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Curated by Michael Hoffman

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Arabs

Photo gallery of victims of Jewish war crimes and atrocities

Israeli tanks rampage through Bethlehem, March 15, 2002 in conjunction with the Jewish terror raid on Palestinian villages and ghettos by 20,000 Israeli stormtroops.


Palestinian civilians attempt to flee as Israeli soldiers open fire in the Gaza Strip, October 27, 2000.

Arab villagers carry away a Palestinian civilian killed by an Israeli helicopter gunship rocket attack at Netzarim, Oct. 3, 2000

Moments before he was shot to death, 12 year old Mohammed Al-Doura cowers in terror as Israeli troops shoot at him and his father

The "terrorists"

The squalid Ain el-Hilwe refugee camp in Lebanon, home to more than 41,000 Palestinians refused the right to return to their homeland. There are nearly five million Palestinian refugees world-wide.

"Israel has consistently rejected the right of return for the Palestinian refugees, and Prime Minister Ehud Barak repeated this as one of his four 'red lines."-N.Y. Times, May 30, 2000

The Israeli army (IDF) routinely shoots Palestinian civilians who throw stones, such as the man above, shot by the IDF in May, 2000 on the border with Lebanon.


Jewish "settler" terrorists car-bombed the automobile of the Palestinian mayor of Ramallah, Karim Khalef in June of 1980. He lost his leg in the explosion.







California civic leader Alex Odeh, a Palestinian-American, bled to death after Jewish Defense League terrorists placed a bomb in his Santa Ana office on Oct. 12, 1985, blowing off both of his legs.










Fatmeh Dakik, age 5 , had her leg blown off when the Israeli air force carpet-bombed downtown Beirut in the summer of 1982. The Israeli holocaust against Beirut involved the indiscriminate bombing of clearly marked schools, hospitals and old people's homes on orders from Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon, Rafael Eitan and Yitzhak Shamir.

Tens of thousands of Arab civilians lost their lives in these Jewish terror bombings.





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