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A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit

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Updated Dec. 17, 2008


I believe it is one of the greatest books I have ever read in my life.  I am extremely enthusiastic about it.  I have learned a tremendous amount from it and believe it to be of incredible importance and impact.  I firmly believe that everything reasonably possible must be done to get the word out on this book.  I only pray that somehow you can finance the printing of what will hopefully be a greater and continually growing demand for your book....I fear that part of the problem in generating interest for your book is that most people do not realize the great importance of its content and don't realize how much they would appreciate it if they read it.  I think most people are content/self-satisfied in thinking that they know all they need to know about Judaism in the same way that they pigeonhole various other subjects. 

-James P.


A Ground-breaking Magnum Opus

Though I cannot do this revolutionary masterwork justice with my review, I will touch on some other aspects aside from those covered by the very able reviewers of this book. 

One theme of the book is that persecution is both always wrong and serves to strengthen Judaism. This is the basic concept of Purimspiel. Hoffman offers the tough love of the saving grace and spirituality of Jesus Christ as the antidote to those afflicted with the pseudo-theology of Judaism and its offshoots. 

Throughout this work, the adherents of Orthodox Judaism and Zionism condemn their ideology with their own words. 

Judaism's inner teachings share arcane pagan roots and values common to Hinduism, such as textual concealment and tantric "sex magic", and reincarnation, a common belief in both Hinduism and Buddhism which is contrary to the Bible (Hebrews 9:27). But unlike Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism do not claim Biblical provenance. Hoffman, like Eisenmenger before him, but in a much more multi-faceted study, proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament. In addition, Hoffman demonstrates that Judaism contradicts not only the Old Testament, but to a certain extent the New Testament as well, through the influence of the "Jews for Jesus" organization, New Age "Church Synods", and the like. 

Hoffman explores key concepts necessary to understanding the deceit and trickery of Judaism, and how this influences events in the modern world. The official position of Orthodox Judaism, the law (halacha) on a given subject is determined by majority rabbinic decision in the Talmud and later rabbinic texts, and the common practice among Orthodox Judaics. These halachic positions are invariably insane and racist. But there is always a more reasonable and humane dissenting opinion, which is used as "permissible dissimulation through dispensational revelation" in times and places where to reveal the true halachic position would be bad for Judaism. There is also a section on semantic wordplay where the rabbis differentiate between when the earth and the universe were "created" and "set up". Everything is dependent on the use of the word "created" in the given situation, only to be completely undone by the deus ex machina "set up". We can extrapolate endless situations where this occurs in the modern world. 

Hoffman goes into the three related subjects, "Judaics Opposed to Judaism", "Opponents of Judaism Who Died at the Hands of the Nazis" and "Hitler and the Rabbis". This relates to the 18th century Haskala "Enlightenment" where there was an attempt made to break away from the Talmud. Though Moses Hess attempted to "correct" this in the 19th century with his Communism and expansion of the "Zionist" concept, as well as preserving Talmudic religion through "modern" Orthodox Judaism, many Judaics in Germany and Poland (Galicia) became bent on assimilation as a result of the Haskala. He quotes three very prominent and respected elite rabbis who praise Hitler as a "divine instrument" for "culling the herd" of "wayward" Judaics, WHOSE PERSECUTIONS ADVANCED THE CAUSE OF JUDAISM, even though many adherents of Judaism were also wrongfully killed. 

Hoffman relates that long before the rise of Hitler, Orthodox rabbis were bent on revenge on Judaics who did not adhere to Judaism, and this may explain why Hitler's persecution of Judaics, with boatloads of Judaics being turned away by 33rd degree Freemason Roosevelt, was not a big concern to the world prior to June 22nd, 1941. A chilling observation is Senator Joseph Lieberman's praise of Zionist John Hagee, after Hagee's accolade to Hitler. 

This shows that, to the Establishment, the advancement of Judaism and Zionism is more important than the commemoration of the crimes of the Nazis, both real and manufactured, despite all that has been put into the legend of the "Holocaust" by Judaism`s and Judeo-Churchianity`s political and religious elitists over the years! 

So let those who agree with the position of the rabbis and Orthodox Judaism in this connection defend rabbinic persecution of Judaic opponents of Judaism, the Nazis' destruction of opponents of Judaism, and the rabbinic accolades for Hitler as a "divine instrument". 

