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An Exchange of Correspondence Regarding Jesuit Operative Malachi Martin as of July 1, 1997

Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997

From: J. (e-mail address omitted)

To: Campaign for Radical Truth in History <>

J: Hello, I am a Physics graduate student and part-time enthusiast of history, especially that with a revisionist flavor. My exposure to WWII revisionism has come mainly from books by David Irving and web pages such as yours. As a student I cannot offer much help financially to organizations other than to buy their literature. I plan on ordering some from yours, especially They Were White and They Were Slaves. If the importance of a revisionist work is measured by how big a myth it explodes then I think this book ranks up near the top-- and I've only seen the excerpts on your web page.

Michael A. Hoffman II : Thank you.

J: I have read some of the books and listened to the audio tapes of Malachi Martin. In his recent interviews I do not see him as an apologist for John Paul II as you have portrayed him. In fact he is very critical of some of his actions and his personal philosophy.

Michael A. Hoffman II : It depends on which interview you hear or read. Here's his recent (1997) interview with The Wanderer:

Martin was asked: "Will the Pope succeed over time, or is he in an ecclesiastical end-game?"

Malachi Martin: "...His Papacy has been successful in this basic sense: that nobody can ever doubt his consciousness of carrying the burden of Peter. He has carried the message of Christ all over the world, and given millions the richness of the Gospel."

The preceding is the kind of disinformation that Mr. Martin feeds his Catholic audience. When he was on a New Age program, the Art Bell radio show, he informed his New Age audience that pagan Indian shamans heal through the power of Christ.

Throughout the 1980s and early 90s, he had been telling everyone since 1978 that John Paul II was a great Christian leader. For 17 years he was the main prop in right-wing Catholic circles for upholding the credibility and orthodoxy of John Paul II. This is a "prophet"?

Now that such a facade is untenable (except among Wanderer newspaper loyalists, before whom he must still pay the notion a bit of service), he is abandoning it and shape-shifting into the next trend, so as to command and misdirect it.

But observe the secret symbolism the man deals in; the cryptic signals he transmits that are not intended for you but for secret society intiates. One such signal appeared recently in the New American magazine of the John Birch Society, where Malachi Martin compared himself with Maimonides.

Maimonides is one of the most notorious haters of Christ in the annals of Judaism. So what veiled message do you think Malachi Martin was sending over your head to his brethren?

This is Jesuit phenomenology chess, and if you like it, then Martin is your man.

J: I do not doubt what you report of him being one of the liberal periti at the side of the Marrano Bea, but I would suggest that you try to interview him yourself and have him clear this matter up.

Michael A. Hoffman II : I know Martin personally, have had dinner with him. He also appropriated some of my material from my pamphlet Masonic Assassination for use in Windswept House without credit or payment.

Malachi Martin's stuff is the deep-cover placebo emanating from the Roman cryptocracy itself. The real thing has yet to come. I recommend that you obtain my book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare.

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