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The Mad Mullah

by Michael A. Hoffman II

"I have seen many 'wicked men' built up in my life, and have observed this propaganda can be turned on and off as by a tap, and infused with toxic effect into the public mind...My early childhood was clouded by the wickedness of the Mad Mullah (a Muslim leader now universally forgotten) and of a respectable old Boer called Paul Kruger. Of all the figures in this Chamber of Horrors built around me as I went along, I now see that nearly all were no better or worse than those who called them wicked." -Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion

Since the days of Douglas Reed, the "Mad Mullah" has been reanimated many times as the wicked man who haunts the night dreams of entire Western populations. During the presidency of Jimmy Carter the Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran was the man of all evil.

The Western denominated "good guy" in that period was none other than Sadaam Hussein, the man who declared war on Iran and the Ayatollah.

After the Ayatollah, Col. Moamar Ghaddafi was the media's Mad Mullah during the administration of Ronald Reagan, who ordered the bombing of Ghadaffi's headquarters.

Ghaddafi escaped but his two year old daughter was killed in America's "fight against terror" (according to the unwritten Israeli doctrine of terror against terror).

Then former Iraqi "good guy" Sadaam became the Mad Mullah under George Bush.

Later Mohammed Adid of Somalia held that notorious distinction and today it's someone called Osama bin Laden.

The supply of Muslim villains is seemingly inexhaustible, likes extras from Central Casting summoned on cue for the Western audience to hate and hiss.

When the U.S. bombs the Mad Mullahs, the Orwellian corporate media seldom term it a bombing, since that rather too clearly indicates what is operant here.

Instead, New York's Big Brother "news" bureaus term it everything but. The Aug. 20 bombing of Khartoum and Afghanistan were described variously as a "raid," an "attack" and a "strike," just as the Israeli air force bombings of Lebanese villages are almost always sanitized in these terms.

Arabs bomb. Israelis and Americans strike.

Muslims are "terrorists" who kill civilians.

Americans and Israelis are "troops" and "airmen" who inflict "retribution" in the form of "collateral damage."

Yet the Muslims believe their attacks are retribution for American and Israeli state terrorism.

In a civilized nation, Camus's dictum ("neither victims' nor executioners") would obtain and diplomatic and economic measures would be pursued as the means for ending the destructive cycles of violence and retribution on both sides.

But the US and Israelis have long hewed to the concept of manufacturing or at least manipulating their own opposition.

The Israelis can only maintain their control of Palestine by painting their Palestinian victims as fiends and by goading Hamas into bus bombings and similar actions guaranteed to keep the Likud in power.

Under no circumstances must a movement of non-violent Palestinian protest, sit-ins, boycotts and negotiations be allowed to form. The murder of the Israeli lumpenproletariat instigated by Shin Bet and Mossad assets who have infiltrated groups like Hamas, must proceed apace.

In the U.S., an open American society with its burgeoning Internet challenge to the communications monopoly, can only lead in the long term, to the demise of the Overclass and the corporations and dynastic families such as the Kennedys, Rockefellers and Duponts who have maintained their political and financial stranglehold these many decades.

To maintain themselves in power, the Overclass is desperate for a police state; for barricades around every federal courthouse, arbitrary searches, a cop-on-every corner and public assent to the curtailment of our ancient liberties for the sake of fighting the "terrorism" which they have actually fomented.

The Overclass permitted the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City for these reasons. They permit virtually unchecked immigration from Mexico and Latin America in order to initiate national i.d. cards, thumbprints, retina scans and the universal numbering and tracking of the American people.

Without "Arab terrorism" the lucrative military-industrial complex, which even Eisenhower warned against, headed by such corporations as General Electric, would be out of business.

So we build the popularity of bin Laden by crude, ham-handed bombings of urban areas in Africa and Afghanistan, because bin Laden is our kind of unconscious agent, our "Mad Mullah" with which we haunt the bamboozled denizens of the American homeland.

Perpetual war for perpetual peace is the mantra of Washington, D.C.

The eminences who pulled Robert C. McFarlane's strings decided that Ronald Reagan's mission to Lebanon in the wake of the Israeli holocaust there in 1982 was coming to lethal fruition. McFarlane ordered the naval artillery bombardment of Arab villages in the Shouf mountains.

A few weeks later the Reagan administration got what it wanted, when the U.S. Marine barracks exploded and more than 200 Marines died.

By the same lights, George Bush bombed the Arab masses in downtown Baghdad and Madeline Albright approved the starvation of Iraqi children in a televised conversation with Leslie Stahl.

When Albright described the embassy bombings last week she predictably likened them to the Nazi blitz of more than a half century ago. The Israeli bombing of Beirut a mere sixteen years ago cannot be recalled or used as a suitable analogy.

The history of the Israeli carpet-bombing of apartment blocks and clearly marked schools and hospitals in Beirut in the summer of 1982, which even Zionists such as Leon Wieseltier labeled "terror bombing pure and simple" is buried in the farthest recesses of the Memory Hole.

If the British government had responded to the IRA splinter group's terror bomb in Ulster earlier this month by sending a cruise missile into a "terror headquarters" in Dublin, killing dozens of Irish civilians as a result, the world would quickly equate the British savagery with the IRA variety.

It would be understood as stupid and brutal, tit-for-tat vengeance, just as barbaric as the action which prompted it; and the outcry would reverberate throughout the world.

