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Mehr News Agency Interview with Hoffman follows this press release

ADL Worried About Iran's Cooperation with Revisionist Historians

Iranian News Agency Is Megaphone for Notorious Holocaust Deniers

Feb. 14, 2006

Contact: Myrna Shinbaum, 212-885-7747 or Todd Gutnick, 212-885-7755, of the Anti-Defamation League

NEW YORK, Feb. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Over the last three months an Iranian news agency has provided an open platform to Western Holocaust deniers, in effect aiding the Iranian government's efforts to promote anti-Semitism and to cast doubt on the historical truth of the Holocaust.The semi-official Mehr News Agency, whose articles are made available on the Internet in Farsi, Arabic and English and widely circulated throughout the Muslim and Arab world, has featured interviews with some of the world's most active and notorious Holocaust deniers, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which works to expose the activities and rhetoric of Holocaust deniers.

The interviews have come as the Iranian government led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dramatically stepped up its efforts to promote Holocaust denial both in words and actions."It is no coincidence that at a time when the leaders Iran are placing a new emphasis on promoting Holocaust denial and anti- Semitism, an Iranian news agency is serving as the megaphone to some of the West's most notorious Holocaust deniers," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "In giving legitimacy to Western deniers, Iran is becoming the new flashpoint for Holocaust denial in the Middle East by promoting this anti- Semitic conspiracy."

The interviews come at a time when Iranian leaders have placed Holocaust denial at center stage, with high-level government officials openly promoting conspiracy theories about the Holocaust, claiming that it was a "myth" invented by Jews. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has recently announced plans to hold an international conference to "assess" the Holocaust.

And in the wake of the Mohammad cartoon controversy in Europe, Hamshahri, one of Iran's top five daily newspapers, announced a contest soliciting tasteless and offensive Holocaust cartoons and asking, "What is the Limit of Western Freedom of Expression?" Since November 2005, the Mehr News Agency has featured interviews with the following Holocaust deniers (excerpts available at ):

-- Arthur Butz, a professor of electrical engineering and author of the 1977 book, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. He told Mehr News, "The alleged slaughter of millions of Jews by the Germans during World War II did not happen" (January 25, 2006).

-- Michael A. Hoffman II, an Idaho-based Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist. Hoffman termed the Holocaust, "a religious cult masquerading as history" and "a means for Judaizing the West" (January 24, 2006).

-- Fredrick Toben, a German-born Holocaust denier who lives in Australia and who has been convicted in Germany of inciting racial hatred. Toben stated in his interview, "Auschwitz was a transit camp." (December 28, 2005)

-- Paul Fromm, a far-right activist and Holocaust denier from Canada who has championed the cause of Ernst Zundel, a fellow denier and pro-Nazi ideologue. Fromm seasoned his comments on the Holocaust "story" with traditional stereotypes about Jewish control of the media and government (December 24, 2005).

-- Mark Weber, director of the California-based Institute for Historical Review, an organization that promotes Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. Weber called Holocaust remembrance "a one- sided campaign designed to further Zionist interests" (December 11, 2005).

-- Robert Faurisson, 76, of France, a retired professor of French literature and a Holocaust denier since the late 1970s. Faurisson portrayed the Holocaust as the basis for U.S. and allied military operations in the Middle East. "The more those in the West believe in the 'Holocaust,' the more Muslims they will kill and cause to be killed in Palestine, in Afghanistan, in Iraq or elsewhere" (November 9, 2005).

Holocaust denial is essentially an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory of vast proportions, a revision of old anti-Jewish charges updated for the 21st century. It posits that for their own selfish purposes Jews have created a monstrous tale of their own destruction, and deliberately inflicted the hoax on virtually the entire world. Holocaust denial is undergirded by the belief that Jews and their agents forged documents, fabricated evidence, corrupted the media and co-opted governments into supporting their claims of a genocide that never really happened.

While finding few supporters in the West, Holocaust deniers have in recent years attempted to bring their anti-Semitic campaign to a new audience in the Muslim and Arab world, where they have found fertile ground in long festering anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes. In 2001, ADL published Holocaust Denial in the Middle East: The Latest Anti-Israel Propaganda Theme, explaining this trend.

Additional background on Holocaust denial available online at To speak with an expert, contact ADL Media Relations at 212-885-7749 or e-mail

"Holocaustianity: The state religion of the United States of America"

Michael A. Hoffman II Interviewed by the Iranian Mehr News Agency

Mehr News January 4, 2006: As you know, nowadays the "holocaust" has been turned in to a religion. How has this come about?

