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The Simon Wiesenthal Center Seeks Censorship and Jailing of all Dissenters from Zionist Dogma

by Michael A. Hoffman II

The California-based Simon Wiesenthal Center is a billion dollar international Jewish lobby headed by a Sanhedrin which describes itself as a "human rights group."

Writers have been imprisoned or prosecuted in Canada, Germany, Britain, France and Australia at the behest of the Wiesenthal Center.

The Wiesenthal Center is attempting to erode America's First Amendment freedoms by a process of gradualism. They know the American people will not at present countenance an outright criminal ban on anti-Zionist intellectuals in the U.S.

Activist-historian Michael A. Hoffman II pickets a Wiesenthal Center Hate Symposium at Gonzaga Law School

Thanks in part to the Wiesenthal Center, this ban is however in effect in Germany, where it has led to the imprisonment of historian Udo Walendy and translator Günter Deckart and made Max Planck Institute chemist Germar Rudolf, a fugitive.

In France the ban has resulted in the criminal conviction of Prof. Robert Faurisson and Muslim intellectual Roger Garaudy, among many others.

When French political leader Jean Marie LePen, a member of the European Parliament, referred to the "gas chambers" as a mere "detail of history" the Center's Paris-based European Director, Shimon Samuels, demanded "the waiver of Le Pen's European Parliamentary immunity in order that he be liable for prosecution and declared ineligible for further European election." [1]

All this because LePen expressed his opinion about history! Yet this was an opinion shared by Winston Churchill. [2]

This hysteria over a statement challenging the sacerdotal centrality of gas chambers is, in the eyes of the Wiesenthal Center, a thought-crime "liable for prosecution." This is the witch-hunting mentality they seek to kindle in America.

In Canada, where publisher Ernst Zündel has been repeatedly put on trial since 1983, the Wiesenthal Center's Sol Littman has constantly lobbied for Zündel's prosecution and imprisonment for the "crime" of "denying" sacred Jewish dogma about World War Two. [3]

In Great Britain, Cambridge-educated journalist Nick Griffin was given a nine month suspended jail sentence on May 1, 1998, for the 'crime' of referring to the homicidal gas chamber dogma as 'the holohoax.'

In the U.S., Wiesenthal Center director Rabbi Marvin Hier and his associates are attempting to make criticism of Allied accounts of World War Two and the racist theology of Talmudic Judaism, subject to interdict--for example, by expulsion from the Internet.

According to the Dec. 18th, 1997 Los Angeles Times, the rabbis at the Wiesenthal Center are launching a campaign to blackmail Internet Service Providers (ISPs) into making the worldwide web safe for Zionist propaganda, by banning sites that host anti-establishment dissent:

"These sites are cataloged in a three-part interactive CD-ROM as part of the center's third attempt to prove to service providers that a growing number of hate groups is using the Internet to recruit young people and distribute propaganda. The center is focusing on the providers because they are paid to host sites on the Internet.

"There needs to be a kind of collective wake-up call," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the center..."Internet service providers must ...institut(e) aggressive guidelines that allow them to bump...groups from their servers...'

"...the Wiesenthal center plans to distribute 5,000 'Racism, Mayhem, & Terrorism: The Emergence of an Online Subculture of Hate' CD-ROMs to law enforcement officials, educators and the public. It hopes these groups will decide to take action once they watch the disk."

Contradicting and exposing Talmudic hatred and Israeli propaganda on the Internet has become a concern for U.S. "law enforcement officials"?

Aren't the rabbis getting a bit ahead of the game, here? America is not quite yet 1918 Bolshevik Russia, where criticism of Jews was a death penalty offense. [4]

Oh, how these Wiesenthal rabbis fear free and fair debate and both sides of the argument having a hearing!

The Wiesenthal fiat to police the American Internet is one of many incremental steps that are intended to make government censorship palatable by degrees.

That is why on May 21, 1998 the Wiesenthal Center hosted numerous speakers from U.S. law enforcement and various prosecutor's offices at Jesuit Gonzaga University Law School--to send a chilling message to American dissidents, suggestive of a tenor of criminalization of thought, whereby our freedoms are already curtailed by a type of pre-emptive intimidation.