Another frightening observation that Hoffman explores is the influence of Chabad Lubavitch Judaism (Chabad), one of the worst manifestations of Judaism, on the modern world and the U.S. government. Chabad is a diabolical, racist, anti-gentile cult that presents itself to the world as benevolent and humanitarian. It appeals to liberals as the paragon of the virtues of social democracy and to conservatives as upholders of religious wisdom and law. This, and the fact that the media would make any prominent figure who rejects Chabad look like a bigoted "antisemite", makes it very difficult for politicians to resist associating with this cult. Chabad was the driving force behind Public Law 102-14. This law establishes a statutory obligation on Americans to obey the Talmudic interpretation of the seven (billion) "Noachide Laws", and can be invoked at any time as legal grounds for imprisoning and executing Christians, most likely under cover of conviction for other "crimes". 

Hoffman expands on his earlier writings on the influence of Moses Hess. He also explains the difference between Israeli "Zionism" and the true Christian Zionism. There is an excellent analysis of Ariel Toaff's "
Pasque di Sangue" ("Blood Passover"), which proves that some accounts of Judaic ritual murder of Christians are true. He also shows that while opposition to abortion and homosexuality are eternal Christian values and verities, "Conservative" rabbis play on these themes for venal reasons and the right wing Judeo-Churchians fall right into the snare. 

For those who think they are not really getting a good analysis of current events by listening to NPR or reading the newspaper*, there are the sections on the Golem legend and Kabbalistic eschatology (not to be confused with scatology), which explain the roots of today's world events. 

*sarcasm supplied 

Some of the concepts expanded upon in this book are not new revelations and Hoffman gives us quotes about Judaism from great theologians of the past such as Alexander McCaul and Fr. Denis Fahey, as well as our contemporary, Dr. Stephen E. Jones. 

Hoffman mentions a rabbi who was poisoned, in 1847, for prevailing upon the Austrian authorities to abolish the tax on kosher food, which benefited the rabbinate in this part of Poland (Galicia) ruled by Austria between 1772 and 1918. I wonder if the great composers and celebrators of Christian European culture, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and his sister Fanny were poisoned in Germany in the same year, 1847, by rabbinic partisans or associates of Moses Hess. 

The sections of
 Judaism Discovered mentioned above and many other sections are like sprouts that can be expanded into books or even entire academic disciplines. I believe Judaism Discovered will be seen by posterity as a ground-breaking work leading toward a better paradigm for all humanity.

(The preceding review was written by Arnold E. of Baltimore, MD which was online at this link as of Dec. 17, 2008 (http://www.isbns.net/book_detail/9780970378453).

Judaism Discovered A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit 
Hardcover. 1102 pages. 1 map. 164 illustrations. $45 plus shipping $5.50 shipping in the US; $20 shipping in Canada. $40 shipping overseas. Payment can be made via Paypal to rarebooks14@mac.com or online with VISA or Mastercard here: http://www.revisionisthistory.org/cgi-bin/store/agora.cgi?p_id=10060


Judaism Discovered has removed all doubt from my mind that Talmudic Judaism is an evil religion.

-David F.


This is the second copy I'm ordering ... my first copy is filled with yellow highlight pen marks. Many people I know have asked to borrow it ! Thanks for a great read, Michael ... Are you in New York? Maybe we could meet for lunch. I've been in films, TV and theater for more than 35 years....keep up the great work!
T.M., New York

Judaism Discovered is subtitled as A Study of the Anti-biblical Religion of Racism, Self-worship, Superstition and Deceit.  It is this and much more.  I might be tempted to subtitle it "A Journey Into the Belly of the Beast."  However, this would be lurid and sensational and this book is a level headed and sober evaluation of Judaism from a traditional Christian perspective.  Only someone who is level headed and compassionate could be able to spend years researching the psychotic obsessions and hatreds of Judaism and retain their sanity. First and foremost, this book admonishes people in general, and Christians in particular, to show love and compassion for people enslaved and oppressed by the spiritual poisons of the Talmud and Kabbalah.  The only way to do this is by spiritual and moral persuasion, not by hatred or oppression of any kind.  It is an act of charity to liberate Judaics from the cycle of hatred and oppression the Rabbis have subjected them to.  I commend Mr. Hoffman for his effort. For me, the most fascinating and thought provoking section of the book is the discussion of the Golem.  It is shocking to think that any person, much less a group of people, would consider the U.S. as a type of mindless animal to be created by the Rabbis, used, and then destroyed at their whim.  The U.S. is fast approaching dissolution and I think we may actually be a type of Golem.  I hope that the death throes of the U.S. does not result in the murder of millions of innocent people. If you are the least bit curious about what Judaism actually is and how it is actually practiced, I highly recommend this book.  Anyone, from the beginner to the advanced researcher of Judaism, is sure to learn a lot.
Anonymous, Wichita


It's an astounding reference work.  The amount of work you put into it makes me feel like a lazy slob.
Stan H. Louisiana

Dear Mr. Hoffman,
Judaism Discovered today! I glanced over your book the day before I ordered it (from a friend who had just received her copy) and I can't tell you how impressive this work is. I cannot wait to "dig in" and read all the research you put into this effort. Be assured of my support, and that I will share your website (and info on how to order additional copies), including with some survivors of the USS Liberty. This work will validate exactly what those brave men have been lamenting for the last 40 years. Keep the faith, and the good work. Thank you for it all.
 May God bless you and keep you,

 Sincerely, Karen S.

