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Ted Pike's Reply to Hoffman and Hoffman's Rejoinder

April, 2006

Rev. Ted Pike has published a reply to my column, Misbegotten Alliance: Ted Pike and Rabbi Lapin. Pike titles his reply "Guilt by Association?" I have issued the following rejoinder based on excerpts from his reply.

Introduction: What is remarkable about the case of Ted Pike is that he is a minister who has some knowledge of the evil contained within the Talmud, but proceeds nonetheless to cooperate with Talmudic rabbis such as Daniel Lapin and Yisroel Dovid Weiss, which signifies that either Rev. Pike's grasp of the rabbinic texts is shallow, or he actually believes that one can cooperate with evil on the Machiavellian basis that the end justifies the means. In that sense he would be more culpable than the average "preacher from Peoria," who has no clear idea what the Talmud actually represents and endorses rabbis based on ignorance. It would seem that Ted Pike cannot use that defense and in fact, he does not.

Rev. Pike begins his reply by comparing himself to Jesus, who was criticized as a "friend of publicans and sinners." This writer has of course made no such criticism. Mr. Pike can associate for purposes of evangelism with all the sinners and tax collectors he cares to, and he won't hear a peep out of me.

Ted Pike: "Winston Churchill, during England's darkest hours, said that if the devil himself would offer his services to defeat Hitler, he would take them. I can't go that far, but considering the extremity of the danger to our world and nation, I don't ask too many questions of those who want to help me in the fight for freedom."

Hoffman: Churchill was one of the greatest mass murders in modern history, responsible for the deliberate mass incineration of German civilians by air force firebombing during World War II, and close cooperation with Joseph Stalin, the Communist butcher, in helping the latter expand the tentacles of the Soviet system over formerly Christian lands. Pike says that while he can't go so far as to advocate an alliance with the devil himself, as Churchill did, under the circumstances he doesn't "ask too many questions of those who want to help" him.

That blithe statement in itself disqualifies Rev. Pike from a leadership position, since he is setting himself and his operation up for infiltration and subversion by covert agents of the Cryptocracy, of whom he doesn't "ask too many questions." This is foolish and irresponsible.

Ted Pike: "One of the most powerful tools for awakening the church and nation was provided by Rabbi Daniel Lapin of 'Toward Tradition,' a politically conservative, orthodox Jewish organization in Seattle. On his international TV program, aired on Trinity Broadcasting, Lapin warned an enormous Pentecostal audience that 'evangelical Christians are now under relentless attack from secular Judaism.' I have trumpeted his warning to countless more, awakening Christians to a brand new idea: Israel-first evangelicals may love evil Jewish leaders, but they are not loved in return. Such Jewish leaders as ADL's Foxman are formidably opposed to everything Christian, working night and day to remove Christian values from society."

Hoffman: Pike states that Rabbi Lapin is helping him awaken "Christians to a brand new idea: Israel-first evangelicals may love evil Jewish leaders, but they are not loved in return."

Well of course they are Ted. Gentile neo-con Zionists like John Hagee are "loved" by Rabbi Lapin. Isn't Lapin a "Jewish leader"?

They are also cherished by Binyamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Likud party and many other Judaic leaders who appreciate the extent to which neo-con church-goers are assisting Israelis on the road to nuclear war with Iran, and any other nation that is critical of Zionism and seeks protection from Mr. Bush's "pre-emptive first-strike" doctrine, by acquiring just a few of the atomic bombs which the Israelis possess in the hundreds. The Iranians have noticed the disparity in the US approach to nuclear-armed North Korea and conventionally armed Iraq. The former enjoys immunity from military attack; the latter is a bombed-out ruin.

In the war for Israeli supremacy, "Israel-first evangelicals" are a key constituent of Israeli policy and courted on that basis by religious Zionists and Orthodox rabbis. Pike speaks in sloppy generalities when he claims that "Jewish leaders" don't love neo-con "Israel first" church goers. As a general statement this is a falsehood.

Ted Pike: "Some have criticized me for thanking Rabbi Lapin and encouraging him to continue to alert both Christians and Jews."

Hoffman: Rev. Pike was moved to write his response due to my exposé, but he does not have the candor to mention me by name in his reply, so I am reduced to constituting part of a faceless crowd named "some" and "they" (see below).

Ted Pike: "They say I am giving the impression that Rabbi Lapin is sincere. Actually, they say, he is but the 'front man' for hidden anti-Christ forces; he leads the 'religious right' the way Abe Foxman leads the Jewish left. Yet, I ask, if Rabbi Lapin is as evil and devious as that, why the gift of the most explicit unprecedented warning against evil Jewish leaders that lovers of freedom could hope to receive?"

