the ADL's absurd obscurantism in this regard. The ADL is so dishonest, they are preying on the gullibility of the goyim and the ignorance of secular Jewish persons to gain credit for their fraud. That is how brazen they are in their intellectual dishonesty.

One positive development evidenced by the ADL report is that, prior to the publication of my book, informed citations of wicked Talmud quotations were dismissed by the Judaic Establishment as "anti-Semitic fabrications." I note however that now the ADL feels that my book has gained too much circulation and cachet and that as a result, the ADL dare not dispute the actual contents of such notorious rabbinic statements as Ketubot 11b, but rather seek to explain away this evil passage with lawyerly circumlocution.

Your second point: I am gratified that you have seen issue #27 of our Revisionist History newsletter with the photos of bin Laden in the garb of a rabbi. I have had a number of persons demand the source for these pictures and I will be happy to furnish that source when a NY Times or CBS News reporter asks for it, or when the photos become the subject of a debate with some prominent Judaic celebrity or power broker like Abraham H. Foxman or Christopher Hitchens.

I have a few excellent intelligence sources in the Israeli state. Most revisionists seldom dream of infiltrating the camp of the Enemy of Truth. They are painfully aware of the extent to which our movement has been infiltrated, but they have thus far engaged in very little counter-intelligence. But I have been assiduous in cultivating a handful of valiant and righteous Jewish persons who the rabbis would hatefully term "moiser" or "rodef."

The photographs of bin Laden in rabbinic attire come from an Israeli publication and no, it is not "Ha'aretz," or any such mainstream liberal organ. When I divulge the source of the photos I will very likely lose access to that source, which is providing me with a great deal of other sensitive material. For example, did you know that, according to secret rabbinic lore, the Tanakh (Old Testament) is riddled with errors that were deliberately placed in the text by the rabbis so as to keep God's Word from the prying eyes of the goyim? In other words, to understand the Pentateuch one must obtain an arcane key to it which supposedly only the rabbis possess.

Information like this, coming from an authoritative rabbinic source, and intended to be seen only by the Holy People, is pure gold to someone like this researcher, and I am loath to give it up merely because someone demands I do so in order to prove to them my bona fides. Sorry, but I have to bigger fish to fry, and I am only willing to trade the publication's name as a quid pro quo for massive publicity of the CNN--Washington Post variety. For example, if Timothy Egan of the NY Times--at the prodding of the ADL--were to publish an article claiming that our photos of bin Laden in the attire of a rabbi did not come from a Judaic publication, then I would immediately name the Judaic source for the photos, the better to discredit and embarrass the NY Times and make the high profile source for forbidden news and documentation, instead of the Times.

Yes, this is a battle for truth, but it is also a chess game and thus far, by the grace of God, I am winning. Your move!

Michael A. Hoffman II

Copyright (c) 2003

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians (book)

Judaism is not the Religion of the Old Testament (CD)

Press Release:

ADL Says Extremists Use The Talmud to Promote Anti-Semitism

New York, NY, February 20, 2003. The Talmud - the classic text of Jewish law and lore, history and philosophy - increasingly is being used by extremists to promote their anti-Semitism. In a new report, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) exposes the lies of anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers and others who cite Talmudic texts as evidence that Judaism is "perverted" or "immoral."

"It has become a common refrain among the anti-Semites that the Talmud is the 'smoking gun' that confirms their belief about Jews being stingy, malevolent and intent on world domination," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "They create this myth about Jewish practices and tradition, which helps to further justify and promote their anti-Semitism."

ADL's report, The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics, exposes how certain passages from the Talmud and other traditional Jewish texts are used to foment anti-Semitism through distortions and fabrications. The authors of anti-Talmudic polemics seek to paint Judaism as an immoral religion that preaches hatred for non-Jews and promotes obscenity, criminality, sexual perversion and other immoral acts. Widely available on the Internet, such anti-Talmudic tracts "are clearly designed to provoke hostility toward Jews," Mr. Foxman said.

The foremost distorters of Talmudic texts include David Duke, the former Klansman and white supremacist, and Michael A. Hoffman II, a conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier. Among the claims refuted by the ADL report are:

*The claim that Judaism views non-Jews as "non-human;"

*The claim that Judaism encourages child molestation;

*The claim that Jews should not be trusted because they recite the Kol Nidre prayer that authorizes them to lie to non-Jews;

*The claim that Judaism demands that non-Jews who study Jewish law be put to death;

*The claim that the Talmud employs the name Bala'am as a derogatory code name for Jesus.

The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics (requires Acrobat Reader, 202 kb)

(END QUOTE from the ADL's Press Release)

Judaism's Strange Gods book by Michael A. Hoffman II

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