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Arafat, the Kapo

by Michael A. Hoffman II

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Kapo. Definition: 1. individuals who have been recruited by an enemy to police their own people; "Kameradenpolizei."

The late Yasir Arafat was the Israelis' dream leader for the Palestinians: immensely corrupt and incompetent, he ran the Palestinian cause to ground with his naive faith in America as an "honest broker" in the Middle East.

Arafat's first name seems to have derived from the fact that he went around the Israelis and Americans so often muttering, "Yassir, Boss," just as the next "Palestinian President" will be required to do if he wants to live past next month.

The only meaningful, defiant stand Arafat ever took-- and even that was done mainly under pressure from militants-- was to refuse the Barak/Clinton "generous offer" at Camp David in 2000, which would have given the Palestinian seal of approval to the dreadful state of affairs that evolved under Sharon: the carving of the occupied territories into disconnected Bantustans and the repudiation of the "right of return" of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees, now living miserable lives in camps in Jordan under the CIA-linked Jordanian monarchy.

Any such deal cut with Ehud Barak would be particularly odious, since Barak is one of the most despicable Israeli terrorists and assassins. In 1994, as military chief, Barak massacred Palestinian demonstrators in the course of disturbances in the wake of the now nearly-forgotten slaughter of 40 Palestinian civilians by an off-duty Israeli army officer from Brooklyn, Baruch Goldstein. Barak actually killed more Palestinians during the protests than Goldstein had at the mosque.

The source of Arafat's rise to power is murky. The perfect Palestinian foil to the Israelis, after the demise of the USSR Arafat was always looking to a US President or the United Nations to save him and his people. When George W. Bush proved to be as much of a Likud lunatic as Sharon, Arafat's mantra became, "the international community" (i.e. western Europe).

Europe, the UN and the White House were foremost on Arafat's list of Palestinian allies. Strangely absent was the Arab League, the Saudis, Egypt, Jordan or any other Arab country. With the sole exception of the non-Arab Islamic Republic of Iran, the Muslim nations were absolutely impotent. They stood by in disgrace as Peres, Shamir, Netanyahu, Barak and Sharon did whatever they liked to the Palestinians: machine-gunning, rocketing and bombing grandmothers, infants and children, mothers and fathers with the insouciance of Saturday afternoon plinkers at a carnival shooting gallery.

In the end, Arafat was no longer needed by the Israelis, and Sharon confined him to his quarters like a recalcitrant schoolboy, while figuring out a way to have him killed without risking the ire of Colin Powell, who regarded the assassination in broad daylight of a head-of-state, with American-financed weapons and munitions, as somewhat excessive.

So dominant are the Israelis now that they don't need a "Palestinian peace partner," just a Kapo to administer on their behalf--behind a front of Palestinian nationalism-- the enormous concentration camp that is Gaza and the West Bank. Any other successor to Arafat, any Palestinian patriot who truly represents the legitimate aspirations of his people for independence, will very likely be assassinated by Sharon as an "al-Qaeda connected terrorist." This is the same risible charge that Likudniks, Fox TV and conservative talk radio hosts in the US have made in connection with Arafat, who was despised by radical Islamic militants everywhere--including Hamas-- who did not make war on him solely in order to avoid falling into the contrived trap of Palestinian civil war, which the Israeli chess players had so dearly sought to provoke.

The bin Ladens of the world are no alternative, of course. Their mime of US and Israeli terrorism plays directly into the hands of the Mossad and the CIA, if indeed they are not actually agents of those intelligence services, as seems likely.

The dominant Judeo-Masonic system in the West today, which I style the Cryptocracy, loves terrorism, incites and feeds upon it like a vampire at a blood bank. Conversely, what the Cryptocracy hates and fears is an enemy that would behave like the old Sicilian Mafia, confining its warfare to soldiers only, leaving all women and children unharmed. The resulting contrast between Israeli contempt for Arab civilians ("Amalek" in Talmudic theology, no matter what Uri Avnery continues to pretend in this regard), and the conduct of a new Saladin, who would exhibit the highest ideals of nobility in warfare, could shake the West off its foundations.

Alas, this is not on the horizon, because al-Qaeda is too convenient a stage dummy for the Western ventriloquists, who can run this shadowy public relations operation by means of virtual reality videotapes seeded to al-Jazeera satellite television, even as the corrupt Arab states fall ever deeper in thrall to US cash and threats, and their own penchant for wallowing in oil riches in the midst of Palestinian and Iraqi misery.

The Arab world desperately needs reform and revolution, but the notion that such positive change will come from US occupation is a neo-con horse-laugh. In spite of all the attention on the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who criticized alleged Islamic misogyny, no furious indignation anywhere in the West is observed in connection with the near fatal beating administered to Professor Robert Faurisson in France in 1989, because he wrote essays casting doubt on homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz. Before him, Francois Duprat, also a teacher, was killed in France for harboring similar doubts. Yet so amnesiac is Europe when it comes to the crimes of Judaic religious fanatics against critics of their sacred lore, that the assault on Van Gogh is being described as "unprecedented."

