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March 10, 1998: Israeli Soldiers Murder Three Palestinian Construction Workers

Israeli Occupied West Bank, March 10--Israeli soldiers opened fire with automatic weapons on a van full of unarmed Palestinian workers, killing Adnan Abu Zneid, 34, and two other Palestinians. Two more laborers were wounded as the group returned from helping to construct a building near Tel Aviv. Eyewitnesses described the Israeli gunfire as "indiscriminate."

Israeli Army Maj. Uzi Dayan said that the soldiers acted "according to regulations" in opening fire on the van with automatic weapons at a checkpoint outside Hebron.

Ali Abu Zneid, 37, a cousin of the deceased, was in the van and fell uninjured under the others' bodies. He said that the Jewish soldiers, "shot to kill."

Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai described the killings as an "accident" (Jerusalem Post, March 12, 1998).

Israeli Occupied Hebron, March 11, 1998--Young Palestinian boys threw stones to protest the killing yesterday of three Palestinian laborers. The boys were subsequently fired upon by the Israeli army.

One of the protesters, Samer Karameh, 13, his head covered with blood, was admitted to Hebron hospital. According to reporters on the scene and the deputy director of the hospital, Israeli soldiers shot him in the head with a live bullet. The boy was in critical condition, said his physician, Dr. Namora Abdul Rahib. Several other Palestinian protesters were also shot by Israeli soldiers today.

Palestinian protesters in Ramallah seek cover as the Israeli army opens fire on them, March 11, 1998. The bearded Palestinian man on the ground has been shot and wounded by Israeli bullets. The Palestinians were protesting the murder of three Palestinian construction workers by the Israeli army, which occurred the day before.

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