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Syrian Leader and Historians Tell Forbidden Truths about Murderers of Christ

Bashar al-Assad

On May 5, 2001, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad spoke a truth which the pope, President Bush, Russian Prime Minister Putin and many other powerful heads of state dare not say.

At a welcoming ceremony for the Pope as he arrived in Damascus, Assad told the Roman Catholic leader that the suffering of Arabs under Israeli occupation today was similar to the pain endured by Jesus.

``We see our brothers in Palestine being killed and tortured. We see that justice is being violated, lands are being occupied in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine,'' Assad said, clearly referring to, but not naming, the Israelis.

``They try to kill the principle of religions with the same mentality that they betrayed Jesus Christ and the same way they tried to betray and kill the Prophet Mohammad,'' Assad said.

Israeli President Moshe Katzav replied: "Just as the Vatican cleared the Jewish nation of the blood libel --responsibility for murdering Jesus -- so the Vatican has to respond to Assad's remarks and to correct his historic mistake,'' the Israeli president said.

Meanwhile, a prominent Syrian Catholic historian, Michel Munir, alleges in a new book that Pope John Paul is the architect of a conspiracy to undermine the Catholic church by placing it under the control of the Jewish religion. ''Ever since his election ... John Paul II has not spared any effort to strengthen the Jewish faction within the Catholic church,'' Munir wrote in his book ''A Synagogue Within the Church.'' Munir's book hit bookstores about a month before the pope's May 2001 visit to Damascus.

Another Syrian historian alleged on May 5, that American and European Zionists prodded the Vatican into absolving the leaders of the religion of Judaism of responsibility for the death of Jesus. Soheil Zakar, one of Syria's top historians, recently argued that ''immense pressure'' by American and European Zionist groups forced the Vatican in 1965 to absolve the Jewish religious heirs of the Pharisees from the ''historical responsibility'' for the death of Jesus.

''It is like a pope who comes along and says, 'I don't care about the historical side of Christianity and I am only concerned with the creation of a new Christianity for a new world,''' said Zakar, a Muslim who is the author of a 1983 book, ''Popes from the Jewish Ghetto.''

Bashir Zohdi, another Muslim historian, wrote: ''The pope is an important world figure and I believe that he has a responsibility to become more familiar with the details of the Palestinian question and to defend the rights of the Palestinians who are being killed every day,'' said Zohdi, who is director of Damascus' National Museum.

Michael A. Hoffman II comments: Contrary to what the Zionist leader Katzav claims, Pope John Paul II had no power to "clear the Jewish nation of...responsibility for murdering Jesus." Katzav betrays a lack of knowledge of Church theology. A pope can only confirm the Scriptures and uphold those Sacred Traditions which the Church alleges are Scripturally-based. John Paul II cannot nullify the Scriptural indictment of the Pharisses for the murder of Christ.

It is a documented fact that orthodox Judaism today is the continuation of the religion of the Pharisees. Only a crypto-rabbi, posing as the"Vicar of Christ," could pretend to have the power to alter the New Testament witness in this regard. Judaism will be guilty of deicide for eternity, but leave it to the Talmudists to seek a papal court order to get the Scriptures overturned. Sorry, Katzav, but the pope has no such power in heaven, though he has the mediagenic ability to make your diabolic religion look good on earth, if such a thing were possible.

We have not only the witness of the New Testament affirming the identity of the murderers of Christ. The Jewish Talmud itself gloats over His death, saying he got what He deserved.

History and the Bible have nothing to do with this issue, however. This is a political matter. Jewish power demanded that the Vatican speak a lie about Calvary. The bishops at Vatican Council II complied, as did Paul VI and John Paul II. By so doing, they betyrayed Christ and the Gospels, as the obscure Arab historians, including a Catholic one, in the little nation of Syria, have had the courage to affirm. Their valor and candor are deeply refreshing. May God Bless them and raise up more like them.

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