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In many establishment media reports about Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, there is often a reference to an aside he uttered once in a speech more than 12 years ago, when he referred to Judaism as a "gutter religion."

Farrakhan has attempted to build bridges to Jewish persons of good will since then, and although he will not be intimidated into withdrawing his remarks (which are in line with the orthodox pronouncements of the early Church Fathers, such as St. John Chrysotom), he has made every effort to concede humanity and respect toward Jewish individuals who exhibit similar inclinations toward him.

Yet, last December, as he toured Israeli-occupied Palestine, once again Farrakhan was confronted, by our ever-vigilant media, with the ancient history of his gutter religion remark.

"Fair enough!" you say. "He made the statement, he'll have to live with it."

But au contraire, it is not fair, not by a country mile, because those who enjoy the favor and protection of the establishment media are not confronted with their past.

Take for example Yitzhak Shamir, former Israeli foreign minister and prime minister who, with Ariel Sharon and Rafael Eitan, ordered the carpet-bombing of Beirut during the summer of 1982--when clearly marked Arab schools, hospitals and apartment complexes were deliberately incinerated by the Israeli air force. Tens of thousands of civilians perished in that genocidal, Jewish onslaught.

Is Shamir constantly haunted by the media, wherever he goes, as "the Butcher of Beirut"?


And Shamir's curriculum vitae gets even more "colorful" the further back you go. This diminutive Khazar from Poland happens to be a former bank robber. He also organized the terror squad that assassinated U.N. diplomat Folke Bernadotte. He even once tried to forge an alliance with Adolf Hitler, as documented by Jewish scholars Lenni Brenner and Edwin Black.

So is Shamir regularly referred to in the N.Y. Times and the Washington Post as a Nazi-collaborater, quondam bank robber and Stern gang assassin? Of course not. In his case, the media's attitude is, "let bygones be bygones."

Shamir is the kind of killer the corporate media executives like and admire, therefore he gets to slide.

"Well that's just one isolated case," you reply.

Hardly. Take for example the late Michael Kennedy who recently had a fatal appointment with a tree trunk on a Colorado ski slope.

Mr. Kennedy was the scion of America's first family of renegades. His Uncle, Senator Teddy Bare, and his brother, Congressman Annulment Joe, and the rest of the motley crew, are forever pushing legislation designed to disarm we, the people, and to create a huge, police-state bureaucracy.

Therefore, the Kennedys have been canonized by the same media fatcats who beautify and whitewash the malignant Yitzhak Shamir.

Michael Kennedy's obituary was suitably cleaned up by his fans at CNN and the Associated Press. In fact, one would have to say that his obit was so optimistic, it must have been written by Pollyanna herself, fresh from imbibing a cup full of treacle.

The establishment media had to overcome a little problem with Mikey's past. They had to find a way to put just the right spin on a crime he had committed, the consequences of which the late Mr. Kennedy managed to buy himself out of.

The corporate media informed us in his obituary that good ol' Mikey-boy had committed a teensy-weensy indiscretion, barely worth mentioning really--he'd had an "affair" with his children's babysitter.

Well that's not so bad is it? These are the 90s! We're sophisticates now and what's an "affair" these days? Just a hiccup.

Now, spoilsport that I am, I question the spin doctors' wording here. In fact, I can't discover any grounds for this characterization of what transpired between Mr. Kennedy and the girl in question.

Perhaps some George Will type of kosher conservative--the same species of talking head who repeatedly and self-righteously impugns Minister Farrakhan for his old "gutter religion" remark--will concoct an apologia for how Kennedy's relationship with this babysitter qualifies as an "affair."

The Irish Times (Jan. 2, 1998) reports that Michael Kennedy began having sex with the babysitter when he was in his 30s (and married to Vicky Gifford) and the babysitter was all of 14.

As a former court reporter, I can testify that in virtually every other case where an employer or other type of superior who is over 30, has sex with a subordinate who is 14, we'd term such a man a molester.

That's what Michael Kennedy was. That's what you call it when a man in his 30s who is not a Kennedy has sex with a fourteen year old girl. It is molestation and the penalties are severe, up to and including life in prison, under current sentencing guidelines.

But how would that play--for a member of America's "unofficial royal family"--to be described (accurately and honestly) as a child molester?

No, no, that would never do. Too truthful. Too damaging to the celebrity mythos. Much too capable of sounding an alarm about the nature of the rot that rule us and about the quality of people the media celebrate and admonish us to genuflect before.

Michael Kennedy had an "affair" with a barely pubescent girl.

Yitzhak Shamir is a statesman.

And Farrakhan--well, Farrakhan is a hater.

Ah, the favoritism of the media jackals, who presume to lecture us about "equality."

--Michael A. Hoffman II

Mr. Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of "The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for Freedom of Speech," which is based on his coverage, from the press gallery, of the 1985 show trial of Ernst Zündel in Toronto criminal court. ($15 postpaid from Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816. [Overseas add 30% in U.S. funds).

Hoffman's book is banned by the government of Canada and has been seized from the Canadian mails by Revenue Canada. These confiscated books are subsequently destroyed by the Canadian government, sans any fanfare from civil libertarians or media "watchdogs" north or south of the border.

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