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Elie Wiesel: War Crimes Denier

Open Letter to Wiesel

by Daniel McGowan

I regret that you were unable to attend the Right of Return Conference held at Boston University on April 8, 200. Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, and Ilan Pappe were there, among many other notable presenters. In the evening we held a candlelight vigil to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the massacre at Deir Yassin where over 100 Palestinian men, women and children were murdered by the Irgun and the Stern Gang.

Although you have written with pride at having worked for the Irgun during the massacres and for many months thereafter, 52 years is long enough to recognize that the murder and pillage the Irgun inflicted at Deir Yassin was truly a crime against humanity. As a journalist working for "Zion in Kanf," the publication of the Irgun, you learned the truth of the carnage inflicted on the innocent villagers of Deir Yassin. Over the years you have written literally volumes Against Silence and yet you have never divulged your knowledge of the massacre or expressed any regret of its having occurred.

Our organization believes that in the name of peace and reconciliation the truth of the Palestinian history must also be recognized. The dead villagers of Deir Yassin lie within sight of the most famous Holocaust Memorial at Yad Vashem. But they were never properly buried and there is no memorial for them. Yet, as the Right of Return Conference clearly showed, they will never be forgotten.

We Jews and non-Jews of Deir Yassin Remembered ask you to publicly recognize the crime committed by your employer at Deir Yassin and to denounce those revisionists, like Morton Klein and the Zionist Organization of America, who deny there ever was such a massacre...

Prof. Daniel A. McGowan, Director, Deir Yassin Remembered, Dept. of Economics, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York 14456. Apr. 17, 2000. Source: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs | August-September 2000

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