Hoffman: Lapin has made his allegedly fantastic "gift" for the reasons I noted in my original column, in order to preserve Zionism's church-going, Republican Right-wing constituency. Lapin is the emissary to that faction, while the ADL's Foxman is charged with keeping pro-Zionist, liberal Democrat Left-wingers in the fold. Why is this so difficult for Mr. Pike to comprehend? The ADL must criticize neo-con church goers in order to appease liberal supporters of Israel in the US; Lapin's wing must criticize liberal Judaics in order to appease conservative supporters of Israel in the US, with Ted Pike acting as the facilitator who lends credibility to the Right wing of this clandestine operation.

Ted Pike:  "Yes, Rabbi Lapin is working to bring the whole world under the more 'rational' jurisdiction of Hebrew monotheism. Yet, unlike ADL/B'nai B'rith, he is not publicly smashing Christendom's most cherished values and symbols in the process. Actually, Rabbi Lapin's persistent admonitions to American Jews to deeply appreciate America and its Christian culture fulfill God's command to exiled Jews to seek the peace and welfare of the nations in which they dwell (Jer. 29:4)."

Hoffman: Here's where Rev. Pike goes off the deep-end. Lapin can't be working on behalf of "Hebrew monotheism" AND the religion of Judaism, the two are mutually contradictory. A religion that worships itself is a religion of strange gods, not one God. The Talmud declares that the prophet Isaiah was rightly killed for having said that Israel has "unclean lips." Let's try to follow Pike's "reasoning": the Talmud completely nullifies the Old Testament and applauds the murder of prophet Isaiah for having accused Israel of being unclean, but Talmudist Daniel Lapin is indeed actually working to bring the world under the "jurisdiction" (!) of Hebrew monotheism.

Pike's statement about Lapin's monotheism and "jurisdiction" over "the whole world" comes dangerously close to the postulates of the sinister "Noachide" hoax, by which Talmudic rabbis wish to line up the gentiles under their supposed "Hebrew monotheistic" jurisdiction, on the basis of their interpretation of the "seven laws of Noah." Come clean, Ted Pike, do you endorse the "Noachide" scam? This hustle is the Right-wing version of Moses Hess' Judaic Communist swindle. In both instances, gentiles volunteer for their own extermination as (choose your poison): Naive "Noachides" who are subsequently executed for worshipping Jesus (a capital crime of "idolatry" under the rabbinic Noachide law), or naive "brotherhood of man" Socialists subsequently executed for "anti-Semitism" (a capital crime in Bolshevik Russia).

Ted Pike:  "Rabbi Lapin is aggressively outspoken against ADL, or what he calls 'secular Judaism.' He is critical not only of its anti-Christianity but its eagerness to label its opponents anti-Semitic. In fact, his organization offers to assist any Christian or conservative who has been so threatened or tarnished."

Hoffman: Is Ted Pike seriously suggesting that Rabbi Lapin's organization will assist "any Christian" who has been "tarnished" by accusations of "anti-semitism?" Lapin will assist Michael A. Hoffman II? Craig Heimbichner? Herman Otten? Charles Provan? Dale Crowley Jr? Ted Weiland? What Pike should say, if he cares anything for veracity, is that Lapin will help any neo-con church-goer who has sold his Christian faith for a pot of John Hagee's Zionist lentils. So that, if in the course of campaigning against abortionists and homosexuals a Right wing neo-con church goer is castigated as "anti-semitic," Lapin will extend him a kosher certificate.

While it's certainly vital that we protect unborn children from abortion, and oppose the mainstreaming of sodomy in our nation, abortion and homosexuality are but symptoms of an underlying evil which is the source of these grave disorders. Pike's obsession with symptoms and with putative rabbinic champions of their alleviation, causes him to overlook the source of the abortion and homosexual abominations: the legal philosophy of Pharisaic casuistry which adjusts the law of God to changing circumstances. What is more, there is rabbinic permission for abortion and the homosexual molestation of boys under certain circumstances. How in heaven's name can Pike justify in any way, shape or form any connection with rabbis who follow the Talmud? The connection itself makes a mockery of the Christian campaign against abortion and sodomy.

Ted Pike: "I am under no illusions about Rabbi Lapin. He is a Pharisee, Talmudist, and Zionist of the deepest persuasion. On his programs and in his books, Lapin attempts to elicit our admiration for the Pharisees, their methods, and the Talmud they created. In 'educating' us about Talmudism, he creates an extremely distorted, white-washed facsimile of what rabbinic Judaism is really about. Only by such distortion can he succeed in his goal of obtaining complete acceptance of rabbinic Judaism within Christian society.

