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Michael A. Hoffman II (left) with Ernst Zündel, Toronto, Canada, circa 1994

The World War Two Revisionist FAQ

The Virtual Museum of the Bolshevik Holocaust Against Eastern Europe

The File on Steven Spielberg

Lipstadt vs. Hoffman as Google Censors Revisionist Videos

David Irving vs. Deborah Lipstadt Libel Trial Archive

Inside the Cathedral of Our State Religion

Lies of the Allies--Now and Then

The National 'Holocaust' Museum: Synagogue of the New State Religion

On the Refusal of the U.S. Holocaust Museum to Create a Scientific Replica of an Auschwitz "Gas Chamber"

The File on Anti-German Racism

Historian Debunks Goldhagen the Charlatan

Roots, Not Symptoms: A Reply to Jean Raspail

Human Rights, Not Reich: An Exchange with Robert Faurisson and Horst Mahler

20th Anniversary of Zündel's Great Holocaust Trial

Blasphemy against Judaism is Criminal Offense in "Enlightened" Europe

File on the Persecution of Historian David Irving in Austria

Bernard-Henri Lévy and Salman Rushdie's Masterpiece of Hypocrisy

Hoffman interviewed by the Iranian Mehr News Agency

Anti-Holocaust Cartoon/Iran

Iran, the West and Blowback

Satmar Hasid Acknowledges Zionist Sabotage of Himmler's Plan for WWII Rescue of Jews

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Prophet and Satirist

Russians Probe Judaic Hate Speech

Judaic Hate Speech Defended by Yair Sheleg and Deconstructed by Michael A. Hoffman II

Palestinian Holocaust Museum offends Israelis

The Jews of Russia and Palestine: A Comparison

Persecuted Swiss Revisionist Scholar Finds Refuge from in Iran

Mr. Death: A Revisionist Opportunity

David Irving's 1999 Revisionist Conference a Great Success

Jean Plantin: Sentenced to Six Months in Jail for Being Too Objective

"Holocaust" Poodles

Israelis Protect Concentration Camp Boss

Majdanek Concentration Camp: A Revisionist Analysis

Hoffman Confronts Anti-Revisionist JDL Terrorists in Idaho

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Seeks Censorship & Jailing of all Dissenters from Zionist Dogma

The Mad Mullah

Hitler's Jewish Army

Vengeance and Sadism Thwarted by British Jury

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