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Israeli State Terrorism in Context

The Israeli License to Kill and the Missile that Killed 16

Copyright (c) 2002 by Michael Hoffman

The Oct. 7 massacre in Gaza was reported in the U.S. media without context or history. This is not the first time Ariel Sharon has perpetrated Israeli state terrorism against Palestinians. As recently as July 23, an Israeli F-16 fighter jet, on direct orders of the Israeli government, dropped a one-ton laser-guided bomb into Al Daraj, a densely packed neighborhood, in a heavily populated warren of apartments in the Gaza ghetto, killing at least 14 Palestinians, including nine children. More than 140 civilians were wounded in the bombing. An area about half the size of a city block was leveled. Israeli leader Sharon called that July bombing "one of our major successes" (N.Y. Times, July 24, p. 1).

"Our" media have conveniently repressed the memory of that July massacre, because to remind the American public of the Israeli record of state terrorism would tend to show that such terrorism is systematic and intentional. Such reminders might even lead Americans to conclude that for the Israelis to dispense with Arab life so regularly and recklessly suggests that there is a racist ideology lurking behind Israeli military policy, which, as a matter of dogma, formally devalues Palestinian life. The truth is, the Israelis can kill any Palestinian, with the exception of Yasser Arafat, with no American or United Nations repercussions of any kind.

Evidence of this license to kill was on view when U.N. war crimes investigators were barred by the Israeli government from entering the Palestinian city of Jenin last April. The Palestinians are completely at the mercy of the Israeli military (IDF) and IDF' rabbis, who teach, as a theological dictum, that the Palestinian people are "Amalek" (pagans against whom genocide is divinely mandated. Cf. for example, Jerusalem-based Rabbi Dov Begon, "Canaanites and Amalekites: As Then, So Too Today," Jewish Press [Brooklyn, N.Y. newspaper], June 21, 2002, p. 47). The U.S. media almost never report this racist and genocidal theology of orthodox Judaism, even as the corporate media relentlessly characterize the religion of Islam as hateful and terrorist.

With the Israeli license to kill "Amalek" in full effect, both the US government, the United Nations and the corrupt, American-proxy Arab states, are unwilling to lift a finger to rescue the Palestinian nation from genocide. Yet, the West continues to drone on about a sixty year old "Nazi Holocaust," and to commemorate its tiniest, most banal detail and to sanctimoniously hector the world about the need to learn "the lessons of the Holocaust." What could these lessons be? Surely they have no parallel to the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians. No wonder that in the face of this excruciating double standard, the Palestinians have been driven insane by the slaughterhouse they dwell in, and resist Israeli state terror with human bombs which earn them the exclusive and ironic stigma of "terrorist," while the media dub Israeli killers "Holocaust survivors."

Sixteen Palestinians were killed Oct. 7 when an Israeli helicopter fired a missile into a crowd that included women and children. More than 100 people were wounded. As the wounded were arriving at the hospital, Israeli soldiers fired on the hospital, killing one man and wounding three others. The massacre occurred after Israeli tanks backed by helicopter gunships swept into the densely populated Palestinian town of Khan Younis in the Gaza ghetto, and Israeli soldiers raided houses. Then the troops left, and 15 minutes later the helicopter missile exploded into the unsuspecting crowd.

Wounded and dying women and children were taken to Nasser hospital, the one which came under Israeli fire as it was thronged with emergency cases. The Israeli army claimed that their gunfire was not aimed at the hospital but at mortar fire from nearby the hospital. Mohammed Abu Shaluli, who worked at the hospital, died from an Israeli bullet to the head.

In an upstairs hospital bed, 10-year-old Fawzi Aqqa was lying in shock, a metal brace newly wired into his shattered leg. His mother, Sheida al-Fara, described what had happened:

"After midnight, the Israelis came to our house. I went and opened the door. They were looking for something, I don't know what. Then they left the house, around 2am. They took my husband's ID, they took them from all the men in the house. After the Israelis left, all the men went to look for their IDs. My son followed his father. I was standing on the balcony with my daughter. I saw a light in the sky, and suddenly, there was a big explosion. I heard my son saying, 'I don't want to die'. I went to help. When I saw my son, his leg was covered with blood."

Nine-year-old Yusra Astal was also in the crowd. She was hit in the hip. Her 17-year-old brother Ahmad was killed, and a second brother, Mohammed, who is 24, was also wounded. "I left my house because we believed the Israelis had left," Yusra told me. Twelve-year-old Hassan Astal, a distant relative, was in the opposite bed. He, too, was hit in the leg by shrapnel. He said there were many children in the crowd. We found Khadiye Wafi, a 17-year-old girl, in another hospital ward. She and her mother Bashira were in the crowd and both were wounded.

Prime Minister Sharon Hails Israeli State Terrorism in Gaza

Associated Press Oct. 8, 2002, 12:02 PM ET Jerusalem (AP) "Undeterred by U.S. Criticism, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Tuesday (Oct. 8) called a deadly Israeli military strike in the Gaza Strip a success and said there would be more operations like it."

Bush on Israeli State Terrorism in Gaza: "Understands Israel's Need to Defend Itself"

"Although the Bush administration has occasionally raised questions about Israeli tactics, it has supported Mr. Sharon's overall strategy of relying on force and refusing to negotiate under fire to end the conflict. Even as it criticized the Israeli action on Monday (Oct. 7), the administration repeated that it understood Israel's need to defend itself." N.Y. Times, Oct. 9, 2002.

President Bush's message should be clear to Muslims and Arabs. Palestinians have no right to self-defense. Muslims and Arabs will get no more justice from the U.S. government than the poor white Weaver family received in Idaho, where a mother and her child were intentionally slaughtered in cold blood by the American FBI during the tenure of George Bush Sr. The US government is entirely captive to Jewish supremacy. This is no new phenomenon in America. It began with the administration of President Woodrow Wilson in 1917 and became institutionalized under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. Arabs and Muslims will obtain no mercy from the masonic-Zionist U.S. government. The Federal government will murder and betray Muslims and Arabs just as surely as it murders and betrays its own poor people in America. Remember Waco, Texas, where dozens of American children were deliberately burned to death by the FBI, on orders of Attorney General Janet Reno, during the administration of President Bill Clinton.

The issue is not "weapons of mass destruction." Bush was sending the North Korean military food and fuel (cf. The Wall Street Journal, March 19, 2002, p. A23) even after he had surmised that Kim Jong had reactivated Korea's nuclear weapons program. Iraq, a devastated, fifth-rate power, is Public Enemy Number One because the Israeli government has designated it as such, and because its oil reserves are among the largest on earth. Bush is not even demanding an invasive U.N. weapons-inspection program in North Korea. Why should he? Korean Communists and their nukes do not pose a threat to Ariel Sharon.

Zionist leaders in America have made clear in the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal that in the wake of the American conquest of Iraq, it will be Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia who are next. And after the U.S. government has exterminated the Muslim and Arab resistance to Jewish supremacy in the Middle East, the White House will conduct domestic mopping-up operations against home-grown American dissidents and populists right here in the USA. The whole planet must be made safe for Jewish supremacy, no matter how many innocents are murdered or interned in the process.

It is vital that Americans and in particular Jewish-Americans who oppose this insanity, speak out forcefully and prophetically now, without mincing words, using all of our infuence to both reverse the tide and work for "regime change" where it is needed most, in Washington D.C.

Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the American Contemporary Radio Division of ABC News in Manhattan. His latest book, The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, co-authored with Moshe Lieberman, was published in September by Independent History and Research.

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians

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