Hoffman: What a confession! This is absolutely crazy. Lapin is the rabbi Ted Pike is knowingly endorsing and promoting, a rabbi who Pike openly acknowledges is a "Pharisee, Talmudist...of the deepest persuasion" who "creates an extremely distorted, white-washed facsimile of what rabbinic Judaism is really about" in order to "succeed in his goal of obtaining complete acceptance of rabbinic Judaism within Christian society." And guess who's helping him accomplish this dreadful evil by promoting his website and mailing address and lauding him as a potential "new Moses"? None other than the Rev. Ted Pike!

Ted Pike "In his opposition to liberal Jewish activism and its civil liberties 'muscle' organizations, such as ADL and JDL, Rabbi Lapin is similar to Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, leader of the ultra Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta movement. (See and Neturei Karta asserts that Israel, having been exiled for disobeying the Pharisees, cannot be repatriated to Palestine except in obedience to God and the Pharisees. Neturei Karta absolutely opposes Zionism and the largely secular state of Israel."

Hoffman: Neturei Karta is a Talmudic rabbinic organization that is opposed to Zionism, as were virtually all Talmudic rabbis from the beginning of rabbinic Judaism down to the 19th century. It was only with the coming of the first Talmudic Zionist, Moses Hess, that rabbis began to gradually soften their stand on a Judaic state in Palestine, and then only with tremendous reluctance. It was not until the 20th century and the systemization of religious Zionist thought under the Kabbalistic Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Kook, that Zionism won the allegiance of a significant portion of Orthodox Judaism. For nearly 1900 years, almost all Orthdoox rabbis opposed Zionism. Did this anti-Zionist opposition somehow render them benevolent in the eyes of Christian authorities, Bible scholars and theologians of the past? How could it, when in every other respect, Neturei Karta and allied anti-Zionist rabbinic sects like the Satmar, advocate all of the murderous anti-Christ filth that Judaism represents? Israel Shahak reports that the Neturei Karta rabbis use Jesus' name as a swear word in connection with imprecations they hurl at their tribal enemies. For example they called Yasser Arafat, "Arafat Jesus" (cf. Jewish History, Jewish Religion, ch. 5, note no. 70).

It almost seems as though every time we discover another batch of Orthodox Right wing rabbinic scoundrels, there's Ted Pike apologizing for them or promoting them. Someone please tell me, what is the essential difference between Pike and Hagee? Is Pike's special mission to bring even those opposed to the Talmud somehow into the rabbinic fold? People too suspicious of the Talmud to heed Hagee, seem to heed Pike. Are we witnessing a new development in the plan to co-opt the opposition?

Ted Pike: "For purposes of fragmenting the awesome powers of organized world Jewry, presided over by ADL/B'nai B'rith, many critics of Zionism have allied themselves with Rabbi Weiss. I also have taken advantage of the leverage Rabbi Weiss and his movement contribute."

Hoffman: Does this admission by Pike of being unequally yoked with these Christ-hating molesters--one of whose number is currently under arrest in the Israeli state for murdering and biting the neck (!) of his infant son--really require a reply? Pike is not fragmenting Judaism. He's not gaining "leverage." Judaism is sifting Christianity by means of Pike.

Ted Pike: "Rabbis Lapin and Weiss spin the term 'Torah' to give the impression that they are "Torah-observant Jews," primarily adherents of the Old Testament. This ingratiates them to Christians and conservatives, yet nothing could be further from the truth."

Hoffman: Absolutely correct. Why then does Pike disseminate phone numbers, websites and mailing addresses for these deceitful men and urge his own followers to ally with them? Why should we have anything to do with people who could not be "further from the truth"? What kind of muddled, double-minded trap are we being led into?

Ted Pike: "... it cannot be denied that Rabbi Weiss and the Neturei Karta provide a powerful alternative voice within Judaism that is challenging the historically undisputed control of ADL/B'nai B'rith."

Hoffman: So we should help ensure that Right wing Talmudic Neturei Karta rabbis replace left wing masonic ADL rabbis for control of Judaism? What possible difference can this make, except to give us the fatal illusion that a tyranny has been lifted? When in fact all that will have been achieved, is that we will have replaced one set of tyrants with another set and "got fooled again." Is this the destiny of Christians after Pentecost, to be fodder for being fooled again and again? Is such vulnerability to chicanery not a kind of ritualistic mockery of the promises of Christ for victorious living?

