Compiled by Michael A. Hoffman II (except where otherwise noted).

Wipe Them All Out

The liberal London daily newspaper News Chronicle wrote:

"We are in favor of wiping out every living creature in Germany--man, woman, child, bird and insect." (David Irving,Goebbels: Mastermind of The Third Reich , [London: Focal Point, 1996], p. 461).

Applauding the Mass Murder of German Civilians

For those who desire evidence of the extent to which Harvard Prof. Daniel Goldhagen's book (Hitler's Willing Executioners) is part of a malignant trend toward a growing genocidal hatred for Germans, I furnish the statement of historian David Neal Miller, who has spoken out prominently in defense of the Goldhagen book. In an Internet newsgroup, Miller gleefully applauded the mass murder of defenseless German civilians at Dresden:

"Better to apprehend the destruction of Dresden as a small moment of exemplary rightness in the massive wrongness of which Dresdeners were co-authors . . . (W)e children of the victors might be permitted something akin to joy at the thought of Dresdeners and Germans as a whole getting the bombing they so ... richly deserved... I do not predicate my satisfaction with the bombing of Dresden on a theory of collective guilt, but on the certitude of the actual guilt of a near-totality of the German people--women, grandparents, non-combatants...a well earned death sentence indeed." (Quoted by Ingrid Rimland, cf. ZGram, Feb. 13, 1997).

"We Shall Hate or We Shall Fail"

By Rex Stout, Chairman, President Roosevelt's Writers' War Board

New York Times Magazine, January 17, 1943.

"...I hate Germans, and am not ashamed of it. On the contrary, in view of what the Germans have done, and of what my countrymen are preparing to do to them, I would be profoundly ashamed of myself if I did not hate Germans.

"...I hate all Germans who, reluctant to join the Nazis, nevertheless failed, through lack of courage or conviction, to prevent the Nazis from seizing power..."

"Those are the Germans I hate from the bottom of my soul. Ninety-nine percent of them are in Germany.

"It is not true that if we hate the Germans now we are helping to fill a reservoir of hate-poison that will infect the future beyond all hope of antisepsis. On the contrary. If we do not hate the Germans now, we shall inevitably fail in our purpose to establish the world on a basis of peace...We shall hate or we shall fail."

(Researched by Alan R. Critchley and Michael A. Hoffman II )