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Patrick J. Buchanan Endorses Bush for President

by Michael A. Hoffman II

Excerpt from "Coming Home" by Patrick Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan writes: the contest between Bush and Kerry, I am compelled to endorse the president of the United States. Why? Because, while Bush and Kerry are both wrong on Iraq, Sharon, NAFTA, the WTO, open borders, affirmative action, amnesty, free trade, foreign aid, and Big Government, Bush is right on taxes, judges, sovereignty, and values. Kerry is right on nothing...Kerry is a man who came home from Vietnam to slime the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and POWs he left behind as war criminals who engaged in serial atrocities with the full knowledge of their superior officers. His conduct was...treasonous...As senator, he voted to undermine the policy of Ronald Reagan...

...the Republican Party is our home. It is our only hope. If an authentic conservatism rooted in the values of faith, family, community, and country is ever again to become the guiding light of national policy, it will have to come through a Republican administration...We are of the Right.

...There is a final reason I support George W. Bush. A presidential election is a Hatfield-McCoy thing, a tribal affair. No matter the quarrels inside the family, when the shooting starts, you come home to your own. When the Redcoats approached New Orleans to sunder the Union and Jackson was stacking cotton bales and calling for help from any quarter, the pirate Lafitte wrote to the governor of Louisiana to ask permission to fight alongside his old countrymen. "The Black Sheep wants to come home," Lafitte pleaded. It's time to come home. (End quote from Buchanan)

Michael A. Hoffman II writes: In his endorsement of the reelection of George W. Bush, Patrick J. Buchanan declares that Bush is right on "tax cuts," even though these have mostly benefited the rich. Is Bush right on judges like the Talmudic tyrant Antonin Scalia? Is Bush right in approving the punishment meted out to "Ten Commandments" Judge Roy Moore, by elevating Bill Pryor, the Alabama Attorney General who filed ethics charges against Moore, to a seat on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals?

Bush is right on "sovereignty" when he has made the US a colony of Israel? Bush is right on "values" when he is a member of Skull and Bones, the secret society whose closet full of skeletons Bush told Tim Russert, he must continue to conceal? Bush is right on values when he backs abortionist Arlen Specter for US Senate against pro-lifer Pat Toomey? Bush is right on values when he bombs thousands of Afghan and Iraqi women and children?

It is treason to accuse the US military in Vietnam of war crimes? The US government does not commit war crimes? I live in Idaho and have a hard time swallowing Buchanan's baloney when I consider that 80 miles up the road, the US government shot a mother named Vicky Weaver while she cradled her infant in her arms, and killed her son Sam while he was defending his pet dog. Now if they can do that to these two desperadoes in Ruby Ridge in 1992, does Buchanan mean to tell me that Senator Bob Kerry's unit committed no war crimes in Vietnam or that Lt. Calley was innocent? Only Arabs and Germans commit war crimes? Since when is the truth "slime"?

Buchanan's final analogy reveals how crazy he really is. He uses misty eyed irrational appeals to the Republican party being "our home... our only hope" and references to the pirate Lafitte at the Battle of New Orleans as motivation for voting for Bush. In that case, what the heck was Buchanan doing heading the Reform Party if the GOP is Our Old Kentucky home?

Buchanan's saccharine Swanee River appeal to tribalism is an insult to the intelligence of those voters who have any left. No tribalist would vote for a politician whose loyalties are all outside the tribe, to international Shylocks and their deracinated, One World cheap labor utopia.

Buchanan makes the mystifying declaration, "We are of the Right." No, Pat, "we" are not of the Kabbalah's pillar of severity; nor are we of the Left, the Kabbalah's pillar of mercy. We are beyond that rabbinic game and we thought you were too when you drained our credit cards in your bid for President on a Third Party ticket.

We want a clean sweep of this filthy rotten system, not a supporting role as rehabilitated black sheep and Steppin' Fetchits muttering "Yassuh, Boss" to a new King George and his aristocratic dynasty, which has more in common with the Redcoats than the revolutionary patriots.

It is unprecedented for slaves to applaud and cheer their slave master. The American people are in the mid-stage of mind control. The white working class, which stands to lose the most from a Bush presidency, especially in terms of the war on unions and on a living wage, and the importation of coolie labor from the Third World, is the most vehement for Bush. Buchanan serves to make the double mind of these mind control victims palatable and reasonable, by listing some of the crimes Bush has perpetrated and then following these with a cosmic, "But--"

But nothing! We reject the process of human alchemy which groups like Skull and Bones have sought to inculcate--the split personality situation ethics, the poisonous junk food, the abysmal, dehumanizing quality of life lived in a rush hour lane of road rage and alienation, with no human scale mass transit, agriculture, fuel conservation, ecology--no plan for the future except ever more greed and Jew-worship.

If we're going to speak of "slime" and "treason," what of Bush's policy of inciting terror attacks on America by unreservedly backing the war which Ariel Sharon is making on the Palestinian people, including the mass murder of Palestinian children by the Israeli army? Gideon Levy, writing in the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" (Oct. 17) testifies: "The plain fact, which must be stated clearly, is that the blood of hundreds of Palestinian children is on our hands."

At this time, U.S. Government's agents of Satan are not going to appear in black and crimson capes with fangs, horns and tail. But rather, they come among us possessed of what the New Testament calls, "an appearance of godliness." In the name of "faith, family, community," they pimp for a dictatorial Talmudic system. Buchanan trumps those vulgar, fundamentalist TV preachers in this regard, because whereas they have slavishly canonized Bush, Pat is more sophisticated, since he acknowledges some of the evil that Bush commits and then, insanely, urges a vote for him anyway, on the symbolic basis of the 1814 Battle of New Orleans, in which the black sheep (i.e. erstwhile Third Party rebels) are magnanimously allowed to return to the fold and stampede with the rest of the herd.

Further testimony, if indeed we require it, of the extent to which mind-control and schizophrenia reign over the Right-ward pillar of America's Kabbalistic temple, of which Patrick J. Buchanan is high priest.

Hoffman is the author of "Where Buchanan Went Wrong: An Analysis of the Double Mind and the Appearance of Opposition," in Revisionist History Newsletter no. 35

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