“Dear Mr. Hoffman, just received my copy of Judaism Discovered. I am so happy with it and also impressed. This book is worth much more than what you are selling it for. I would have paid 100 dollars for it.”

Janet M., New York

Important, Titanic work - Nothing Like It Exists Anywhere

Reviewed by a New Yorker who critiques books at Amazon.com

As opposed to some of the 'non-reviews' posted on this book, I will actually review it from having knocked back this behemoth over my vacation week. Hoffman's latest work eclipses everything he has done to date. When Hoffman says he has spent more than a decade researching the Talmud and historical Orthodox writers and writings, he is not kidding. The extensive footnoting and source material he quotes from and cites would take 10 years to digest, even if you were a full time student. Books this well documented are nominated for literary awards, as this one should be.

What this book is: Orthodox sages and rabbis talking about God, other rabbis and their flocks, and non-Jews, in their own books. 99% of the Talmudic source material referred to comes from the works of the Talmudic sages and various grand rabbis themselves. You get a sprinkling of quotes to major Israeli and American newspapers as well. Nothing this book refers to was culled from any non-Jewish source.

What this book is not: anti-Jewish, or an argument for any violence or maltreatment or legal restriction of or upon the Jewish community. If anything, when you read this work and realize what Talmudic tin gods really believe(d), you will rank the Talmud in a far worse category than Mein Kampf, or any other traditional “hate” tract.

What this book accomplishes beyond a shadow of a doubt: I will make an analogy -- The Talmud and orthodox Talmudists are akin to a business that keeps two sets of accounting books -- one set of books they show to the internal revenue service (non-Jews), the “other set” of books is known only to corporate insiders -- the “other set” shows the true financial condition and profit margin of the “company.” Hoffman shows you the Talmudic Orthodox “other set” of books -- what the Talmudic rabbis really say and believe about God, themselves, their flocks, and the general non-Jewish population. What they say behind closed doors, i.e. what they really think, write, believe and teach as set forth in their own books. What the “other set” has, will make you ill, angry, surprised, and disgusted. You will pity the poor souls trapped by the Talmud.

Hoffman shows you how two sets of books are kept, he shows you when historically, the “other set” of books was discovered, what happened, who discovered it and who tried to suppress it and who supported publishing it. Sometimes it was a Protestant Reformer, sometimes it was the Vatican. (The section of the book dealing with Luther and the Vatican regarding the publishing of the Talmud is worth the price of the book alone. One hundred books, both Protestant and Catholic, could be spawned from this section alone -- as well as the Kabbalistic infiltration into the Vatican during the Renaissance....Trad. Catholics take note.)

The Talmudic primary source material relied upon; yes there is legal authority to treat non-Jews as sub-humans; Yes, there is Talmudic and religious authority from the greatest Talmudic sages for kicking, spitting upon, cursing, killing, injuring, and stealing from non-Jews; cursing non-Jewish houses and cemeteries, and spitting on other religious clergy and Christian symbols is also permitted through
linguistic trickery and wholesale nullification of the Bible and the Ten Commandments.

What “they” really believe is beyond shocking. From the nighttime arousal positional police, obsession with female pubic hair, women's menstrual flow, Talmudic toilet laws, the hole in the sheet for Talmudic intercourse; even the fact that a woman giving birth to a mentally retarded or infirm child is under lifetime suspicion for having caused the birth defect herself by not observing the several thousand Talmudic laws regarding menstruation, is given thorough documentation.

Perhaps the greatest insult: that “the rebbes” are considered to have greater moral authority than God, and in the case of one Orthodox sect, their now-deceased rabbi has been put in a higher position than whatever “being” they call God. I say “being they call God” because that being is not found in the Bible -- you'd sooner find that “being” in a Luciferian book. That rabbi was supposed to live forever--it must have come as quite a shock to him when he died.
Hoffman could have called this book a study of ethnic megalomania. When put in proper perspective, the Islamic sharia police in Iran pale in comparison to the Talmudic police in Orthodox communities in the United States and in “Israel.” Women are still being beaten and kicked to the back of the bus, only this time its not African-American Rosa Parks, it’s orthodox Judaic women in parts of “Israel.” By rabbinical decree, women can't ride bicycles either, in upstate New York. Hoffman quotes the communities’ own newspapers!

