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After almost a month of ducking by Morey--

Online Readers Force Morey to Respond!

Dr. Robert Morey's Shameful Admission:

"...have decided to refuse your challenge..."

Morey too Frightened to Debate Judaism Expert Michael Hoffman

Debate topic proposed to Morey: "Resolved, Judaism is a greater threat to Christianity than Islam"


I. E-mail from Clark Gallagher, spokesman for Robert Morey

II. Reply by Michael A. Hoffman II

III. The Original Debate Challenge

E-mail from Clark Gallagher, spokesman for Robert Morey

Subject: Debate with Dr. Morey

Date: August 24, 2004 5:34:50 PM PDT

Mr. Hoffman,

Greetings, my name is Clark Gallagher and I am writing to you on behalf of Faith Defenders, the ministry of Dr. Robert Morey. We have received your response to our "Request for a Public Debate" form and in light of the nature of your response have decided to refuse your challenge to debate for the following reasons.

1. Your refusal to state any formal education in the fields which claim to be an expert in. We take your refusal to answer as a sign that you are in no way to be considered an expert in theology, comparative religions, philosophy, or logic and thus do not meet the intellectual requirments we look for in debate opponents.

2. The caustic tone of your response indicates to us an immaturity that would likely flow over into any public exchange and would thus make any such exchange unprofitable. Your attacks on Dr. Morey's character are wholly unwarranted and do not reflect the brotherly love and kindness one who names the name of Christ is expected to demonstrate. Calling Dr. Morey a "kosher-conservative Muslim basher" is completely uncalled for. (By the way, Dr. Morey is not Jewish, if that is what you were referring to by using the term "kosher")

3. Your refusal of Dr. Morey's challenge to you to debate on the topic of "Is Jihad against America a moral choice for Muslims to make?," making the claim that such a topic is "rigged." You don't see us running pages on our web site claiming how you evaded Dr. Morey's challenge to debate do you?

4. The black marker scribble used to repsond to us was inappropriate. Are you aware that such scribbling in marker appears more the work of a deranged mind than that of a serious scholar (which is what we're looking for in debate opponents).

In summary, Mr. Hoffman, you fail to present to us the intellectual, emotional, and scholastic expertise we look for to debate Dr. Morey. Thank you for your inquiry.

Sincerely, Clark Gallagher

To Clark Gallagher, Official spokesman for Robert Morey

Dear Mr. Gallagher

I am in receipt of your August 24 e-mail which offers several pretexts for Robert Morey having fled the prospect of debate with this writer. I shall reply in order.

1. My expertise is established as follows: I am the author of a book, Judaism's Strange Gods which has never been refuted and is the standard work in its field. The exceptionally cerebral Robert Morey cannot refute my book; that fact alone meets the "intellectual requirements" of your criterion. My intellectual attainments were not questioned when I wrote wire stories for the New York Bureau of the Associated Press and reported for the American Contemporary Radio division of ABC News, New York.

2. I have observed Dr. Morey's "caustic tone" toward Muslims on his website, hence being "caustic" does not disqualify Morey, nor should it disqualify me (cf. for example "From the Desk of Dr. Morey : News Flash: Timothy Nasir Exposed as Pathological Liar," It certainly did not disqualify Jesus Christ who was quite caustic with the Pharisaic antecedents of Dr. Morey's contemporary allies.

With regard to being a kosher-conservative, Morey is indeed that, i.e. a masquerader who poses as an upholder of historic conservative doctrines while doing the bidding of our civilization's enemies-- Zionists and rabbis; the phrase has nothing to do with Morey's ethnicity--it is not a racial slur or part of any racial taxonomy.

3. I have not evaded Dr. Morey in debate, I have only proposed an honest thesis, "Resolved, Judaism is a greater threat to Christianity than Islam," rather than one slanted in favor of Morey's prejudices. The debate topic I have submitted is one that is straight-forward and at the center of our national debate. A debate between Morey and Hoffman conducted along these lines would radically elucidate the core issues at stake--from whence does the greatest threat to Christian civilization emanate--Islam or Judaism? This is the burning issue of our time. What could be more germane?

Whereas, Morey's proposed topic ("Is Jihad against America a moral choice for Muslims to make?") is rigged, as I have stated. It proceeds from the premise that Muslims are chiefly at war with "America" (the land and its people), rather than the wicked Judeo-Masonic Federal government which oppresses both our own American nation and its people, as well as the Muslims. Hence, Morey has posed a semantic trap, whereas my topic is without guile. Morey won't debate me concerning it because he knows that he will be demolished and demolition by the "intellectually unqualified" Michael Hoffman, would be forever preserved on videotape, after which Morey's propaganda operation would probably go down the drain.

