A note on the alleged Arab funding of this website:

People often assume that because we operate the only online museum of the Israeli holocaust against the Arabs, that we must be well-funded by Arab-Americans and Arabs overseas. They assume we're drowning in Arab cash. This is a falsehood.

We do receive contributions from non-Muslim, Anglo-Saxon Americans and a few other ethnic Christian whites. Germans and Latin Americans and others around the world help assist in the maintenance and expansion of this site.

But Independent History and Research has never received a dime from any Arab or Muslim to fund this site or any of our other operations. Actually, I stand corrected. There was one Arab man residing somewhere in the American south--Texas, I think--who last spring sent us sixty or seventy dollars a week for three or four weeks. He was, I believe, a dishwasher at some Texas restaurant, and may God Bless him for what he did with his meagre earnings. And that's it, folks. That's the sum total of the Arab/Muslim funding of this website and our Museum of the Israeli Holocaust Against the Arabs.

I 'm told that the brother of the Muslim Sultan of Brunei goes about in a multi-million dollar yacht named "Tits," staffed by a crew of scantily clad women that cost him $400,000 a week to maintain. If he could spare funding his harlots for just one week, we would shake the earth with what we could do for this Cause with $400,000.

Meanwhile, in Canada a Jewish entrepreneur has spent millions of his personal fortune buying 140 small town newspapers across Canada, including the "North Shore News," which had featured journalist Doug Collins' populist barbs at Jewish supremacy. Now Zionist media suzerainty in Canada is nearly complete, thanks to the far-sighted investment of one selfless Jewish mogul. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why Jewish power is what it is today.

So, why do I maintain this holocaust museum for the Arabs? Well, I don't do it for the Arabs per se. I do it for the truth; because it's my vocation and what I was born to do. That should be reason enough for any advocate of the underdog, of slaughtered women and children, be they Arab or not. I am a former reporter for the Associated Press. I possess special insight into media bias and thought control.

My admiration for the Palestinian people is not lessened by the failure of their Muslim and Arab brothers to aid my electronic intifada. The Palestinians are in no position to send money. They are destitute. As for their well-heeled Arab and Muslim brethren in America, and their billionaire brethren worldwide? Who knows? I care not to speculate.

I know it will probably please some Zionists to learn that my website, which so greatly worries them and which they fear will gain an increasing international audience, has received no Arab funding thus far. I debated whether revealing that fact would be deleterious to our Cause. But I have grown weary of false intimations of Arab funding of this site. The truth should be known, come what may.

Our website's power and influence grows exponentially with each passing day. More than 25,000 people visit our site each week and that number expands every month. Our online work is read and discussed from Beirut to Buenos Aires, from London to Los Angeles.

This website will continue online and continue to grow!

Yours in the Fight,

Michael A. Hoffman II

Curator of the World's Only Online Museum of the Israeli Holocaust Against the Arabs


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