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The Israeli Holocaust against the Arabs

Jewish Police Oust Bedouin Arabs and Destroy their Homes

Jewish police in the Israeli state dragged Bedouin tribesmen from their homes on Jan. 27, 1997 and then bulldozed the homes to make way for new housing for Jewish settlers.

Bedouins who protested the destruction of their homes were choked and beaten by Jewish officers (see photo at left).

About 45 Bedouin families were made homeless after the Israelis seized and dstroyed their homes.

The destruction was approved by the Israeli Supreme Court in May.

Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israeli police stated: "We will continue to evacuate them if they do not pick themselves up and move."

The Israelis offered the Bedouins an alternative housing site near a garbage dump in Abu Dis.

The Bedouins have been in Palestine for hundreds of years. Their homes were destroyed to make room for Zionist settlers, some of whom are from Brooklyn, New York and Russia.

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians



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