4. Your fourth objection is so silly and trivial it is unworthy of comment. I will note however, that your organization and Dr. Morey ducked my debate challenge and did not even have the courtesy to contact me regarding it, from the end of July until Aug. 24. It was only when public pressure was brought to bear on you by telephone callers that you finally got around to issuing your lame and evasive response.

Let the record show, that Robert Morey, the supposed expert debater, has evaded debate with Michael A. Hoffman II on various pretexts intended to conceal the authentic reason for this evasion: that Morey knows Hoffman would conclusively triumph in any debate concerning Judaism's devastating attack on Christianity and Christian civilization.

Let the record show that Michael A. Hoffman II has debated neocon superstar journalist Christopher Hitchens in print (, and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in person ( in New York at Hobart College), but has been told by the Morey organization that Hoffman "does not meet the intellectual requirements" for debating Robert Morey.

Morey stands exposed as a bully and a fraud, who delights in badgering immigrant and other Muslim academics, but fears what Michael Hoffman's expert knowledge of Judaism will do to the Islam-bogey Morey has spent years inflating.

Morey's refusal to face Hoffman in debating this subject is news of paramount importance. Among right-wing conservative Christian circles, Morey is reputed to be a brilliant critic of Islam and a nearly invincible debater, yet he has fled from an opportunity to meet Hoffman on the field of polemical battle. I expect that newspaper editor Herman Otten, a persistent booster of Morey, will want to place this news on the front page of the next available issue of Otten's "Christian News" paper.

I expect that conservative organs that formerly had faith in Dr. Morey will publicize his fear of debating this writer, and that all truth-seekers and people of good will, shall know Robert Morey for a charlatan.

Sincerely, Michael A. Hoffman II

Hoffman Challenges Dr. Robert Morey to Debate

Telephone Morey at 1-800-418-7884 ask him why he's ducking the debate with Hoffman!

Telephone Otten at 573-237-3110 and ask him if he intends to put the news of Hoffman's debate challenge to Morey on the front page of Otten's newspaper!

(No reply from Morey or Otten as of Aug. 23, 2004)

Letter to the Editor / "Christian News" / New Haven, Missouri / July 28, 2004

Dear Editor Herman Otten

This is to inform you and your readers that I have challenged your newspaper's esteemed kosher-Conservative Muslim-basher, Dr. Robert Morey, to a debate.

The topic I have proposed is, "Resolved, Judaism is a greater threat to Christianity than Islam."

I realize that you will take Morey's position in this debate (assuming he does not duck it), since you relentlessly promote Dr. Morey's book, while neglecting any commensurate level of publicity for this writer's work, Judaism's Strange Gods . Moreover, Pastor Otten is on record as stating that he is tired of the topic of the perfidy of the Talmud; strangely enough however, Otten never seems to tire of the topic of the perfidy of the Koran.

Let us now see whether Morey will evade the debate or possess the fortitude to confront head-on, voluminous documentation concerning the utterly poisonous, soul-destroying spiritual and mental rot afflicting our nation in consequence of Judaism's millennia-old war upon our Faith and our Savior, an assault incalculably more lethal than the physical attacks Muslims launch in response to US and Israeli state terror in Muslim lands.

For example, I will point out that Muslims do not make cable TV programs luring Amish women to Hollywood so they can be filmed cavorting half-nude on a Los Angeles beach. No Hollywood mogul would tolerate any ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Judaic youth being seduced and filmed in this disgraceful manner, but it's perfectly fine for ultra-conservative Amish youth to be lured by Zionist Leslie Moonves with cash and other blandishments in order to ritually demean their Christian heritage before an audience of millions on the UPN channel; and this squalid evil is by no means an exception, but the rule when it comes to New York and Hollywood media.

Furthermore, who took Christ out of Christmas in America's public schools and civic squares, Muslims or the ADL? Who honors Jesus as a prophet and defends His Holy Name against blasphemy, and who despises and insults Him as a feces-stewed sorcerer; mullahs or rabbis?

Let the debate begin! And let Rev. Otten report the outcome of my challenge fairly, and in view of the magnitude of the issues at hand, on the front page of "Christian News." Should Dr. Morey rise to the challenge and should this writer prevail in the ensuing contest, through the grace of God, perhaps Otten will feel moved to begin regularly advertising and selling Judaism's Strange Gods in his newspaper, as an emergency antidote to the Antichrist disinformation about Judaism being "the religion of the Old Testament" as well as "our ally in the war on terror" and "supportive of our traditional values" -- all three contentions being damnable lies.

Sincerely, Michael A. Hoffman II

Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816

Former Reporter, New York bureau of the Associated Press

Co-author of The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians. Author of Judaism's Strange Gods

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