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Israelis Use Poison Gas Against Palestinian Children

Aug. 26, 1997. BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) -- Toxic gas administered by Israeli troops landed in a Palestinian today, sending schoolgirls running from their classrooms, choking and vomiting.

About a dozen third- and fourth-grade girls, dressed in gray and green school uniforms, were taken to a hospital for treatment for the burning, gagging toxic fumes.

The Bethlehem Elementary School for Girls, which has about 650 pupils, is located near the birthplace of Christ. The Israeli military said it had no immediate comment on the gassing of the school.

Editor's note: The poison gas, described under the misnomer of "tear gas" by the Western media, is a powerful toxin which has been responsible for the deaths of dozens of Palestinians, mostly children and infants, since the 1980s. The gas used by the Israelis is banned in the U.S.

Despite relentless propaganda about the horrors of alleged Nazi gassings of Jews in Auschwitz, the Jewish gassing of children in Palestine is not a human rights or editorial issue in the U.S. or Britain. "Never Again" does not apply to them.

September 29, 1996: Israelis Gas Baby to Death

Hanin Kassem Gareb, 5 months old, from Shufat in Jerusalem, died after inhaling poison gas administered by Israeli forces. She was dead on arrival at Makassed Hopital in Jerusalem.

Cause of death: The Israelis use a toxic form of military tear gas banned in many nations. It has proved deadly to Palestinian infants in concentrated doses (other past gassing deaths of Palestinian children by the Israeli Army will be listed on this site as details are obtained).

Nov. 11, 1999: Mrs. Arafat Raises Issue of Israeli Gassings Before Hillary Clinton

From Wire Services. Nov. 12, 1999. WEST BANK, Israeli-occupied Palestine -- Citing "the legacy of three decades of Israeli occupation," Suha Arafat, the wife of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, yesterday accused Israel of using ``poison gas'' against Palestinians in comments she made in welcoming Hillary Clinton to the West Bank town of Ramallah. In the speech, Mrs. Arafat claimed there are increased rates of cancer among Palestinian women and children because of ``intensive daily use of poison gas by the Israeli forces in the past years.''

Palestinian Cabinet Minister Ziad Abu-Zayyad today said Mrs. Arafat was mainly referring to the Israeli army's liberal use of tear gas in dispersing Palestinian stone throwers. Palestinian activists have in the past blamed the CS tear gas, which is banned in the U.S., for miscarriages by Palestinian women and the deaths of Palestinian children.

Israeli Cabinet Minister Haim Ramon, who often speaks in the name of Prime Minister Ehud Barak, said ``Israel cannot ignore incitement of the type that could almost be called blood libel.'' Housing Minister Yitzhak Levy demanded the government reconsider handing over West Bank territory to the Palestinians -- calling the comments a violation of peace deals.

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