The right to scrutinize what has become America's de facto state religion, the cult of the gas chamber relics and the virtual worship of Jewish supremacists, is regarded as a grave offense by the Wiesenthal rabbis. In Europe they have made such critical thinking a crime. They seek to do the same in America and they have powerful allies.

The Wiesenthal Hate Symposium at Gonzaga featured one of Bill Clinton's neo-Bolshevik, "Affirmative Action" Commissars, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez. Previous Wiesenthal Center gatherings hosted top Justice Department enforcer Duval Patrick, another Affirmative Action zealot who uses human rights shibboleths to enforce special rights for a chosen few.

How is it that the Federal government has such a cozy relationship with a Jewish organization headed by two rabbis? The Federal government is violating church/state separation by allowing top Justice Department officials to be sponsored by the Jewish Wiesenthal Center. [According to the May 21, 1998 N.Y. Times, the state of California is also guilty of this violation. California taxpayers recently subsidized the Wiesenthal Center's coffers to the tune of $900,000].

Using law enforcement to suppress criticism of Jewish historical and religious dogmas is clearly unconstitutional. Hence the witchhunters have hit on the notion of "hate speech" as a means for subverting the First Amendment, by demonizing intellectual opponents as a species of sub-human.

The Wiesenthal Center is dedicated to repression of critics and skeptics by stigmatizing dissident intellectuals as "haters" and exploiting its privileged relationship with the Federal government in order to use the Justice Department as its private enforcement arm.

Meanwhile the Wiesenthal Center's own hatred of independent thinking, traditional Christianity, the rights of European-Americans, Palestinians and WWII revisionists, is conveniently omitted from the rigged agenda.

Hatred is not a one-way street. There are Jewish haters like mass murderer Baruch Goldstein and a theology of hate as promulgated in the philosophies of such highly esteemed Jewish religious authorities as Moses Maimonides and Shneur Zalman, whose teachings are implemented by murderous Israeli "settlers" on the occupied West Bank.

Moreover, the Center's eponymous patron saint, Simon Wiesenthal, is a fraud who has destroyed innocent people with false accusations of war crimes.

According to the Chicago Tribune, on Dec. 10, 1974, Wiesenthal contacted the Justice Department and accused the Catholic Polish-American Frank Walus of being a Nazi war criminal. Wiesenthal's evidence was nothing but gossip and hearsay but on the strength of this prestigious mountebank's word, Walus was prosecuted and convicted. Only on appeal was it discovered that Frank Walus was completely innocent.

Walus had been hunted, hounded and impoverished by his legal ordeal, all thanks to Wiesenthal's malicious gossip. [5]

According to historian Mark Weber, "In 1946 Wiesenthal published KZ Mauthausen, an 85 page work that consists mainly of his own amateurish sketches purporting to represent the horrors of the Mauthausen concentration camp. One drawing depicts three inmates who had been bound to posts and brutally put to death by Germans. The sketch is completely phony. It was copied--with some minor alterations--from photographs that appeared in Life magazine in 1945, which...record...execution...of three German soldiers."

Weber reports that in 1946 Wiesenthal published claims about a Nazi facility for making soap from Jewish fat, "Belzec Soap Factory." These soap tales have been debunked by Jewish historians such as Prof. Yehuda Bauer. Even Deborah Lipstadt has denied them. In the same article, Wiesenthal fantasized that masses of 'Jews' were killed in Nazi electrocution showers. [6]

Wiesenthal also lied when he claimed he was "100% sure" that Dr. Josef Mengele was hiding in Paraguay with the help of his German family until 1984. [7]

In fact, Mengele had died in Brazil in 1979. Gerald Posner and John Ware assert that Wiesenthal "compromised his integrity" in the Mengele case with his relentless self-promotion and myth-making. [8]

The Times of London on June 14, 1985 declared that Wiesenthal's vaunted documentary "archive" on Mengele in Vienna was so worthless that it "only sustained his self-confirmatory myths..."

