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A Peek Inside the Cathedral of Our State Religion

by Michael A. Hoffman II

My revisionist colleague and fellow wordsmith L.A. Rollins recently sent a clipping about a reference to a "gas chamber" memorabilia repository as a "shrine." Rollins then referenced the definition of shrine and noted that its denotation is entirely religious.

The U.S., while founded as a Christian nation, opposed the Federal establishment of any denomination of Christianity, to prevent the creation of a state religion.

Ronald Reagan was a leader who disguised himself as a champion of the Old Republic, but who was instrumental in helping to gas Iranians at Faw peninsula, in bombing Arab villages in the Shouf mountains of Lebanon (on the advice of Robert C. McFarlane) and in establishing the synagogue of our nation's first state religion, the "U.S. Holocaust Museum."

Assassin Yitzhak Shamir termed Reagan the best friend the Israelis ever had in the White House (a laurel each successive president seems to merit).

Bonzo Reagan gave a speech at the dedication of the ground-breaking ceremony for the Museum/synagogue, in which he further elucidated the tenets of the exclusive religionism all are bound to profess regarding, "THE Holocaust."

Of course Reagan, the Hollywood clown who was henpecked by his wife and bossed by her San Francisco astrologer, could not write a speech if his life depended on it.

He read the words of neo-con John Podhoretz, son of Zionist militarist Stormin' Norman Podhoretz. The junior Podhoretz had Bonzo say that the Jewish people would still be around long after the American Republic was ground to dust; a memorable and perhaps prescient line which elicited not a peep of protest from the pundit corps.

The Feb. 19, 1998 N.Y. Times brings all this to mind. In the article, "Holocaust Museum Chief Ousted Over Arafat Snafu," we learn that Dr. Walter Reich, director of the U.S. government's synagogue disguised as a "museum," is a psychiatrist.

No kidding. A shrink is the head of the "Holocaust" museum. How appropriate.

It seems that Doc Reich is at the center of yet another internecine battle between the various wings of American Khazardom. It appears that Reich would prefer that the museum maintain a high tone as a pseudo-academic center.

Enter the chairman of the "Holocaust Museum"--Miles Lerman. Chairman Lerman is a millionaire real estate developer from New Jersey (I swear I'm not making this up), and a certified saint ("Survivor").

Lerman, says the N.Y. Times, is "more eager to promote the museum politically..."

In other words, Lerman, the real estate salesman, wants the "Holocaust Museum" to be used to help sell Israeli policies.

This is exactly what Faurisson, Garaudy, Finkelstein and hundreds of revisionists have said is the real goal behind the Shoah-biz industry, to use the Nazi persecution of the Jews as an alibi for the Jewish extrusion of the Palestinians, while extorting ever more guilt, in the form of taxpayer largess, on behalf of the expansion of Jewish supremacy in the U.S. and the Gaza strip.

Dr. Reich and the higher class oberjuden demure, believing that tacky promotions and overt forays into politics will detract from the museum's dignity, thus revealing the actual politico-religious agenda behind it.

The flap over Arafat is just a barometer of the underlying conflict.

Arafat is pretty stupid ( though many of the PLO people around him are not). Instead of visiting Jewish wax museums he should be building and promoting a Palestinian museum of the Israeli holocaust against Arabs.

But, the poor schmuck sought to gain "credibility" by making a pilgrimage to the U.S. Holocaust Museum/Synagogue to prove to the world how humane he is (as noted, this chap's I.Q. is not far above his shoe size).

Naturally, Arafat was ritually degraded by the Jewish psychiatrist-director who demanded that he genuflect, seek absolution and wear sackcloth and ashes before entering the "shrine."

Arafat had sought admission to the Jewish Chamber of Horrors as a head of state, with all suitable pomp and protocol. Reich refused (the Feb. 19 N.Y. Times article omits this previously reported fact and is now blaming Arafat's failure to attend the museum on Monica Lewinsky!).

Okay, if you think all this stinks, fasten your seatbelt for a quick tour of the malodorous underside of Khazaria's dramatis personae.

It turns out that Dr. Reich, the psychiatrist, was only the second choice for the museum director's job. The first choice was Stephen Katz, a Jewish professor at Cornell who "had to quit before starting because he misrepresented his academic credentials."

Meanwhile, the psychiatrist is being fired from the director's post in part because he has offended another member of the "Holocaust Museum's" governing council, Aaron Miller, who happens to be a diplomat at the U.S. State Department under Jewish official Dennis Ross.

While Aaron Miller and Dennis Ross side with the New Jersey real estate developer, Daniel Schorr, "senior news analyst at National Public Radio," sides with the psychiatrist.

Even witchhunter Neal Sher, John Demjanjuk's persecutor who doubled as head of the OSI War Crimes division of the U.S. Justice Department and later as director of the chief Israeli lobby in the U.S. (AIPAC), has gotten into the act, also allying with Dr. Reich.

Referee for this sordid squabble is Marvin Kalb, director of something called the "Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy" at Harvard University.

Kalb's assessment is that the controversy "...reflects a deeper philosophic difference, rooted in the central vision of whether the Holocaust Museum should be used tactically and politically..."

In the whole length and breadth of this dispute, there is not a Gentile in sight. The bosses, opinion-moulders and movers-and-shakers are all Jews. They administer the cathedral of America's State Religion of the Holohoax.

Gentiles do have a role however. Our responsibility is to pony up the $30 million in taxpayer funds that this Synagogue on the Potomac requires to further propagate the Jewish religion's Shoah theology to two million acolytes annually.

As with all state religions of the past, to dissent or to question is to "hate." The State will promote the truth. Opposition is error and error has no rights.

222 years ago American farmers shed their blood to overthrow a king who sought to impose a remarkably similar tyranny upon them.

In our era, Ronald Reagan and his epigones right and left imposed it without firing a shot and with each passing day, the wages of their treason accelerate the reign of the religion of Caiphas over ourselves and our posterity.

[Michael A. Hoffman II is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press]

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