But when our Federal government, which has a "Civil Rights" division of the Justice Dept. which proclaims its alleged love for colored people with a host of draconian, neo-Bolshevik prosecutions of whites who have offended against equalitarian dogmas, chooses to terrorize the African capital city of Khartoum, killing dozens of black civilians in the process, this crime is applauded by the "anti-racist" media and its egghead liberal mouthpieces in academia as a "measured response" to "Arab terror."

But of course our Federal government loves nothing and nobody other than its ruling cryptocracy, the Self-"Chosen" Aryan-Zionists and Khazars who imagine themselves the anointed masters of the universe.

The only path to peace in the Middle East is for American forces to leave the area and for American diplomats to act as objective arbiters between Zionists and Muslims, acknowledging that there are plenty of Israeli terrorists, from Rabbi Moshe Levenger to Rafael Eitan to Ariel Sharon and plenty of Palestinian victims of Israeli state terrorism.

One cannot defeat a people's army such as Muslim Fundamentalism commands, with smart bombs and infrared technology. We supposedly learned that lesson in Vietnam.

Muslim Fundamentalism is a creation and by-product of war Zionism and its Democrat and Republican sponsors here in the U.S.

The Palestinian people were reluctant to support Hamas and enthusiastically endorsed the peace deal between Rabin and Arafat, just as the Israeli people were at first reluctant to support the murderous "settlers" and Likud.

But it is a matter of record that the Israelis created Hamas themselves--they funded and encouraged it. Hamas bombings resulted in the election of Netanyahu and the further growth of the settler movement, just as the mass shootings of Palestinian children who threw stones at Israeli soldiers, resulted in the rise of Hamas and the demise of Palestinian moderation.

Violence against civilians has been the means by which both sides in the Middle East have become radicalized and brutalized. But Uncle Sam recognizes only Muslim violence and the Establishment media refuses to fairly report the authentic history of the region, which is splattered with the record of Israeli war crimes against Arabs, from Deir Yassin onward.

If the U.S. government genuinely sought to curtail violence and terror in the Middle East it would work for justice for the Palestinians and withdraw its support from hopelessly corrupt Arab regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It would use diplomacy and trade to isolate and curtail the influence of the bin Ladens of the region.

Instead, America has acted in Zionist fashion, using our overwhelming technical advantage to destroy Muslim civilians. Our cowardice in bombing Khartoum is no less reprehensible than the cowardly bombing of the US embassies.

But that's to be expected of a Federal government which, since 1945, has upheld the unconscionable "Hiroshima doctrine"--that it is permissible to slaughter hundreds of thousands of defenseless women and children in the name of "saving lives."

The lunacy of that doublethink is incredible and unfortunately for its vertiginous Disneyland ethos, there are 800 million Muslims, who, like the people of Vietnam before them, live for that which the citizens of the old American Republic also once lived--for God and country.

However distorted we may believe the Muslim interpretation of those values are, we must concede that their idealism makes them formidable opponents.

The Aryan Zionists and Khazars within and without the US government also know that. But they enthusiastically embrace a permanent enmity with nearly a billion people in order to institutionalize hatred for Arabs in the same way that Hollywood has institutionalized hatred for the German people.

No doubt it is a coincidence that the German and Arab people, who are forever tainted as opponents of Judaism in the minds of those who have made a Purim religion out of vengeance, have emerged on the stage of American and British statecraft and warfare as the congenital bad guys of modern history.

Where would our beloved American system be without its legion of reanimated Nazis and neo-Nazis, its Arab terrorists and Mad Mullahs?

The American Empire and its Arkansas Caesar are marching our people into a garrison state with a permanent war footing, for the sake of an Israeli nation the size of New Jersey which was itself founded by Irgun and Stern gang terrorism and to this day maintains its hegemony by terror dispensed by its air force and army.

Are the American people blithely buying into this scenario? Some are of course, especially in the cities of the east coast. Out here in north Idaho one of my neighbors, a working man who reads widely but claims no special insight or expertise, paid this writer a call last Saturday evening.

Speaking of bin Laden, he said, "Our government wants us to hate that man. They keep flashing his image at us. They're building us up for war and hate."

Orwell called it "two minutes of hate." It's a daily regimen under Big Brother.

When they don't have a bearded colored man in a turban for us to hate, they trot out some East European Christian living in obscurity in Pennsylvania who, "once sneezed at a Jewish commissar in Galicia in 1942," and off he goes to his quickie show trial and two minute Purimfest, before being deported to God knows where.

In the face of all this insanity and duplicity, there is an anger building in the American heartland as surely as it is waxing amid the sands of Arabia.

From the mountains of western North Carolina to the woods of northern Idaho, the heirs of Jefferson and Forrest are so severely alienated from the System that they dedicate their every waking minute to keeping separate from it.

This is an awful spectre on its face, for it rends the fabric that was E Pluribus Unum.

But one would have to be demented not to understand the rage smoldering within the hearts of the American yeomanry and Muslim peasantry when they observe such messengers of Babylon the Great as Samuel Berger and Madeline Albright preaching "humanity, freedom and justice," while condoning the murder--whether at Waco or in the Sudan--of all those who, like the people of Hiroshima, somehow don't qualify as fully human in the eyes of the government of the Talmudic States of America.

The march of all the Mad Mullahs in the propaganda parade cannot reverse the conviction of a substantial number of alienated Americans (who the pollsters refuse to countenance), that our Republic has been captured by a One Party System fronted by Gingrich and Clinton--a System willing to bankrupt and bleed us for the sake of the Golden Calf of Khazaria, and a planned digital police state that will make Orwell's "1984" look like the playland of Winnie the Pooh.

[Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press]

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