Wiesenthal's great claim to fame was having provided the intelligence that led to the capture of Nazi official Adolf Eichmann. In a letter to the N.Y. Times, Wiesenthal boasted, "I succeeded in putting a number of Nazis on trial...including Adolf Eichmann..." [9]

Actually, this is yet another blatant lie. Wiesenthal had nothing to do with the capture of Eichmann. Isser Harel, former commander of the Israeli secret service, in 278 pages of testimony, declared that Wiesenthal had "absolutely nothing" to do with Eichmann's capture, that Wiesenthal had "no role whatsoever." Harel declared, "All the information supplied by Wiesenthal...was utterly worthless..." [10]

Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, a Socialist of Jewish descent who had been imprisoned by the Gestapo, stated:

"The Wiesenthal group is a quasi-political Mafia that works...with disgraceful methods. Wiesenthal is known as someone who isn't very careful about the truth, who is not very selective with his methods and who uses tricks." [11]

It is certainly fitting that the mendacious Wiesenthal Center has as its namesake a notorious con man.

Of course one should not expect the U.S. establishment media to publish these embarrassing facts. While they are quick to decry "white supremacy," the corporate media are quick to bow before the Jewish supremacists of the Wiesenthal Center, who are using legitimate human rights concerns to impose an Orwellian dictatorship where the alternative side becomes a thought crime and where Simon Wiesenthal is a sanctified "Holocaust martyr" beyond reproach.

Indeed, if the Wiesenthal Center works its sophistry on the American legal profession and the Federal government, it will one day be a crime to publish the pamphlet you are reading now. Any honest examination of Wiesenthal Center activities in Canada and Europe will reveal a ruthless drive for banning and even jailing intellectuals who will not toe the Zionist party line.

For example, according to the Reuters news agency, in early 1998 the Wiesenthal Center demanded that the government of Switzerland prosecute an author who criticized Zionists in a pamphlet: "A Jewish organization asked the Swiss government to investigate who is behind a brochure circulating in the country" concerning the extortion of money from the Swiss people.

"The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center said it had received a copy of the brochure from a prominent Swiss Jew who said it is being widely disseminated in Switzerland.

"The brochure said the controversy over Swiss bank handling of Holocaust-era accounts could be traced to the election of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister of Israel in 1996. It called several U.S. politicians active in the issue, including New York Sen. Alfonse D'Amato and Vice President Al Gore, supporters of the Israeli ruling party. The brochure also refers to the Holocaust as a cult.

"In a letter to Swiss diplomat Thomas Borer, who has been handling the controversy over the Holocaust-era accounts, the Wiesenthal Center's dean, Rabbi Marvin Hier, called on the Swiss government 'to launch an immediate investigation to discover who is responsible for the publishing and dissemination of this anti-Semitic brochure and to hold them fully culpable before the law.'' [12]

Voila, that's all it takes: stigmatize a writer as "anti-semitic," smear his research as "hate," establish Jewish rabbis as the supreme arbiters of truth and goodness, and the state becomes the enforcer of Zionist dogma.

Dr. Israel Shahak reports that the rabbis once used these suppressive tactics against Jewish thinkers who sought to free themselves from the rigid orthodoxy of the Talmud.

Now they are using them against anyone who challenges their claims and their influence.

But who in fact are the haters--the freethinkers who publish recondite documentation exposing hoaxers and their fraud, or the religious zealots who would use the power of the state to silence all who question or think independently?

The naive dupes who accept the Wiesenthal Center's mythology about seeking to advance "human rights" may one day have a rude awakening, when they discover that the human rights in question are actually intended only for the Chosen few.

If the Wiesenthal Center's partnership with Federal prosecutors and law enforcement continues, our American heritage of freedom of speech and press will be gradually diminished and eventually proscribed.

George Orwell warned that the goal of the dictators of the mind was to make even the least vestige of independent thinking impossible.

By labeling all who dissent from Zionist dogma as "bigots" and "haters," the Wiesenthal Center is well on its way to imposing Orwell's nightmare in America.

Michael A. Hoffman II is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press


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