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Israeli Forces Bomb Radio Station in Lebanon

Feb. 12, 1997. Lebanon:

Israeli Air Force jets and helicopter gunships bombed an Arab radio station in the Beka'a Valley. The bombing was intended as a message from Jerusalem to the Lebanese that anti-Zionist communications media will not be tolerated.

"We won't sit with folded hands," Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai said. "We will attack wherever we think it is necessary to attack."

The "Voice of the Oppressed" radio station, one of two operated by Hizbullah, just north of the organization's stronghold in Baalbek, in the Beka'a Valley, was destroyed.

Arab villages in the Beka'a Valley, and in Nu'emeh region, south of Beirut, were also bombed by warplanes and helicopter gunships. Spokesman for the Jewish military said the Israeli pilots reported accurate hits on the targets and that all the planes had returned safely to their bases.

The Israeli bombings were the deepest in Lebanese territory since Operation Grapes of Wrath last April, in which hundreds of Arab civilians were massacred.

These bombings of a radio station and of Arab villages are not regarded as terrorism by the establishment media or the U.S. government.

Only bombings of Jewish villages and Israeli radio stations would be a proper subject for human rights condemnation.

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