Ted Pike: "...Neturei Karta is popularizing the truly Biblical truth that Jews can't return to Israel as a nation except in obedience to God. In this regard, they are closer than Christian evangelicals to God's timeless requirement that the Jews must obey in order to dwell in the land."

Hoffman: This self-deluding palaver is becoming painful to read. No Talmudic rabbi counsels Biblical truth. They counsel Talmudic dissimulation. "Obedience to God" in Judaism is a coded phrase -- not for obedience to Yahweh, whose name Judaics are not even allowed to pronounce -- it is code for obedience to the real god(s) of Judaism: the rabbis themselves. How can Pike think otherwise? The Talmud states that God studies the Talmud, and that God admits that the rabbis have defeated Him in debate. Neturei Karta decrees that the Israelis will be punished for failing to heed the Talmud. That is the "sin" of Zionism in the eyes of Neturei Karta. Pike acknowledges that the rabbis "spin the term 'Torah' to give the impression that they are...primarily adherents of the Old Testament," and then he helps them with their spin by linking them to "Biblical truth" and "Hebrew monotheism."

Ted Pike: "Would I appear on a program opposing ADL with Rabbi Lapin or Rabbi Weiss? Absolutely! Does that mean I have compromised the truth? Absolutely not! Jesus had lunch with a Pharisee (Lk. 7:36) and an extended conversation with a Pharisaic leader, Nicodemus (Jn. 3). His truthtelling and salty reproof continued unaffected."

Hoffman: Does Pike dare to accuse Jesus of using Pike's methods of endorsing Pharisees on the grounds of not asking "too many questions of those who want to help me in the fight for freedom"? Is this how Jesus behaved toward the Pharisees? Jesus was attempting to convert Israel, including the Pharisees, to change them from being the spiritual children of hell to being the children of God. That was the only reason he dined with a Pharisee in Luke 7:36-50.

He conversed with Nicodemus on harsh terms for the same reasons, admonishing him at John 3:9, "You are a teacher in Israel and you do not know these things!" Again, as in Luke 7, nowhere in John 3 does Jesus endorse, promote, empathize with or otherwise condone any sort of relationship with these Pharisees other than that of evangelist to the degenerate. Is this what Ted Pike is, a missionary to the perverted rabbis, seeking to have them cease their depravity while announcing to the world the degree to which they are sunk in abomination, blasphemy and evil? Mr. Pike is doing nothing of the kind. On the contrary, he says we are going to owe these workers of iniquity "eternal gratitude." He speaks of Rabbi Lapin in the most exalted terms possible, as a potential "new Moses." Our Savior did nothing like this; quite the opposite.

To draw any parallels between the tactics of Ted Pike and those of Jesus Christ is to subtly imply that Jesus was confused, a claim advanced by "The Last Tempation of Christ." But Jesus was not confused. He was beaten, spat upon, tormented, scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to a cross and murdered in a particularly shaming fashion, precisely because, unlike Rev. Ted Pike, he absolutely would not compromise in any way, to any degree for any reason, with the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Ted Pike " a follower of the New Testament, I believe that rabbinic Judaism is the 'synagogue of Satan,' a lying anti-Christ religious system..."

Hoffman: And yet these are Ted Pike's friends and allies! "The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways" (James 1:8). Now permit him to explain why he absolutely must make an alliance with this 'synagogue of Satan" and this 'lying anti-Christ religious system":

Ted Pike: "Of course, I would love to persuade both of these Jewish leaders to trust in Israel's true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Yet, as one struggling to save America, I must be free to accept their help to fragment the staggering power of ADL/B'nai B'rith. In so doing, I pattern myself precisely after St. Paul. Brought up on charges of heresy by the Jewish Sanhedrin, he sided with the theology of the Pharisees in their belief in an afterlife. By so doing, Paul inflamed the opponents of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, who denied the resurrection. Result: both Pharisees and Sadducees went at each other, forgetting the main reason they had convened, which was to persecute Paul. Having split "organized Jewry" into two warring factions, Paul saved his life (Acts 23:6).

Hoffman: Is Ted Pike on trial for his life in front of the Sanhedrin like the Apostle Paul was? I must have missed that. Did the Apostle Paul label any of his Pharisaic judges a potential "new Moses" as Ted Pike has labeled Rabbi Lapin? Pike is extrapolating from a courtroom tactic which Paul used to preserve his life in order to continue his missionary work against Judaism, into a strategy for American Christianity. The analogy is utterly specious. Even when on trial for his life Paul called his rabbinic judges "whitewashed walls" (hypocrites) to their face. Once he got free of the court, he didn't then go out and preach to the gentiles, "Let's ally with the Pharisees to defeat the Sadducees in order to advance Christianity."

