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THE FACT SPIELBERG SUPPRESSED IN SCHINDLER'S LIST: The Commandant of Krakau-Plaszow (Amon Goeth) Was Arrested by the SS for Brutality against Inmates

By Michael A. Hoffman II. Research by Alan R. Critchley.

Copyright ©1994 and ©1997 by Hoffman and Critchley. All Rights Reserved.

The Academy Award winning liturgy of our state "Holocaust" religion--Spielberg's holy movie--would have fallen into disrepute and made a laughing-stock of its premise (that the entire German military consisted of homicidal robots), had the viewing public been aware of the fact that the SS Commandant of concentration camp Krakau-Plaszow (Amon Goeth), the chief villain of "Schindler's List," had been arrested by the SS Judicial Police for "acts of brutality and sadism" against inmates, among other crimes.

The war ended before Goeth could be executed by the SS, but other wicked concentration camp commandants (at Buchenwald and Lublin) were shot by the SS high command for, among other crimes, brutality against inmates.

This vital, exculpatory information has been censored by Spielberg in order to maintain his propaganda depiction of the German military in the worst possible light.

The fact that the SS, under orders from Heinrich Himmler, attempted to operate the concentration camps (KZ) in a humane manner, in part by prosecuting, jailing and even executing brutal Nazi concentration camp personnel, has been nearly completely suppressed in much of the discussion of the history of World War Two.

One of the key officers who was instrumental in Himmler's campaign to attempt to ensure the human rights of KZ inmates, was the heroic and incorruptible SS Judge Konrad Morgen. His testimony follows:

From Affidavit SS-65 by SS Judge Konrad Morgen, IMT Vol. 42, p. 556:

Individual criminal acts - in these cases having broad implications - included: the assumption of a license to kill by commandants and subordinates concealed through falsification of medical death certificates.

Arbitrary conduct, chicanery, unlawful corporal punishments, acts of brutality and sadism, liquidation of no-longer-convenient accomplices, theft and black-market profiteering.

ALL OF THESE OFFENSES WERE COMMITTED both alone by prisoners AS WELL AS BY PERSONNEL OF THE SS, most however in conspiracy between SS personnel with kapos (Jewish concentration camp guards).

The intervention of SS jurisdiction in the concentration camps commenced with the initiation of my investigations in July 1943 and lasted until the conclusion of the war. It could not have started sooner, because there were no suspicions in this regard.

Arrested were the commandants of Buchenwald, Lublin, Warschau, Herzogenbosch, KRAKAU-PLASZOW.

The commandants of Buchenwald and Lublin were shot.

More than a hundred cases were brought to a verdict. Maximum punishments were imposed on members of all ranks.

[Emphasis supplied]


This is the reality which Spielberg could not portray in his film. His movie's racist hatred for Germans in uniform could not brook any contradiction from the facts of the documentary record.

Millions of people are ignorant of these facts and Spielberg has increased the bigotry and hate in the world by producing a cinematic fantasy--Schindler's List--which demonizes the entire German military, some of whose leaders were, in truth, as horrified and angered by brutality against inmates as any other decent human being would be, and took direct action to stop it.

But in the racist campaign to dehumanize the Germans, facts inconvenient to negative stereotyping become stigmatized as "anti-semitic" and consigned to the memory hole.

Historians, journalists and the public are being stampeded into accepting as gospel truth the superstitions of a new state religion. If one dares to point out the lies, censorship and bigotry of the homicidal gas chamber cult, one is immediately accused of being a heretic -- i.e. an "anti-semite," a "neo-Nazi" or a "hate-monger."

The successful ascription of any one of those epithets is sufficient to cause the heretic in question to lose his reputation, his career and in Canada and Europe, his freedom and perhaps even his physical security (in France in 1989 revisionist Prof. Robert Faurisson was nearly beaten to death).

It is by these means--deceit, psychological warfare, witchhunts, show trials, the dungeon and ultimately, physical terror--and by these means alone--that the state religion of the Six Million Myth maintains its suzerainty over the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people in the West.

--Michael A. Hoffman II. Research by Alan R. Critchley.

Copyright©1994 and ©1997 by Hoffman and Critchley

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