Anyone interested in comparative religion or the intersection of religion and modern politics needs this book on their shelf. When Hoffman quotes a Christian scholar stating that a Talmudist taking an oath is the “trickiest thing” because they are not bound to the oath by the Talmud (unless certain circumstances exist), you need not wonder why there is no real Middle East Peace process. Middle Eastern peacemakers should read this book to learn how to deal with Talmudic oath trickery.

Curses, demons, performing circumcisions via fellatio, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, self worship, megalomania, what it boils down to is that man-made laws and rules by evil people have been given divine writ through the Talmud, which as Hoffman shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, has been elevated to the status of God-given law. The laws and rules are ridiculous and have only hurt rank and file Judaics, as well as the whole world.
It strikes me from reading Hoffman, as if the Talmud is nothing but a distillation of every occult “Voodoo'” religion that has ever existed in the world, down into one set of books called the Talmud. Could their be anything more noble than to evangelize the Judaics from their Talmudic creed?...


Michael Hoffman hits a homerun with “Judaism Discovered”

By  Stephen C. Cross Nebraska

Michael Hoffman has written what will likely, in 50 years, be considered the most important work on Judaism.

To clear up a couple of misconceptions, let me explain what this book is
not. 1) The book is not the least bit “anti-Semite.” In the pages, the love for the individual is demonstrated along with the truth about the abhorrent behaviors of organized Judaism.

2) The book is not fanciful or poorly researched. I have studied tens of thousands of pages of Judaic religious literature both in English and Hebrew, and I am stunned at Hoffman's knowledge of the Talmud within the 1102 pages. If you have in your possession -- or have access to -- the Talmud, I encourage you to research along in the first pages to understand further, as you will be impressed.

3) The book is not hateful. The point of this book is solely factual. The writer does not appear to be writing out of spite or hate, but rather is presenting facts and allowing the facts, given
in context, to speak for themselves.
So what exactly
is Judaism Discovered? Let the subtitle speak for itself. Judaism Discovered is "A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit". Hoffman goes in great depth to show how Judaism is exactly that. The beauty of this book is that this it done by induction. Hoffman takes the facts and then forms his overarching theory --he did not take a pre-conceived theory and deduce or manipulate the data. To compare to the practice of a good scholar, Hoffman practices exegesis, not eisegesis. He lets the facts speak, he does not manipulate the facts. Allow me to summarize in 5 words: I highly recommend this book.

"Today the mail man delivered your book in perfect condition here in Mexico, where I live. On opening the parcel I must confess I was very impressed by the sheer physical beauty of the book all by itself. Very briefly I perused the opening quotes, the index and the erudite table of contents. What a banquet awaits me! What a great gift you have given us Michael! And for a price that related to the book's bone and flesh is a total bargain. I am privileged to own a first edition of a work which is destined to become a classic. Receive the sincere gratitude and deepest recognition of someone obscure and marginal who thirsts for truth and understanding."

--G.V., Mexico


"Thank you for the monumental work, Judaism Discovered...I am truly grateful for an author who finally documents one of the greatest frauds ever put over on the human race. It probably beats even the 'Federal' Reserve System for deception!"

-T.T., Florida


"This book is massive, a bargain at $45."

--V.M., Canada

“Just got my copy of Judaism Discovered, and I must say, my mind is thoroughly blown. I’m almost half-way into it. I try and take it to the library so as to use their reference books on Hebrew and Yiddish to “get the full effect, “as they say.  I must say, from what I’ve read so far, it seems that, in unraveling the Talmud, Mishnah, and Zohar, one is unraveling the modern socio-political climate.

My presuppositions about the Left/Right dichotomy are thoroughly smashed. I was somewhat shocked to hear your take on ecclesiology (I have a better grasp on why you refer to 'Churchianity' as such), and your view on the American Republic. From what I can tell, you stand out amongst the "Rad Trads" in your stance on those matters.

I’m still not sure where I stand at this point, but I find your take very intriguing. The picture of the rabbi performing fellatio on an infant I’ve found to be quite a conversation starter around here as well.

This book is truly unique, and you kept your word on not recycling the same old Jew-bashing information. It is a book I feel I can recommend to people without having to make any qualifications or "now I'm not so sure about this..." type of stuff.  It is simply great. It is worth what I paid for it, and then some."

--Mark B.

Note: the "picture (photo) of the rabbi and the infant referred to by Mark B., is not a close-up and is not graphic.

“What a masterpiece! Truly.

Comprehensive, scholarly, yet still accessible to the average reader.”

--Michael Collins Piper

Hardcover edition of Judaism Discovered is sold out.

Revised, updated papaperback edition will be published soon.




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