Christ lumped the Pharisees and the Sadducees together as a "brood of vipers" (Matthew 3: 7-8). In Matthew 16:11-12, Jesus warned us to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees." He did not favor one side against the other, for the very notion is itself part of this toxic yeast or "leaven." This is what Pike has fallen for in defending the "conservative" rabbinic Pharisees in opposition to the liberal ADL Sadduccees. The implication of his tragically distorted reasoning is that we are better off under the Pharisees than under the Sadducees. Here is the yeast that makes the moldy loaf of Judaism rise. Get it straight, Ted: you can't outsmart Satan at his own game. This is what Jesus was warning against. You have failed to heed His warning and you are misleading who knows how many thousands or tens of thousands in this regard. Satan is sifting you like wheat.

Paul preserved his life so that he could go out on the highways and byways and warn the people that the leaders of Judaism "both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men."

Where does it say Paul formed any sort of alliance with those who please not God and are contrary to all men?

Rev. Pike imagines that he is going to both raise the prestige of Orthdox Judaism and its "new Moses," and at the same time condemn it as Talmudic spin, and in this way the truth will be served. In fact, what he is doing is symbolic of the state of double-minded confusion that exists within much of the Right wing today.

Ted Pike: "...if Rabbi Lapin or any other Jewish leader could create a rebellion within Jewry, breaking B'nai B'rith's hammerlock of control, such an initiative would be deserving of the support and eternal gratitude of every lover of freedom."

Hoffman Let's decode this double-talk: "If a leading Pharisee could break the Sadducees' hammerlock (sic) of control, such a Pharisaic initiative would deserve the support and eternal gratitude of every lover of freedom."

First, the ADL does not "control Jewry." It wields power over its designated sphere of influence: the liberal Zionist wing among the Judaics.

Rabbis within the powerful Chabad-Lubavitch sect, and Daniel Lapin wield power over their designated sphere of influence: the conservative Zionist wing. Together these two wings rule Judaism, and through it, the West. The ADL is not an almighty entity whereby if we could just dismantle the ADL, Christianity would enjoy a springtime of freedom and revival. That's horse manure. Christians were being killed, persecuted, economically crushed by Shylocks, manipulated into fratricidal wars and sold into mental, spiritual and physical slavery long before their was an ADL. It was Orthodox Judaics like Rabbi Lapin and the Neturei Karta who were expelled from England and Spain by the Catholic monarchs King Edward I and Queen Isabella. Martin Luther advocated similar measures in Germany; Peter Stuyvesant sought the extrusion of Judaics in New Holland, and the Puritan William Prynne fought to keep them out of Cromwell's England. Meanwhile Rev. Ted Pike upholds them as paradigmatic freedom-fighters who deserve our "eternal gratitude." His is a novel gospel that violates everything history teaches us about Judaism and its adherents.

Ted Pike: 'Rejecting the rule against 'guilt by association,' Jesus knew that in order to save sinners, He would have to associate with them."

Hoffman: Guilt by association has nothing to do with my argument. People can't help associating with those with whom they just happen to share the same church, club, school or neighborhood. To impugn someone merely on this basis is "guilt by association." But if a person chooses to directly endorse or promote another person or sect , that person should take responsibility for the endsorsement/promotion and not holler "guilt by association." If you choose to endorse a rabbi (Lapin) or a rabbinic sect (Neturei Karta), then be prepared for the consequences of the choice you have made.

By all means, Ted Pike, save sinners wherever you find them. End your alliance with and promotion of Antichrist: denounce Lapin and Neturei Karta and break all your ties with them; repent of this misdirection and make amends for your supposedly so very clever strategy, which neither Christ nor the apostles ever taught or practiced. Put an end to the gospel of Pike, the gospel of being unequally yoked, and return to the Gospel of Christ.

Ted Pike: "I believe that if He (Jesus) were in human form today, He would be all over talk radio. He would not refuse bookings because they were not respectable. He would speak wherever He was allowed to tell the whole truth."

Hoffman: A statement like this is just a diversion. I have never said anything so ridiculous as "appearances on talk radio are not respectable."

In Summary: There seem to be two Ted Pikes. One is a Christian knowledgeable about the wickedness and snares of the Talmud and Orthodox rabbis. The other is a dupe of Orthodox rabbis, who imagines that he is "leveraging" them as part of his grand Machiavellian strategy of divide-and-conquer. But what does Scripture say? "What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial?" (2 Corinthians 6:14-15). 

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