Hoffman: The US Constitution mandates a separation of church and state; that is to say, there can be no establishment of any single religion as the official creed of the US government. The Judaics managed to get around this through the "Holocaust." By pretending that the "Holocaust" is history, they turn what is actually a synagogue into a "holocaust museum."

This is the case in Washington D.C. where President Ronald Reagan--the American leader who urged Saddam Hussein to wipe out the Islamic Republic of Iran--instituted the "US Holocaust Museum" on federal property. But this "museum" does not adhere to rules of evidence and does not submit its exhibits to critical inquiry and investigation. Skepticism is not allowed because the "Holocaust" does not entail the history of World War Two, rather it is a religion, the religion of Judaism for gentiles. To honestly question or doubt the details of the gas chambers is to be a "hater" and an "anti-semite." Historical accounts can be questioned and doubted freely. Religion cannot be questioned or doubted. Therefore, the "Holocaust" is a religious cult masquerading as history. The US "Holocaust Museum" is actually a synagogue comprising a house of worship for the first state religion of the United States of America, Holocaustianity.

Mehr News: Mr. Hoffman, why does the European Union and the US government inhibit critical discussion about the "holocaust"?

Hoffman: Europe has a long history of suppressing freedom of speech, in spite of having the temerity to lecture Muslims about "democracy" and "human rights." Historically, nations like France, Austria and Germany never adopted the standard of freedom of speech for everyone. Instead, they have clung to the notion of the old Church that "error has no rights." Error may have no rights, but who is to say what constitutes error in history? Who has the authority to decide how we fix the record of history? A masonic judge? A Zionist tribunal? A Prime Minister? The grand rabbi? The pope? The UN?

I don't think we can have real history by decree. Real history is based on curiosity and investigation, not dogma and preconception. The truth about the alleged homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz, like the truth about the religion of Judaism itself (which is not based on the Old Testament, but on the traditions of the rabbis), would destabilize the whole raison d'etre of modern Europe.

The governments of Europe follow a masonic paradigm wherein Judaism is the supreme ideology and the source of spirituality. To allow freedom of inquiry into the authentic nature of the "Holocaust" and of rabbinic Judaism itself, would destroy the basis of the masonic vision of the European Union, which entails the revival of the Tower of Babel, in this case in Brussels.

The President of Iran was quite correct when he pointed out that the prophets of the Bible may be attacked and insulted in Europe with impunity. The Talmud itself insults the prophet Isaiah by decreeing that he deserved to be killed for criticizing Israel. Hate speech against Christ or the prophet Isaiah is legal in Europe, whereas revisionism is not, because above God and the prophets are the rabbis. This too is a Talmudic principle. So we observe today in Europe the rabbinic tale of the homicidal Auschwitz gas chambers and the Kabbalistic figure of "Six Million" dead, venerated as the last sacred dogma of the otherwise agnostic West. As in the past, the credibility of the dogma is maintained by jailers and dungeons, otherwise it would collpase under the ponderous weight of its own mendacity and hallucination.

Mehr News: Why is that while we see that the number of those who are questioning the "holocaust" is rising, Zionist propaganda about the holocaust is also on the rise?

Hoffman: Muslims and Arabs must match the sophisticated technology-- if not the prevaricating methodology --of the Hollywood Zionists. Iran is a recognized world leader in the production of artistic movies. Why not gather your best screen-writers, directors and actors and produce a truthful, big-budget movie about the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians? About Sharon's terror-bombing of Beirut in the summer of 1982; about Donald Rumsfeld and Ronald Reagan having aided and abetted Saddam's Iraqi war on Iran?

Muslims and Arabs have allowed the power of the cinema to be monopolized by the Zionists. It is time you produced movies to counter those of Spielberg and his ilk and their multi-faceted lies. If produced with English subtitles and properly distributed and advertised, these could have an enormous impact on public opinion in the West.

You could begin with a website produced by your government, titled: The Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians. I was the first to do this on the Internet and my effort may be viewed at

One more recommendation: please try to equip the Palestinian people with small digital movie cameras to record the Israeli atrocities as they happen and encourage them to build a fortified, underground video editing studio where all the footage could be assembled; so that when the New York Times or CNN cover up these crimes or ignore them, the Muslims will have the evidence, on video. Such footage will constitute testimony for a future court in war crime trials of Israeli leaders.

Finally, I pray for peace between the American and Iranian peoples.

(Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of six books. His website is:

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