Dozens of other dissenting intellectuals, like publisher Ernst Zundel, researcher Jean Plantin, school teacher Jurgen Graf, Max Planck chemist Germar Rudolf, film maker Vincent Reynouard and historian David Irving, have been banned or prosecuted in Canada, Australia, and Europe for anti-Zionist thought crimes, with virtually no outcry from the intelligentsia of the West, who mount an enormous hue-and-cry over the outrage in Holland, chiefly as a pretext for weakening the power of Zionism's Islamic nemesis.

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (Nov. 4, 2004), Israeli Justice Minister Tommy Lapid supports legislation in the Knesset calling for any "Holocaust denier" anywhere in the world to be tried in Israel: "Lapid told Haaretz that he feels denying the Holocaust 'is a clearly neo-Nazi crime. Anyone involved in this belongs to the group of criminals whom our arm must reach anywhere in the world."

U.S.-approved Thought Cop

We don't want any religious fanatics telling us what to think! (Unless the fanatic is a rabbi, then it's okay).

This outrageous declaration of inquistion and religious fanaticism from a state possessing the atomic bomb -- threatening to kidnap scholars who "deny" the dogmas of Holocaustianity-- just doesn't strike a chord with those trendy liberals and crusading conservatives who weep and wail over the "ravages of Islamic fanaticism." This is because their real issue is not freedom of speech. If it were, revisionist researchers would be protected, not prosecuted. The real issue is the continued stoking of western hatred for Islam in order to foment a World War III "clash of civilizations" for the salvation of the tiny bandit state of "Israel."

Bush recently signed into law a heresy-hunting measure that empowers the US government to track intellectuals and publications throughout the world that are skeptical of the gas chamber stories, as a prelude to the arrest and prosecution of these doubters.

In a growing number of cases, Islamic youth are becoming aware of this hypocritical double-standard and they are gaining a working knowledge of the fact that the advancement of "western democracy" is little more than a code-word for the imposition of supremacist standards of immunity and privilege for Zionist lies and hoaxes, and for the Judaic religion that holds one group of people superior to all others.

While it is true that Arafat engaged in the requisite armed resistance ("terrorism" when Muslims do it, "heroic combat" when Judaic "partisans" perpetrated it during World War II); that was part of the game too.

Wise and humane western counselors who have had a role in advising the Palestinians, such as Israel Shahak, have urged them to use only the tactics of Gandhi against the Israelis: boycotts, strikes, marches, protests, pickets. The tactic of kamikaze bombings and the Talmudic-like identification of Israeli civilians as legitimate targets, has been a disaster for Palestinians, in spite of the fact that Israeli terrorism has been far more widespread and deadly by a ratio of three-to-one.

Perhaps the root of the problem is in Islam's emphasis on combat as an oppressed people's ultimate expression of self-defense and masculinity. If for every Kalashnikov, the Palestinians were given a Canon GL1 digital camcorder, and if for a bomb-making factory, the Palestinians substituted a fortified iMac-Final Cut Pro-video production bunker, coordinating the videotape that was being filmed of Israeli atrocities throughout the occupied territories, the Zionists would be exposed today for perpetrating a slow-motion holocaust, as only an independent media in an Internet age can expose them. The Western Establishment media, no matter how "progressive," has not done it yet and is unlikely to do so at anytime in the near future.

The Palestinians are foolish for waiting for Robert Fisk or the Manchester Guardian newspaper to perform this exposure for them. Most Leftist critics of Zionism--even the most radical among them-- refuse to call Israeli atrocities a holocaust, and they either approve of or are indifferent to the repression against revisionist doubters of the gas chambers, while believing that orthodox Judaism and the Talmud are noble in their essence, "when not 'distorted' by Zionism."

These delusions are fatal to any movement seeking to overcome the Judeo-masonic empire and its brilliant Hegelian chess play, with its covert manipulation of antagonists and protagonists who often bear a symbiotic relationship to one another, as Arafat did to the Israeli leadership, and as Osama bin Laden does to George W. Bush.

Revolution is an all-or-nothing proposition. It cannot afford to incorporate the contradictions of a western petty bourgeoisie still enamored of Judaism, the Talmud and the myths of Allied benevolence in World War II. Such people carry a spiritual virus; all the while they are allying themselves to the Palestinian cause.

The genocide against the Palestinians should have long-ago alerted the western intelligentsia to the exterminationist nature of Judaism and Zionism.

The true "clash of civilizations" is between the remnant of actual followers of Jesus Christ, and the suzerainty of the Pharisee creed of Judaism, which the modern West, be it Left or Right, progressive or conservative, continues to appease, flatter and finance.

When the new Saladin arrives on the scene, he will know these truths and act on them. Until then, Arabs and Muslims will have for their leaders ever more Kameradenpolizei, in the Arafat mold.

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by Hani Alayli

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